28 July 2009

Basking ...................

In these trying times, a lot of folks have allowed their vision to become blur by what they see and their hearing have become dull by the constant stream of ill tidings!
I must say it is hard to be positive given all that is going on in our world today. Be that as it may, we must keep our eyes fixed on the vision.

Sometimes when the vision tarries the wait becomes too long in our eyes. Have we wondered why we become despondent and impatient when what we’ve been waiting for seems to take forever to come through? Here’s why I think we get dismay, discouraged, or disheartened, we spend too much time on the situation, our every waking moment is consumed with the issues we face, we are so engross with it that we live in the reality of its absence. There’s no smile on our faces, no hope in the future, robbing us of joy in the present.

I decided a long time ago to look around me, within me and find something to be thankful for each day regardless of how dire the situation may be. It has helped me a great deal as my focus is removed from the issue that is not working out to what is.

I have decided to enjoy each moment given to me and not to waste it pondering the absence my desires.

I have come to realise that no matter how bad I think my situation is someone somewhere have it worse than me.

I have come to know that my posture during the trying times of my life will either inspire someone to trust God or to give up in their wait for their break through.

I have decided to see each challenge as another added experience to the tree of testimony that is growing by the day.

I have decided to

Enjoy the beauty of my dreams
Live in its reality
And bask in the possibilities of its fulfilment
To let the assurance of its realisation
Fill me with peace in the present
And hope for the future.

What are you basking in?


Eyes for sight to see both the seen and unseen
Though often times
Gaze trail to the unseen
Sadness magnified by its absence

I press on still,
My focus on the goal
Yielding to the vision that is a reality in the realm of the unseen
I steadfastly set my gaze on the dream
As I fully grasp it in the inner recesses of me
I come into it
As it becomes real in me.

© Deboo July 2009
Pictures by "photobucket"

2 July 2009


On the prowl he seeks his prey
Subtly he speaks, disguise as a friend
Then he engages, lures and entices seeking to lay claim on any who listens,
But friend, just one word spoken in faith will slay him.

We constantly engage in conversations with our friends, spouses, children and our heavenly father, it is therefore safe to say that our actions are sometimes influenced by these conversations. They could be simple things like where to go on holiday, career prospects and other such things.

in conversations with our heavenly father carried on in prayer, we speak to him of our hopes, fears, share our pains and victories. He also speaks to us via his word.

Just as we converse with these people and our father in heaven , there is also one who tries to engage us in conversations that belittles us, demeans us, and degrades us, albeith he doesn't make his intentions known, the devil is he.

When you open your heart to conversation with the devil you open up yourself to his ideas, to question what you know about God and what God said in his word. Gen 3:1-8.

Eve carried on in conversation with the devil in the garden of eden and he suggested to her that the consequences of eating the apple isn't really death but an opening, an enlightenment to knowing good and evil. She considered it and that landed us in what we know today as the fall of man.

The only suitable response to the devil and his suggestions is the response Jesus gave the devil when the devil suggested that Jesus should bow down to him. Jesus replied "get thee behind me Satan".

He will come at us with his suggestions to get our attention and question our beliefs and the authenticity of God's word but do not entertain any thought from him nor consider his suggestions. "Get thee behind me Satan" is the only appropriate response for him.

What is the enemy suggesting to you today? That you are less than able, questioning your status as a child of God, that you are not worthy, that maybe, just maybe what you believe in isn't true, that God's word won't come to pass in your life. Regardless of his suggestions your response should always be "Get thee behin me Satan". It worked for Jesus, it will work for you today.

So keep pressing on in faith, for despite the fact that your adverary the devil is on the prowl, be rest assured, that one word spoken in faith will slay him.