20 March 2009

In Praise of Mother.

She gladly toils for her own
Protectively shielding
Tenderly loving
Intensely giving
Sacrificing time
Pleasures, wealth or fame
For the role she so joyfully fills
She is persistent in service
Resourceful in career
Patient in waiting
Full of praise for her own
She is a mother

Her worth is priceless
She asks not for wages
Nor for praise
But she seeks only the good in her own
Earnestly working to provide
She believes the best
Endures the bad and
Hope for the good.
Say, mother’s love is a mirror image
Of God’s love


If we could start out without her we would
If we could grasp the first time without her we would
If we could make our first sound without her we would
If we could take our first step without her we would
We couldn’t hence she was place here for every first of our lives
Even God needed her for these first of his earthly life.


Plates & pans
Chores and noises
Hair in disarray
Worn out looks
But at the squeak of one of her own
She springs to action
Because she’s always on call!


© Deboo March 2009

18 March 2009

God's Vessels

Mothers what can we say of them?
We came via them for without them
There will be no presidents, no genius, no scientists,
No doctors, no violinist, no opera singer, no £250,000 a week footballers,
The world tries to rid itself of this gem call mother
But have failed every time.

Advancement in science cannot replace them.
Two men can father a child but can’t make one.
Mothers are the only species on God’s earth that are indispensable.
They are vital to his plan.
Even the creator came through her
Though he made her he saw her role as vital to his purpose
That hasn’t changed.

Mothers are the vital gradients for a stable, happy and whole relationship.
They compliment dad, contribute their time, skills and effort to every home venture
They co-ordinate the home front, they plan like military and execute to precision
There is no room for error when it comes to bringing up their kids
Hence they are sometimes seen as mean! But are not!
Mothers have the capacity to love, care, and discipline at the same time.
When mothers fail to rise up to their responsibilities: as homemakers, visionaries, encouragers,
Builders, lovers, carers:
The result can be disastrous:

So rise up Mums

be tenacious in discipline.
Be tough in the face of the most trying circumstances
Be resilient when the battle rages
Be steadfast in prayer
For this purpose you’ve been called “mother”.

© Deboo March 2009.
Pictures by photobucket.

11 March 2009

Grace Alone

How do you live life daily? In fear, doubt and worry? Or do you commit your ways to God’s hands believing he can handle whatever comes your way.

For a long time I was a worry wart, trust me I worry about every little thing, I even worry when I have nothing to worry about. I guess it stems from being impatient. I had to learn that it doesn’t matter how much I worry about an issue, it will turn out the way God wants it to.

That revelation saved my life, now I enjoy the peace that only God can give regardless of whatever circumstance I face.

God has not called us to live a life of worry, fear and pain. Yes, we will face disappointing situations as we journey through life, he said in his word that in this world we will have trials and tribulations, but he didn’t stop there… the other promise is that we can be cheerful knowing that he has overcome on our behalf. So in the mist of that difficult situation, perplexing problem and unimaginable enigma, let the hope of overcoming in Christ fill you with cheer.

I was saved by grace the moment I realised that I am not in control of whatever happens. I came to realise that after the initial disappointment of not realising our dreams, reaching our goals and having our desires met, we can dust ourselves and get back up again.
Being a Christian does not immune us from problems, though our pain may be great, we can be assured of God’s grace through each difficulty.

Grace alone is what carries us through when others are falling down from the weight of their problems,
Grace embraces us and keeps us hoping,
grace assures us of a better outcome,
Grace ignites in us a spark that radiates for all to see,
Grace gives strength for the journey,
Grace applauds us when we persist and keep on,
Grace enables us to ignore the jeers and sneers of the crowd,
Grace illuminates our paths and paves the way for a glorious dawn,
Grace always accepts us when we falter and waver,
Grace alone makes the difference.

© Deboo March 2009
Picture by "photobucket"