29 April 2008

What's your life worth?

I am not a preacher but I just feel the need to write this:

In Acts 20:22-25 we see Paul going to Jerusalem.
The Holy Spirit had warned him that he faces prison and hardship: but still he was not moved, you see a greater force was pulling him,
that of reaching the unsaved for Christ!
How daring, he considered his life of no worth, imagine the audacity of the man, his worth to him was doing what he has been called to do.
This passage
struck me, although the Holy Spirit knew what Paul will face on his trip, God did not avert the danger, but rather he allowed Paul to continue.
God who has all power to do anything, didn’t stop the danger, he only warned Paul! I would have expected the Holy Spirit to go ahead of Paul,
made every crooked way straight and pave the way for the gospel to be preached after all he is going on his father’s mission to win more souls for the kingdom!
This got me thinking: God will allow things to take their natural cause, perhaps God wanted the rest of the people to see what selfless service is, he wanted a lesson to be sent out to the congregation that even though he can save us and deliver us from the evil that abounds, he also wants to bring something more out of us, what true worship is.
Perhaps, he wanted to see what Paul would do having warned him, would he back off given the threat? Or would he continue
. Thank God Paul continued!

What’s your life worth for him? What would you do for him if you knew you’ll be killed in the process? Will you draw back or would the urgency of kingdom duty be a greater lure….. Would you go regardless or would you pray and ask for a thousand angels to be dispatched to protect you? Would you still go if after praying the answer is “danger still abounds”. What would you do! Would you think itwas made known so you won’t go or would you say I’ll go regardless? Would you walk the same, talk the same and act the same? What’s your life worth? What have you done for him lately that reflects selfless service?

A fire that burns, deep within,
Consuming my bones,
It leaves me restless.
It’s a desire for souls,
A passion for the loss,
To share the story of love that embraces all,
Both sinners and saints.

© Deboo April 2008.

22 April 2008

Earth's Day

PhotobucketToday is earth's day and this got me thinking about the wonders of God’s creation:

We see it in the trees.
In the leaves, that blooms at spring
We see it in the glory of his creature,
Great and small
Too numerous to count
In the vastness of the sea,
Wherein contained his works
Awesome in beauty

We behold it in the wind
Of power, showcasing the maker’s might
The earth abounds with the signature of a
Master builder:

The earth, man’s domain
To tender and keep…..
To discover and use
Of resources deposited
To meet every need

O how wonderful is the work
Of the creator,
Both seen and unseen
The greatness of the waves
The towering might of the mountains
The splendour of grass spread out in the field…..
The comforting sight of the rainbow
The indescribable beauty of love
These and more declares the
Glory of the maker!

All rights reserve....
© Deboo April 2008.

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21 April 2008

A Pound Here, A Pound There

PhotobucketGosh! I am too fat, I’ve gained a pound over the weekend. I’m on a diet, which means that I can't eat certain food….. My desire is to gym thrice a week, but I’m too tired after work it’s just so hard…… sounds familiar? have you heard this saying "where two or three women are gathered, all they talk about is their weight". Most people I know have tried to loose weight, but to no avail, instead the pounds keep piling on. We all want to loose something, don’t we? Unless you are a perfect size zero! I know my desired ideal weight, just to be a little bit thinner than I am now! but O! It’s so hard. Not with a little bit of pop corn and chocolates along the way! But I am not giving up the fight, it’s a daily struggle to watch what I eat, yes not to abstain for abstinence leads to binge eating, so a decision I’ve made? Every little helps!

PhotobucketAn endless quest for perfection
My desired weight to achieve

Just to be a little bit thinner
Then content I would be

O! To lose "a pound here, a pound there"
What Joy then I’ll have,

To reach my perceive idea weight
Will be a dream fulfilled

Little wonder then, my dream at last I see
But only to think! "Alas I’m still too fat"….
What good then is my quest?
If am still not content?

A pound here a pound there
Surely, an obsessed desire.

And if truth be told
I need a little bit of help
Not of pain
But of life’s "sweet delights"!

© Deboo April 2008

13 April 2008

On This Day in History!

PhotobucketSomeone ask why do you celebrate?
I reply Why not?
I am reminded of that song…… I sing because I’m happy. I celebrate because I’m happy, and happy people make other people happy. Right?
I also celebrate because I will never pass this way again! Think about that. I will never be this age again! So why not milk the situation. Have a reason to just have fun.
We have 365 days in a year and in one of those days I was born! It was about ME a long time ago.
You where birthed, chances are people celebrated your arrival, congratulated your parents, and gave gifts, people where happy to see you born. Hmm! now, if you can’t be happy to know you where born and loved? I hope. Who will? I celebrate regardless of who join in or who remembers, or what gifts I receive. I do something for MEE. I enjoy the day. I don’t work. I just pamper myself because that day is about me! The only day I am allowed to be selfish! Hmm.... Some people panic, some are sad as getting older reminds them of all they’ve failed to achieve, some just don’t see the point, for me there is every point. I am alive and well, have wonderful friends and family. Just being alive to see this day is a Joy!.... so straight from my heart is this piece hoping you too will celebrate your birthday in whatever way you choose, knowing that in one day in history you were born.

I was birthed, wrapped up in pure wool,
In a hot, breezy day,
An announcement was made,
A child is born,
A girl it was told!

Then the celebration began
Of guest bearing gifts
Coming to see… the little child she was
To celebrate another arrival of many
But on this day an arrival of one! To one family

In the house of birth there was Joy!
Of families rejoicing in the hope
That a little girl will grow and become a woman!
She was showered and drizzled with
Dazzling gifts of all sizes and shapes
Arrayed in the finest of fabric
For she was a child born
On this day in history!

© Deboo April 2008.

11 April 2008


As my birthday approaches, I am tempted to look back and see unaccomplished goals or unfulfilled dreams. Some people are at a place in their lives where they don’t want to be, either because they imagined they should have gone past where they are right now, or haven’t yet arrived at their desired location.

Others have arrived, but are still dissatisfied. Having attained, they now have a new drive and zeal to reach for more.

So where do you fine yourself? Are you one of those who have arrived? Or one who looks at his/her current position and become sad, weary and disappointed.

It is natural to have dreams and desires and become despondent when those are not being met. But regardless of your current location, look within and around, you’ve moved up a notch? Just look. No one who stays long in a place remain the same, regardless of how small, you may have unknowingly made a change. Just look around, within and without and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve achieved. So as I celebrate my birthday, I got thinking and I can’t help but applaud myself because I have move up a notch, there were somethings I attempted regardless of the fears I had, and look I am here…. enjoying another year …. Goals attained?
Certainly, so straight from my heart….. enjoy.

As wheels on a theme park,

Thoughts played out on a merry go round

As a circus show on display

Desires laid bare for all to see

they remain unmet,

as imaginary scenes played out

In the heart recesses of accomplishment.

But with each scene, there is a movement

A change of position, though small

But yet defined and needed for

An attainment of purpose envisioned,

Which soon

Will bulb and bring forth

Hopes birthed in the dark

But flourished in the day

Unmasked, in goals attained.

© Deboo April 2008.

6 April 2008

The End?

Very recently it was reported by the National Audit office that marriage is in decline. The Sunday Times reported that the proportion of adults in England and Wales who choose to marry has fallen to the lowest rate since figures were first recorded in 1862.

Just fewer than 23 in every 1,000 unmarried men got married last year, the figure for women is fewer than 21. The figure also shows that 44% of babies are born out of marriage. UK as a whole is in marked decline, from a peak in 1972. As for staying married, the divorce rate for new couples is now about 45%. This is gloomy news! And it got me think..... Has the death been pronounced? Will a time come when cohabiting couples will outnumber married couples? I fear that this is already so........ what do you think? Do you think that generations to come will no longer see marriage as necessary? Please leave your thoughts at the end of this piece, by clicking comments..... let me know what you think.... straight from my heart I can't help thinking......

the death is pronounced on a cold hearted land
Society- for fear of reprieve have gone its own way
society torn apart by politicians at war
seeking to leave their name in sands....

O what death is this that I speak of?

a death of oneness in mind
of families leaving truly as one
of man and woman united in body and soul
Photobucketproclaiming through marriage their oneness in heart for ever!

It is a death of love...... or is it really?
For love too is now defined
By want of gain,
It is self seeking,
Exposing its lust in endless courts of law!

O! That children would know again the truth......
that love really seeks not its own
but labours on for the good in others
O! That there would be a resurrection
of cords of love, that truly binds,
that will survive the fights and struggles
in the house of marriage!

© Deboo April 2008