30 December 2009

Thank You

Amidst the busyness of life and the endless chores of things and issues to attend to: I want to take this opportunity appreciate my wonderful friends and family: those who have been consistent in their relationship with me.

Those who have shown their love not only in words but in deeds, who, regardless of their own situation have been selfless in giving, in thought and in purpose, because of you, I was able to weather the storms of 2009.

Your thoughtfulness in my time of need rivals none other
As we come to the end of 2009 and embrace 2010 I dedicate this piece to you:

As diamond radiates beauty, with its glittering rays
Its colour is indescribable,
Of crisp whitish blue and of sparkling glow depicting clarity
Of yellow hue or scarlet pink
So too is your love my friend
It comes shining through the dullest moment
It pieces through a grey terrain
Its presence refreshes my soul.
More valued than precious stones,
I cannot exchange it for another
It travels through distance, unhindered by space
It transcends culture and status
It embraces me with my failings
It is inclusive and encompassing
It’s alluring and calming
It is bold without being demanding
When quietness I demand
That you gave
You become for me what I desire to have in a true friend
You my love
Is the hook that anchors me to the future
And keeps hope alive
As you’ve shown love to me
So do to others
Let the flow of it overwhelms and drowns the recipient
In the tidal wave of pure and undefiled love

18 December 2009

Season's Greetings: Today and Everyday

Photobucket It's the season to be jolly right? How come I've heard so many people say they won’t celebrate Christmas this year"? Why? I have asked, and the replies have often been, O, it's just the same old, same old routine of buying presents, attending parties with people you'd rather not be around, buying cards and presents, etc. I must say that I felt like that too and decided not to send cards this year, not because I don't like my friends and family but because I feel that I can use technology to express my wishes to them.

I like that my church has decided that instead of everyone sending cards to each other, we should donate to a charity and this year we will be donation in the form of the money we would have spend on Christmas cards to the children's society. You may think the amount is insignificant. Be that as it may, when pooled together it will go a long way to impact someone else’s life.

I still like the buzz around this time of the year, primarily because it's the end of the year, I take time out to reflect on the past months, relax, catch up with friends and recharge for the coming year.

Regardless of whether you will be celebrating or not, I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a fantastic year ahead.

As you tuck into your turkey, my Christmas wish is that you remember:

it' was a birth that was predicted thousands of years before he was born
it' was an announcement that was made to a virgin
it' was a birth shrouded in controversy,
it was a seed that was not human
Yet it was planted in human body
It was an act without man's involvement, except as a vessel in the form of a virgin
it was a divine birth that brought Christmas to us today
it was a God that became man in human flesh.

Not just on Christmas day, but every day.

It was his birth which led to his living, it was his life which leads to his death
it was his death that brought us pardon,
it was his resurrection that brought us life
it is his life in me that causes me to celebrate his birth everyday and on Christmas day!

Happy Christmas today and everyday!

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4 December 2009

Who's cheering for you?

I am an avid sports fan. I love football, Tennis, athletics, basketball you name it. I may not understand them fully but I like the buzz around games, the excitement before, during and after a game. I like listening to the analysis by professionals and amateurs, the bickering by fans, the seemingly fanaticism of sports never fails to amaze me.

I get in on the act too, when supporting my football team, my favourite tennis play or other sports stars, all these from the comfort of my couch. I have been opportune to attend a few live sporting events. Imagine what it’s like in a football field, you can’t be still in those matches, which is second only to a Holy Ghost filled atmosphere.

One thing is certain, the cheers of fans steer teams on. I have witness countless turn around in games. Where it was almost certain that a team or an individual is going to lose only for them to make a remarkable turnaround and win. When asked after a Tennis Match against Roger Federal, Del Petrol attributed his turnaround to the chants of the Argentina’s fans amongst the crowd. He said anytime he felt like he couldn’t carry on, their chants spurred him on.

This got me thinking: everyone of us has someone cheering for us, rooting for us to succeed in every area of our lives.
Who’s cheering for you? Who will be disappointed if you give up?

There is one cheer that dwarfs the cheers of sports fanatics, “The cheers of the saints who have gone before” the urging of the Holy Spirit to try one more time at whatever it is we’ve been tempted to give up on. It may be the urge to give up trying for that promotion at work, to give up working at a difficult relationship, the urge to give up on a desire or a dream, the urge to give up the wait for a spouse or the urge to give up on that difficult child.

Straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you, as we approach the end of another year to:

Tune your earring aid,

lengthen its cord,
stretch it wide to the frequency of the chants of those who have gone before.

Imagine them standing on the sidelines,
urging you to take one more step,
to continue on in the hope of achieving that dream.

Their cheers will give strength to your wings,
enabling you to stay in the race.

Envision yourself in the realm of the desired for many a soul has won, who sort to draw strength from the cheers of those on the side lines.

And when you are tempted to give up trying,
remember that you may be giving up on the chance to stand on the side lines,
to cheer on those who will come after you.

For you see,
only a winning attitude guarantees entrance to be a spectator on the stands,
to take your place with those who amidst the odds,
continued and obtained the price.

So stay in the race, because someone is cheering for you.

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