21 July 2014

Thankful Always

Does giving thanks come naturally to you? Or do you wait until something good happens in your life before thanking God. 

We are told to give thanks in everything, Really, everything? Yes everything. Not somethings, not only when things are going well, when you received a pay rise, or when we have a good summer, when you graduate, when you buy a new house, or when everything is going according to plan. No, but also 

When you do not feel like it, when you have tried and tried to get that promotion and are no closer to it. When your health fails, When the weather is dull, freezing and snowing
When friends leave and issues linger. 
Give thanks we are told, in everything and always too.
Why? Because giving thanks releases faith and gives hope,
It reassures us and infuses us with strength. Thanksgiving brings rest and enables us to accept his will for our lives which releases us to praise him. 

Get into the habit of saying thank you no matter what and really mean it. You may not feel like it but be honest with God and tell him I do not feel like it but thank you anyway. 

Thank you lord for all you have done
I am so blessed
My soul is at rest
O Lord, I give you thanks.

With a gladsome heart I will praise you Lord
You gave me victory over foe.
Accept my praise
This Holy day. 

7 July 2014