23 December 2016

No Strings Attached Love

In a world where our love is conditional on what others do for us it isn’t often we find unconditional love. 

Every morning, as I get my kids ready for school or during the drive to school,  l try to set the tone for the day with encouraging and motivating words. After telling them they are, awesome, kind and so on… I tell them how much I love them.
At home one day , one of my daughters took me by surprised when she asked,  mummy, what if I don’t do kind things today will you still love me?. 

That came out of the blue. I have never thought about loving her because she cleans her room or does kind things I just know that I love her… even before she was born. 

But she has taken my love for her to be conditioned on doing my bidding

I hugged her and said. “I loved you from the day you were conceived”. I did not need to seen you but I loved you. And when you were born I loved you even more… So whether you do all I asked or not, (I may not love what you do, but I do love you), she gave me a big hug and said “I love you mummy”. 

My daughters did not do anything to deserve my love, when they were helpless little babies who caused us many sleepless nights, cried none stopped when left alone, we loved them no less than we do now. It was a No Strings Attached Love. It was pure, undefiled and deep.

My love for my kids grows each day and it is not conditional on anything they do or don’t do… I hope it stays that way because as humans as our kids grow we may not like the changes and things we see. 

This got me thinking, God's love never fails, it's as strong and intense from the moment he thought about us. However, it is sometimes tempting to misinterpret the instructions in the bible as the basis for God's love for us….

God's love is not conditional on anything you do or will ever do… It is a No Strings Attached Love. Simple and Pure Unconditional Love.
If his love was based on what we do or has done, we stood no chance, hence he made a choice to love us before we love him. He Loved us before we Loved him.... profound.

It was his love for us that brought him down to earth… we had gone away from our heavenly father that he wanted us back to himself. So he came in the form of a man to bring us back to himself. 

While we were still in sin, in our wicked ways, Christ died for us”, this is love, nothing is. That he loved us just the way we are. It never ceases to amaze me that it was “While” we were still sinners… we were dirty, downright untouchable… only the God kind of love will embrace us the way we are. 

Religion today has placed all kinds of conditions on God's love, but no: it is unconditional, with no strings attached.

His love is so pure, he had to born by a virgin.
His birth brought us hope, his life showed us the way to live. 
His death brought ransomed us 
his resurrection brought us life.. 
this Christmas we celebrate hope, a new way of life, 
reconciliation with the father 
and love so amazing so unconditional, so divine.

At Christmas, this is what I celebrate a love that keeps giving and loving.

As you celebrate, Reflect on this love and know that he loves you just the way you are.

Dear Father, thank you for the gift of Jesus, 
Thank you for loving me the way you do
Unconditionally, relentlessly and recklessly.
Thank you that this love is endless.

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2 December 2016

Christmas Lights

Lights, lights, lights, it's the time of the year where every where is dressed up in lights. 

My house is transformed into a light House at this time of the year. We, (for the most part hubby) deck the front lawn in lights… Santa sleigh, gift boxes, tree light,,, twinkle lights all combine to give a bright glow….

I love lights which makes this my most favourite season of the year… as everywhere is lit up… 
Why light?  what's so special about lights especially  at this time of the year? 

Here in UK we have shorter days in winter which means that the day is already dark by 4.00pm!! And daylight doesn't show till 7.00am and sometimes 7.30am...so for the most part we are In darkness… 

It is commonly known that some people are affected by the change from summer when we experience longer days to winter when we are plunged into darkness from 4.00pm… 

People suffer from seasonal affective disorder a form of mental illness, many hospital struggle
To cope with the increase in patients needing treatment during the winter season due to SAD. 
It is not uncommon to see people bright, happy and with a spring to their steps at the appearance of light...

Some people can and are able to go about their daily activities thanks to street lights. 

Here are 5 main reason lights are significant...

1. Lights Gives Joy: imagine your light goes out temporarily and returns suddenly Everyone screams with joy… elated that lights is back, we rush about to do the things we were unable to do in the dark. 

2. Light Makes Us Feel Safe: I usually start work early which means living the house at the crack of dawn and in winter that means while it's still dark. To feel safe I avoid dark alley ways and paths and stay on the main roads which is lit up. Walking in the light is comforting and reassuring. I feel safe that nothing is lurking in the corner. 

3. Light Exposes. Nothing can be hidden where there is light.:. Which makes it is quite difficult to commit evil in the presence of light. This is why crime is high at night simply because criminals don’t want to be exposed. Light gives illumination which makes others aware of previously hidden truths.

4. Light Displaces Darkness: this is obvious. Light and darkness cannot coexist. When one comes the other is displays, he is the Christmas promise to all.

5. Light Makes Thing Possible: we are able to accomplish so much during the day. Working at night and other times is the exception not the norm.. the night is made for rest and day to work.

Christmas lights holds a significant spot in the advert Calendar as not only does it beautify our streets, it reminds us of Christ who is the light of the World. 
Christ who represents everything that light is.
Christ as light brings us joy, in his presence there is fullness of joy. 
Christ as light makes us feel safe, in his presence is safety. 
Christ as light exposes the darkness of this world and leads all to repentance

His presence displays darkness, when we come into the knowledge of him we are transformed from darkness into the kingdom of his dear son. 
Christ is light and in him is no darkness at all. Anyone who believes in him will experience constant light of his glory joy and grace. 
Christ as light makes all things possible, stop doubting him and start believing him to bring the impossible to pass in your life.

Get to know him and he will bring the lights of his glory into your everyday life… his joy will become your source of strength… 

So this Christmas as you light up your house, walk down the street, let the light of Christ shine into you.. for he is the light of the World.