27 March 2008

Where Art Thou O Spring!

If you have looked, hope and waited for spring and wondered when will spring, spring on us? You are not alone. I have waited, with eager anticipation for spring, for the long days and long nights. For light streaming through my windows at the dawn of day!
But spring is determined to make us wait. A white Easter? Yes, that’s what waiting for spring does…… it leaves us white as we shiver and await its arrival. As I left the house today, the weather was light, the sun was out and the air still. I couldn’t help thinking…..
Spring where art thou? With this comes this piece straight from my heart…… Enjoy!

Splash of drizzle
Drip of rain
The spread of haze on a dull grey sky
Mist of cold, as hue of wind wasps over the air
As the wait continues

Sun waits in the shadow as the
Search of spring lingers
Where art thou o spring?

Bring again the days of bright yellow daffodils
Of leaves sprouting from the branches
Of unhurried steps in the way.

Spring! Much anticipated,
As shops hope for the surge of happy shoppers
And shoppers wait for the spring of sales
Spring where art thou?
Wait no more
Spring forth speedily
For we eagerly anticipate your arrival!

© Deboo March 2008.

24 March 2008

A Symbol

Christ was lifted up at the cross
a symbol of hope and restoration.

The death he died, a transition to life-
Paving the way for life eternal

Christ arose from the dead
A symbol of possibilities and realities

His ascension an assurance to faithful followers
A symbol of burdens lifted up at Calvary.

All Rights Reserved © Deboo March 2008.

A love that surpasses the ocean
greater than the eyes can see
and mind can conceived
A love pure and true
deeper than the deepest seas
A love that does not wane or fade
not build on your merit
but on his mercy
given when not sort
freely available and bequeathed to all
A love that lifts up not put down
this is the love show on Calvary
this is truly an everlasting love.
All Rights Reserved © Deboo March 2008

22 March 2008

It was for Me


It was for me the journey began,
On a hollow night when the angel came and foretold of his birth.

It is the story of a mother’s pain,
Of desires birth, of destiny fulfilled
And lives redeemed

Redeemed! Bought with the price of crimson red flow
Striped of past pain, and future faults
It is for a sinner made pure,
That he was arrayed, tortured, beaten and hung
Judged by creature, created by him

But for whom he wore a garment stained by their deeds
And for whom a crown of thorns......
Hung from his head and nails of sorrow pieced his hands

It was for me that the journey continues
At the dawn of day,
When the quaking began,
Shaking loose the chains that held the tomb shut
Alas! The deed is done

A price is paid, the verdict is returned
Death is swallowed up in victory!

It was for me
he died and got up from the grave!

© Deboo March 2008

Saviour indeed!


Saviour indeed!

many a time he calmed a raging storm

works of wonders he performed

sight to the blind he gave

food to the hungry he provides

the lame to leap again

abundant mercy always shown

saviour indeed!

although brusied and wounded, not a word of scorn he altered

for his mission he humbly died

savior indeed!

© Deboo March 2008

17 March 2008

What love

Easter was a time in history that happened, a time a child was born, grew, became a man and was killed. Most if not all, know about this story but sadly very few know about this man. His name his "Jesus" and even though he died the death we should have died. He arose that through his resurrection we too will rise to a newness of live in him!

Thinking about this deed of love comes this piece straight from my heart!

What love is this, that a man would die on Calvary’s cross
laying aside heavenly robes for earthly rags
of scorn and shame, of ridicule and wrath!

O what love is this,
that one so pure and true
would lay aside his glory,
to walk earth's cruellest path.

Stories where told of his deeds of love,
for he left peace and hope in his trail.

Though often accused, yet always forgiving
his ways flawless,
his acts unrivalled
his nature like no other.

what love is this, that is
so giving and embracing
bringing life and love to all
what love is this!

© Deboo March 2008

14 March 2008

Heaven's horizon

PhotobucketA blue hill rises from the mist
A clear sight from ocean’s shore
In between lay valley deep
Of grief, and snares and toil

Beyond its horizon
Spread a world of clear blue skies
Its vision attracts ever so brightly
Than valleys dept of woes

PhotobucketThough through its
Turns of thorns
The path to its shores
And curves of cruel pain
Litter its slopes

Its lure, a stronger attraction
Hastening weaken steps
To its glistering rays of light
That shines beyond the oceans horizon!

© Deboo March 2008

13 March 2008

Another World

PhotobucketStill on the theme of “our world”, I want to introduce you to a world I desire to live in some day. I know it is not believed by many, but it does exist, because I personally do not believe that this is as good as it gets! There is something better, more beautiful and peaceful that our current world. So here’s my piece on "another world", straight from my heart.

A world not seen
But often talked about
Referred to in phrases

A world that signifies peace, abundance, love, serenity and fulfilment
Yet, claim by many to be none existent

A world beyond now, too wonderful to grasp
Too remote to fathom
Is a world called heaven

Its streets are paved with gold
Its light of glistering sliver, made so by the maker.

A world where no ill will dwells,
Where war ceases, sorrow lay bare and cares are vanquished

Some claim to live it here on earth….
Nay, not so! For earth is
Riddle with pain and injustice
Earth, few truly experience pure wealth and bliss.

But in this world I talk about
All who will live there will experience
Unexplained and uncontained joy, love and peace.
Its pleasures will be
Lived by all
Tasted by all
Enjoyed by all
This world, is not comparable to earth’s greatest and finite riches
In this world there will be, no dawning of day
For there will be no night there.

© Deboo March 2008.

6 March 2008

A world waiting to be seen!

Lately, the news has been filled with tales of woe and sorrow, of abduction, rape, killing, wars and rumours of wars, bombing, you name it.
Mothers are afraid to let their kids walk to school or wander in the garden for fear of a prey lurking around, fear has griped our world!
Turn on the TV and you'll be greeted with news of yet another life sentence handed out to someone for taking a life….. Sadly, our world is getting worse.
Amidst the troubles we face, the fear and uncertainty, we can still salvage what’s left of our world, if you, me and all of us, truly work with one goal, to make the world a better place…
So, straight from my heart is this piece, as I long for a world waiting to be seen…….

A world full of emptiness, of vastness’ of space and time
Of a void waiting to be filled
Empty of purpose, of love, of the wealth of man’s knowledge
is a world waiting to be seen Photobucket
From nothing was it created, but became something that was nurtured and cultured
Tendered to with love and care
A world meant to be filled with the maker's Intent
Man to man, leaving peacefully.......
Tending our world, filling the nothingness that was, with something of worth…..
Sadly, this world has gone its own way,
Man to man, all out for a personal gain,
None willing to be spent, making something out of nothing.
Perhaps one day, the story will change
When another world we will see,
A world envisioned, here on earth,
But lived in eternity
Where the true intent of the maker
Will be fulfilled, at last!
I want to see that world, do you?

© Deboo March 2008

Quotes: funny how some people live like this is all there is to life…… Yet are afraid to die? Question, what do they fear?..... Deboo

2 March 2008

Appreciation for mother

Perfect Love - of a mother

slow to suspect - qick to trust
slow to condem- quick to justify
slow to offend- quick to defend
slow to expose- quick to shield
slow to reprimand -quick to forbear
slow to belittle-quick to appreciate
slow to demand - quick to give
slow to provoke-quick to conciliate
slow to hinder-quick to help
slow to resent-quick to forgive

Thinking of you

thinking of you today and missing you dearly,

but no matter how far apart we are,
My love for you will never dry.
Remembering you this day, for all that you have done, my heart feels so glad,
I have you as a mother.
Happy Mother's Day.

©Deboo March 2008

This and Every Day

A day set apart, celebrating the makings of you,
a day for appreciation, for all that emboides you,
and though this day will come and go,
my appreaciation for you will go on, this and every day I live.

I have walked highs and lows of life's rugged path
and weathered every storm, but with your loving arms embracing,
each trouble I've overcome,
thank you for being a true friend

my tower of strength and hope and a ray of sunlight too.
now on this and everyday I'll always celebrate you, mother.

Happy Mother's day

© Deboo March 2008

1 March 2008

I Celebrate You


I celebrate you for being you

I celebrate you for the woman you are

I celebrate you for your tenderness

I celebrate you for your thoughtfulness

I celebrate you for Daring to do the unthinkable

Believe for the impossible and

Achieve the unimaginable

I celebrate you

For your unique ways and for all the things that makes loving you easy.

Happy mother’s day

© Deboo Feburary 2008

The Woman I love

She is a pillar of strengthPhotobucket
a tower of glory, never wavering always persisting.
She is the horn of her home
the rainbow in a cloudy sky the sweet fragrance of morning rain.
She is gracious and tenacious,
Never giving up on her own Always enduring, amidst perspiration
This is my mother
The woman I love

Amidst trials and tribulations She remains steadfast in encouragement
Her mind a well spring of wisdom, full of hope and belief
Though tempest rolls and thunder roars she endures them all
Her home a den of love and full of care, embracing all both strangers and foe
Even though her ways are sometimes firm
And her intend misunderstood
She is still my mother
The woman I love

And now as her years grow dim and limps grow frail
She is still a beckon of hope and faith, love and beauty
Made better and stronger by the years of toil
Her offspring a testimony of battle forth and won
For in them are the results of endless toil
Which now is sweet success
She is still gracious, still poised, still tenacious and firm
And though one day life’s curtain will draw close on her stay here on earth
She will remain my mother
The woman I love.
© Deboo February 2008