7 April 2016

My Facebook Life

My life in pictures. 

Someone said to me yesterday, I like your life in pictures. Referring to my FB post. 
I wish I have time to have fun like that. 

This was food for thought? 
What do we really have time for now? 
I have really enjoyed my time off work as a result of the school holidays. I do things with my family normally, but this was special, something was different because I decided to let go of every stress and really just be in the moment, to stop worrying  about the millions of ideas and things I have to do. 
To enjoy every moment and go back to the simple things I love. 
Which are to spend time with good friends, my family and God. 
I really felt a release as I was not pulled in Several directions. I am able to focus on my projects without pressure or strain of performing. 

This was a big relief for me and I came to the realisation that my life in picture may be great, what matters is my life behind the click of a Botton. 
I am happy and grateful, I really am. My life may not be perfect but I am at peace. 

Life's journey consists of the little details which brings us joy, 
The sorrows we face which makes us strong.
The struggles we strive to overcome.
The pride of succeeding at every small venture.
The node from a loved one which speaks volume.
The silence of friends who understands your pain.
The strength of comfort we give others. 

Our life in pictures may not always mirror our daily existence, but they are ours nonetheless, in that moment, in that place where we are happy, nothing else matters.

You may not leave your life on display, regardless, set time to love deeply, care truly and serve sincerely. That's what matters. 
Treat your off Facebook friends as you would your Facebook friends.
Guide your heart jealously, protect it from stress, pressures and unhealthy thoughts.

Release yourself to hope, faith and love, let go of the burdens of expectation, focus on being the best picture of you, the one which  brings real joy to others. That's the picture which matters. 

Yes, my in picture is great but my life off picture is unbelievable awesome. 
And for that I am eternally grateful.