24 December 2012


Congratulations, it's  your birthday . 
Wow another year God is good
Enjoy your day
These are some of the many ways we express our emotions on birthdays
So what is it about birthdays?

I've been celebrating the birthdays of some of my very close friends this December. They were celebrating attaining a certain age and I've joined in on the fun. Having not been out in ages for obvious reasons, dressing up and hanging out was extra fun for me. 
So what is it about birthdays that causes us to remember and celebrate? 

I think birthday is a Remembrance Day. We either chose to remember or forget.
For most people birthdays causes them to remember good times, breaks they may have had and lost, disappointments, failures, successes etc. for some group of people they'd rather the day pass unnoticed. 

Yet for others it is a time to give thanks for the good and bad, and celebrate the future. 
Yes, they may not be where they would like to be, but they are grateful for where they are and where they want to get to. (My friends are). 
They see the future with the eyes of faith. Things are tough, but they can get better. They celebrate either with a few friends or with a crowd. They have no qualms about troubles and failures,  for they know God is in control.

For me birthdays is an opportunity to give thanks to God for where I am in my life, to reflect and improve on my person. To take stock. I may not throw a party but I celebrate, get myself a present. 

Another reason some are afraid to celebrate is the age they attain on their birthday. They see themselves as old, perhaps to them it's a reminder of eternity. The thought of getting nearer the grave fills them with dread. 

Friend, if you live a life that is right before God you need not fear any day or year you grow older. Make a promise to yourself to make each day count, that way you will not fear the future or dread your birthday. 

As the celebration of Christ birthday draws near, I urge you to take timeout to reflect.  Its not just another year of giving and receiving present, its a reminder of what his birth did for humanity. He is saviour, Lord and Ruler of all. 

What does his birth mean to you in the past, in the present and in the future?
In the past he set the stage for you to love him 
In the present he is always with you
In the future he is your assuring hope, guide and light. 
Leading you in a safe path and whether you celebrate with friends, family or alone. Remember that each birthday is not to be feared because Jesus is alive and has your back. 
No matter the disappointment you may have experienced, or heart ache faced, 
If you are alive to see another birthday, then there's hope for your future. 

So straight from my heart is this piece encouraging you that 
Christ in Christmas makes crisis bearable
Christ in Christmas, our mistakes covered and guilty past erased
Christ in Christmas, our fears crystallised, evaporates as Stars in the sky. 
Christ in Christmas lights up each Christmas tree, brighten each tinsel 
Christ in Christmas makes all things beautiful all year long. 

11 December 2012


 I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls. They  are full of surprise. I marvel that I was once like them. I look at my first daughter and marvel, she's developed and changed in just over a year. Singing, screaming talking and throwing a tantrum, already displaying her own personality.
I look at the second only 3 months old and also marvel. How much she's changed since the day she came out.
They've brought out the best in me. I am more patient, calmer, tolerant and less inclined to rushed or be in a hurry.
In what way have you changed since change happened to you. Changes which may have happened to you over the years may include: relocating, getting married, graduating, getting a job, losing a job, losing a loved one. Having kids, buying a house. Getting divorced. The list is endless. 
I've discovered that we change along with our circumstances. Either for the best or worse.
Some people become negative if the change which occurred in their lives are negative. I.e. divorce, bereavement, loss of job, homes or absence of a desire. While negative circumstances can cause us to be sad, I believe we can allow ourselves to move on pass them to become better for it.
It is double tragedy if we are worse off than before our circumstances changed. If you are faced with a loss, or disappointed,  grieve, take time out, but come out your best.

Same can be said when good happens to us. Some people are completely transform by it and become people of hope, joy and all that's good. They abound in joy, when you meet them you can tell they've undergone change and are better for it. 
Some people are deliberate in how they allow change in their life. They may decide for instance to be better at loving, caring, or sharing due to either the bad or good changes which they've experienced 
Straight from my heart to you is this piece,
challenge you to be deliberate in loving, giving and caring. Regardless of the negative.
Allow your experiences to make you better. A reference point for all to see. 
Be open to love for life is love. 
Be open to giving for life is giving. 
We live when we take up hope and leap pass the place of pain to the arena of friendship and possibilities. 
Your relationships don't have to suffer because something bad or good  has happened to you. 
Be ready to live again, a Renew you after change has Occurred.