26 October 2015

World Without Words

Words can hurt
Words can heal
Words can create 
And they can destroy
Words can encourage
And they can be demeaning
Words can be soft or can be stern
Words can kill and can bring to life
Words can ignite hope and can diminish same

Words are powerful because we speak.
Now imagine a world without the spoken word, imagine if children do not hear hateful demanding words from peers, parents or teachers, 
Perhaps we won't have adults with diminished self esteem, depression and multiple personalities, 

Imagine if we had not told that gossip, we won't have a friend hurt by the tale of another. 

Words permeate, they dissipate and illuminate. 

On the other hand, If there were no words we will not hear encouraging, uplifting, positive and character building words. 

So a world without words would have been a world without life, vision or purpose. Because words creat vision, purpose and action. 
See proverbs 25:11: a word fitly spoken Is like apples of gold in pictures of silver?
" wow ever seen apples of gold"? 

I have seen Christmas bubbles shaped in apples of golden ornaments, they are really pretty, a word spoken at the right time is beautiful, creative and elevating, enticing and uplifting. 

Sometimes our unspoken words hurt, refusing to give an encouraging word when needed or refusing to gently scold when needed Or refusing to make a call when needed, can cause more damage than spoken words. 

Let's choose to speak words that restores hope, faith, belief, love, words of praise, encouragement and edification. 
Sift your words because it has immense power.,
So choose your words carefully but nevertheless speak. 

Ask God to bridle your tongue against sinful words, unintentional hurtful words.