13 March 2010

A Mother

thinking of her, I smile,
I see her as she is,
a lover, a mother, a friend,
a helper,
a shelter
a mum, in season and out of season
when it's convenient and when it's not,
she's a mum to me.

Seeing her now, I am humble,
a woman of true passion,
enduring love,
of unpredictable humour,
skilled in everything,
yet of a tender demeanour.
cannot be replicated, even though often relegated
cannot be done without, disowned or denied
forever a channel
choose by God to bring life to be.

Thinking of her
I know I am blessed.
Happy Mothers Day!

4 March 2010

An Often Forfeited Task

It’s the season of lent and if like me you’ve already failed in your task of giving up something, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.
We often fail and fall short at the things which we should do.

Take prayer for example a very important and powerful Christian tool but it’s widely known as one of the areas we struggle the most.
Well maybe you don’t struggle, I do and I know a few others too who find it a struggle. Thank God for his grace he knows and understand our struggles and doesn’t hold it against us.

My church has focused a great deal on prayer this period and we’ve been encouraged in so many little and inspiring ways on how to pray. I found our first weekly prayer pod meeting today very refreshing and encouraging. It spurred me on to write this.


I know I ought to pray but in this task I often fail
For reasons that seem valid enough to keep me off my knees

I know great rewards abound if I just but pray, but somehow I hesitate to pray
And oft rush at this one important task.

I crave to seek his face, for I know he longs to hear
The solemn call I make
For me and other’s too

And though I often pray for
Me, me, and me,
He does kindly grand my often selfish request
When to his throne at last I come.

I often ask for my needs,
For things I think I need and when delay I sense
I cry and wonder why

But to his arms I run and soon my fear subsides
For somehow he does make me understand his intent are pure

Answers sent like rain a might pour it came
He brings my request to pass, when I do stop and pray