9 August 2016

Clear Out

It's summertime which means time to clear out for me. I often clear out the cupboards of old canned foods, clear out closet, sort out some old paper cabinets, my email box is not excluded, I go over mails I haven’t had the time to delete and get rid of these.  Nothing is left out during my summer clearing out. 

This got me thinking about our minds and brain which processed so much information daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We clog them up with both wanted and unwanted stuff. We worry about any and everything. 
Just like our cupboards, closet and cabinets which needs sorting out, so does our minds, we need to daily Purge our minds of the stuff which we have allowed to settle. 

We are admonished to be of a clean mind, of a pure heart.,James 4:8 tells us to purify our hearts, Matthew 23.25. Jesus had strong words to say about the state of the heart. We take so much care of the exterior but inside is full of rotten bones “strong words” indeed. 

So straight from my heart is this encouragement for us to 

Empty out 
The negative
The offences
The hurt
The disappointment 

Release all pain and live space within you for joy, love, peace and happiness. 
Holding on to things which should be flush out builds up toxin which contaminant the heart. Bitterness, guilt and worry are infections holding on to them infects us. 
Many things can bring these about, failing health, financial troubles, divorce.

Are you holding on to infections, angar and worry? Empty your mind of these feelings, daily clear out the debris which has settled on the corridors of your heart, soul and spirit. Take hold of the Word and be renewed afresh. 

When you make room, your life will be full of good things, joy indescribable and full of glory. 
Begin to clear out today for a clean fresh start.