30 June 2008

And Then I prayed.

And then I prayed, and spoke to my father in heaven, I asked him for things for me, for desires to be met and dreams to be fulfilled.

I talked to him about my future and the fears I had.
I spoke to him about my past and the mistakes I made.
I spoke to him about my present and the struggles to live as he pleases.
I spoke to him about his commands to treat others like myself,
I told him how hard it was.
I told him how much I wanted to speak my mind to those who have cause me hurt and pain.
I talked and talked and talked,
I told him of how worried I am that I don’t feel wanted, loved, or cared for or noticed by friends.
I told him I struggle to understand his purpose in my pain, and how hard it is to see his hand through it all.
I spoke to him about the world he created and how bad it’s become and how men are after their own ways.
I finished speaking and waited for him to speak back… He did…..

He told me of his awesomeness, of his intricate ways, how he alone fashioned the whole earth and everything in it, how nothing goes unnoticed, that the hair on my head are numbered and not one falls without him noticing.

he told me of his grace and mercy that was given when I became his child, that has kept me through the tough and rough times of my life.
He told me of his unconditional love for me, that nothing I do or don’t do will make him change is mind about me.
He didn’t only speak, he showed me the wonders in his creature, the wisdom he gave man to craft things,

The makings of the coral reef.
The small details of the ant he knows,
The magnificence of the Elephant displaying his might,
The beauty of the peacock speaks of his glory,
The strength of the lion displaying his fearsomeness.
He show me his splendour displayed in the skies,
The star that shines at night, of pure white, securely held by his word,
He show me the glory of the sun radiating in beauty too wonderful to behold….. But yet so beautiful its arrival leaves a yearning for more.

And then he said my child, I did all these.....I am aware of your fears and worries, and in time I’ll make all things beautifUL…. And your troubles will become trophies, a reminder of how you overcame…., be still, rest assured, that I’ve got it all worked out.

© Deboo June 2008.

22 June 2008

Giving my best.

It’s human to become weary at any given task, when it appears that we are not being appreciated. It is natural to just do the lease we can do and say, that’s it, no one really cares.
You see, no one ever achieved greatness, without giving and putting in that little bit extra and working at the assigned task until a perfect work is produced.

Rewards and praise are necessary ingredients to accomplish any task, but sometimes we may not receive them, so what do you do? Give up or do a really bad job? Our work is our signature, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. Why waste time doing a less than perfect job, if anything, its better not to start at all.
So straight from my heart is this pledge
I’ve made…. To do my very best, for nothing less will ever do.
I’ll do my best at every task,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll try my hardest at every job,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll say my best, when asked,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll pray my best, when called to
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll think my best out of every situation
Nothing less will every do
I’ll give my best at every call
Nothing less will ever do
And when my very best is given
I’ll rest assured that nothing else is
Left to do,
And I’ll hold my head up high
And live the rest to God.

© Deboo June 2008.

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17 June 2008

Fear Not

A gripe like steel, hard,
It cuts through the skin
Death leaves in its trail
A blaze of sadness,
Weeping and wailing.
And much more that crying
In its hold is the power of fear
That clasps tightly around
Those who are left behind…

What do you feel when you think of death? Do you feel dread? Are you scared, or do you wonder what’s next after death.

A friend of mine, recently loss the husband of just one year. They didn’t see it coming, it just happened, people feel that there must be a reason for someone’s death. Hence questions like the following are asked:

“What killed him?”
“Was he sick?”
“Was it an accident?”
“Was he/she old?”

These are valid questions, I have asked them too, but recently I’ve come to know that people just die, strange, sad or surprising as it may seem, it happens. I have come to know that. Those in the medical profession often see these things and speaking to them reinforces this fact.

We often attribute death to reasons we think are valid, maybe to make us feel better, sometimes it befits the lord to allow death for no reason, “how can you say that?” Some may think, well I don’t know, but for me that’s the most plausible reason why one will die for no reason at all, especially one as young as my friends husband, and who knows God, if God did not allow it, who did? Is it the devil? Why didn’t God stop him? It’s not that simply, I know, but would nwoing make the loss any easier to bear?

My sincere wishes go out to my friend. I pray that in the mist of the questions, the whys and cries, that the great comforter will comfort her in the way he knows best.
I pray that fear will have no place in her, I pray for strength and peace and that in time God will make known why this happened.

For those of us who morn with her, we too should be encouraged and as children of God, not be afraid of death, because it is the certain end of everyone who is alive, if Jesus tarries. And we have a hope that is sure and secured on the steadfastness of our lord, so in dying, we relocate to a better place, let this thought fill you with peace not fear

So straight from my heart…. Is this piece to encourage anyone who feels fear… to know that “God only, is to be feared” for he has the power to cause death and to bring alive.

Morn no more for the dead,
Weep no more for him who is gone
But rejoice that his departure from earth’s filthy realm
Is an arrival on heaven’s shores of peace.

See through your tears,
Set your imagination free
Let it roam freely and know
That the departed is received
With rapturous welcome at his
Entrance to the parley gates.

So you are left behind.
Fear not death, for it has no power
But fear Him who has the power to
Both cause to die and to bring back to life
Let Him be your dread,
Let Him be your peace,
Let Him be your hope.
For the fear of Him
Brings wisdom and understanding,
When faced with the certainty of death.

© Deboo June 2008.
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12 June 2008

On Bended Knees

On wavering faith,
hoping and expecting,
wishing an answer would appear,
while praying on bended knees.
still on bended knees,
with sincere prayers offered from a pure heart,
of desires, birthed from long dreamed expectation
the wait continues.
As clocks chimes their last tune
and birds chimed their last sound
the watch becomes weary
the pain of it causes a shiver.
Slowly, from the place of despise a lesson is learned,
that though he bid us ask and believe
he also ask that we persist and trust
that he who feeds the sparrows
and catch a fallen tear!
He knows every want and care
and sees every prayer altered amidst a cloud of fear!

This assurance abound
that he will surely come,
however, when, we don't know
but of this I've learned,
that my role....
to be on bended knees
His? To answer anyhow!
© Deboo June 2008

There was once a widow and two children who lived in humble surroundings. The mother was sickly and could not make a living for the children.

Every night she knelt by the rough frame of a bed, covered with thin sheets and hand stitched quilts, and prayed a simple prayer: "Lord, please provide enough for my children to eat." Every morning the mother would make her way down the dark hall to the meagre kitchen. She would get the burners lit and place the pans on the stove, though she knew she had nothing in the cupboard to fix for her children. Then she would look out the front door, all the while a prayer in her heart, and just as she expected, there were the day's provisions over in the right corner of the rickety porch. She would joyfully make her way to the "treasure-filled" sack and find there just enough food for the day.

Back into the kitchen she would go her steps a little higher and a new lift in her voice as she called to the children, "Rise and shine", children. Time for school, “breakfast will soon be read”

The days passed in procession, each bringing with it a "treasure filled" sack to the humble surroundings of the widow and her growing children. As the needs of the children increased with age, so the provisions equally increased.Then, one day the little widow began to ponder in her heart. "Who brings those groceries? I never hear anything. The sack is always there. Maybe some morning, I could arise a little early and see."

So the next morning she got up a little earlier than usual. She made her way quietly to the front door and stood peeping through the window, watching the right corner of the front porch. Time came to get up still there was no sign of the welcome guest. Then came the time to light the fires and get the pans ready, still no one came. The clock on the mantle continued its steady ticking. It was not time for the children to get ready for school, yet she continued her vigil. Yet, a fruitless one it appears to be, for no guest came that due lit morning.

The little widow turned sadly from the door way, a heart felt lesson resounding in her being. “My job” she thought is to pray. His is to answer. How he wants to do it, is his decision…..

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5 June 2008

Embrace Me


It is true that what goes around comes around; if you want love show love, if you want peace, try to pursue peace at every opportunity, if you can’t pick up your phone and call close friends and family, don’t’ expect the same. People want other’s to treat them, right, but not returning the same.

I wish life was that simple, what we expect to see around us, we have to be. People are more suspicious of others, we don’t pop in to chat with the neighbours, we keep to ourselves, we are fearful, I know evil abounds all around us, but if we truly seek to find good in others by our kind deeds and thoughtfulness, we will in turn be treated in like manner, making the world a much better place.

You all know the saying, be the change you want to see around you…..
So straight from my heart is this piece hoping that will we embrace each other with genuine tots of love and acts of kindness….

Embrace me with a smile
Not with stare of scorn and pity
For in your smile
I feel a fire of love
And peace divine

Embrace me with touch of warmth
Not with cruel hands of strife
For the warmth of it will bring calm and
Drive away all fear

Embrace me with words of wisdom
Not of vile remarks or phase
Your words will make easier
A heart in need of comfort.

Embrace me with your love
For in it I find my place
Of rest, secured in your embrace
I can truly embrace others

© Deboo June 2008

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1 June 2008

What time is it?

PhotobucketPrayer is so simple there are no strict rules attached, all that is required is an open heart of faith, believing that when you pray God hears, talk to God daily, as you wait for the bus, as you sit in your desk, for me I find myself saying things like… thank you lord, you are good lord… O, I love you lord…. Help me lord…. While it is important to have a quiet place of retreat where we can be alone with him, talking with him regularly during our daily task, it helps builds up the anticipation when we are alone with God….. so Straight from my heart is the piece As we embark on 30 day journey encouraging you to talk to God any and every time.
Work, sleep, walk run,
Do all you can, but lay down your hurry,
Take up his hands for to thee it is lend
Seek him now, for it is time.
Tend your field: your job, family, issues,
But nay, not this time,
For now we sow in order to reap bountifully,
Basketfuls of grace, mercy and righteousness from his hand
For it is time to seek the Lord, time to lay hold and take hold
Of the abundance prepared for us before the beginning of ages.


On A Journey

We embark on a journey
Taking tools needed for daily living
We are prepared
We are ready to take off and lay off
But ready or not we are on a roll
To a place that is not seen in the natural
Yet grasped in the spiritual
We wait for no one,
But the one on whose arms we lean
Ready or not we embark-
To lay hold and take on
That which is long envisioned and seen
In the realm of the supernatural

All rights reserve © Deboo June 2008