14 February 2011


It's Valentine's day today.

Happy Valentine's day to all my wonderful friends and family spread across the globe.

it's a day set side for love. This got me thinking about the greatest love a person can have for another?. According to John 15:13, the greatest love a person can have for his friend is to give his life for them. We know of one who did that for us and for this we are eternally grateful.

Question? Can/have you given your life for anyone? I can picture the look of surprise on your face. I don't mean like Jesus did. Have you ever gone without so that someone else can have?

The following are in my opinion, examples of giving up of one's live for a friend and i salute you if you have ever given up anything for anyone.

If you've had to hold back on your dream to ensure that a love one gets to fulfil their's.

If you've had to look after your frail parent despite the financial difficulty involved.

If you've given your home or a space in your home to accommodate someone in need.

If you've had to relocate to another country in search of greener pastures in hope of a better life for your love ones you've left behind.

If you've had to give up your education so that your siblings can have an education.

If you've given up your job, to be a full time carer to a sick friend, parent, sibling or neighbour.

If you've had to give up the comfort of your own home, job and time to care for the sick and wounded in deserter zone.

If you constantly have to give your time to serve your local community, your church, your, family/friends

The list is endless, if you can't fine yourself in this list look at your life and at any selfless act of kindness you've shown another and thank the Good Lord for enabling you to be of help.

Celebrate yourself today because you've demonstrated the greatest love a person can give in being selfless.

11 February 2011

Love's frequency

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the buzz which usually surrounds the shopping mall, city centres and news media as we approach Valentine's day seems to be low key this year.
One of the reasons I think is that people are wiser and are no longer swayed by the lure of offers during this time of the year.
Another reason I believe, is that people are more cautious with their finances given the current economic climate and are thinking of other ways to show their love ones they do care and love them rather than through the usual obvious means suggested by the media.

While I am all for celebrating Valentine, I believe that we can have a celebration of love with those dear to us whenever we choose to, take Christmas holidays for example, that’s one big celebration of love as we go out of our way to call, buy and spend time with those dear to us.
As we approach the 14th of February set aside for lovers, I want to urge you if you’ve never thought of celebrating people you care about other than on this day, to begin from the 14th to appreciate and celebrate each day you have with them.

A few recommendations for you:

Treat people in your life lovingly, kindly, selflessly with respect all year round.

Be in constant contact with those you call friends/family (love ones) as often as you can and not just on birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas day, this act will create an atmosphere of endearment in your heart towards them all year round, not just on special days.
Let’s start and consciously treat others as we would love to be treated, if you want friends show yourself friendly, remember we get as much as we give.
Throw caution to the wind and be reckless in giving your time, love, attention and gifts to those you hold dear or anyone around you regardless of whether they return the favour. (After all, love seeks not its own).
Let’s decide to be mindful of the effect our actions/inactions have on others. This will help us manage our relationships better

So straight from my heart, I urge you as valentine approaches make a fresh start and decide to be selfless with your emotions, time, thoughts and words, be the first to make that call, to give a smile, to write, to visit.
Try this for a few weeks and you’ll discover a new Joy you’ve never experience before.

Owe no one anything but love, do your bit and let’s change the world’s meaning of “love me and I’ll love you”, one person at a time.

Difference faces, races, paces,
Yet the same grace, love and mercy,
Pour on all.
Let us embrace our given grace
And extend to all the mercy we've each receive.