20 July 2013

My thought, my life

I've been thinking a lot lately, about what?
 you may wonder. 
About everything thing.
My successes, failures, about the successes and failures of others. 
World events, hurricans, wars, economic and political issues.
 Some of my thoughts gives me Joy, others bring real sadness and tears. 
This got me thinking: we can change a lot by our thoughts. We may not be able to change the situation, but our attitude can determine our peace.
So now I am on a deliberate mission to refine my thoughts. I have decided to deliberately stop, and nip every negative thoughts in the bud. To think about what i am thinking about. And if my thoughts are causing me sadness to rethink my thought. 
If it means saying them aloud to hear what they are, then that's what  I will do,  I am determined to live out my thoughts which means they have to be positive. 
Ever heard the phrase..... As he thinks so he is? 
So what do you want to be? A better friend, sister, mother, wife, leader.... Name it. Begin in your thought process
Our relationships will improve alot if we strive to be better people, by thinking the best of others and ourselves. 
So straight from my heart is an invitation to join me on this journey on thought refinement, 
Strip bare negativism, wash the pages clean, lay them out to dry. See through the windows of your thought, are they pure,  honest, delightful or negative, regretful, wasteful, vengeful?
Remove the vale of fear, by thinking pure and simple, bright thoughts, 
Define your day by what you think,
Emit love, grace, mercy in all you do. 
Remove the vale of negative thoughts and bask in the glow that a clean thought can bring......