21 April 2010

Every Little Helps.

Do you feel the world is getting worse by the minute? Everyone seems to have their own written rules on the way things should be. No one is prepared to take responsibility for their actions. Parents have lost the plot and at a loss as to what to do with their kids. Children act all grown up while the adults are becoming increasingly afraid to nurture them.
Crime is on the increase in unprecedented proportion, (depending on which side of politics you are on), government without credibility.
Religious or church folks can’t be trusted either. The world has gone upside down
What in the world is going on?
The following depicts the world we currently live in:

We have more laws but more crimes,
We have more rules but less common sense
We have more cars but have to go to the gym and pay to get rid off excess fat
We earn more than our parent’s generation but are less satisfied.
We live in bigger house but with fewer friends
We travel more but can’t cross the road to visit a neighbour
More education but less wisdom,
More freedom but less freedom to express our thoughts,
More protective of our children which in turn have led them to being less adventurous
Work more but have less time to enjoy the rewards
More people but less contact with them
as we would rather make contact with them via virtual networking sites.

The list is endless.

We can’t act indifferent because we are all affected by what goes on in society. We have to engage more with the youths of today, create more boundaries for our kids. Be more involved in politics in whatever way we can and positively influence change wherever we find ourselves.
I like the Tesco’s slogan “every little helps”. It is so true. we can do our bit for the greater good. So I implore you, straight from my heart to be deliberate in what you do and how you do it, because really every little helps.

I am spent in time and money as daily chores I run
I care for needs around, though limited is my store of wealth.
I have a £
I have a $, of no good to anyone
But still I pause and think, small it may seem,
A world of good it will be to a soul in need.
For a little gift in aid of a dying child is all it takes to make a difference in someone else’s life.

It takes the warmth of an abbreviated sun to warm our bodies,
Though brief in its appearance,
The little shine it gives brings a ray of hope.
Look within and search without
For that little bit of help that will make a difference to a world in need.
It is the little smile given,
It is the little touch of love
It is the little act of kindness
That leaves an indelible mark in the prints of someone’s life.

4 April 2010

Taken (Final Part)

Yes he died a wretched death.
He allowed himself to be taken and killed because he wanted to take something back for himself!

He was taken so that he could take back:

Sons and daughters of his, bound by sin
The down trodden and restore them to wholeness
The weak and give the strength
The poor and give them riches
The broken hearted and fix their hurt
The hopeless and fill them with assurances of better things to come
The loss and show them the way
The accused and free them from guilt and shame
The isolated and bring them into the fold
Taken! Yes he took the stripes, the beatings, the scorning, the accusations, the causes
So that he can take away our shame, hurt, sickness and pain.

No wonder Good Friday” turned out to be “Good” after all, because he wasn’t taken,

He took my place instead! That’s why today we celebrate, our freedom from Sin.

"Taken" away on that Good Friday afternoon when he hung and died”. He visited Hell and set us free from sin and death.

Happy Easter.

3 April 2010

Taken (Part 2)

He was taken, beaten and killed
He died a painful death,
He was not killed by the beatings, the nails or the crown of thorns which hung on his head,
But by the many, present on the day and the many not yet conceived.
He allowed himself to be taken without a fight of resistance or a word of protest
He was taken, not gently but roughly, dragged, kicked, whipped, even though he offered himself willingly!
He was nailed to the cross, his side pieced!
His garment taken as he hung naked on the cross for you and me!

Pictures by "photobucket"

2 April 2010

Taken (Part 1)

Some see the cross as a symbol of sadness, pain and shame, rightly so too. You see the event which led to his death was everything depicting sorrow, pain and shame.

Imagine it:
He was caught, handcuffed and lead away.
Taken before the judges of his day, he was accused of all manner of good deeds. Say, how can one be accused of doing good? Yes he was.

It was a sad day for the many that were with him, his disciples were full of sadness as they watched their saviour gave up himself without a struggle.
The road to the cross was littered with Jeers and snares from the angry crowd! Cries of “away with him! He’s a scum”

A saviour! No not on that day, for he couldn’t even save himself, rather he was "taken" without putting up a word in his defence.

How! How! How! Did we come to believe in this man? I imagine this was the thought going through the mind of his disciples. They were perplexed, angry, dismayed, amazed, ashamed and afraid to be identified with him, no wonder the denial!

The one whom they have come to believe in, was led as a lamb to be killed, a saviour? No not on that Friday Moring, he was anything but that!

Good Friday? Far from it!

I imagine it was a gloomy day. for his Disciples it far from being Good’ their saviour and friend has been TAKEN” and worse "killed"! What was good about that day? Surely nothing “Good” can come out of his death, they thought. They would never have guessed the event which unfolded in the days to come!

See part tomorrow!