24 December 2012


Congratulations, it's  your birthday . 
Wow another year God is good
Enjoy your day
These are some of the many ways we express our emotions on birthdays
So what is it about birthdays?

I've been celebrating the birthdays of some of my very close friends this December. They were celebrating attaining a certain age and I've joined in on the fun. Having not been out in ages for obvious reasons, dressing up and hanging out was extra fun for me. 
So what is it about birthdays that causes us to remember and celebrate? 

I think birthday is a Remembrance Day. We either chose to remember or forget.
For most people birthdays causes them to remember good times, breaks they may have had and lost, disappointments, failures, successes etc. for some group of people they'd rather the day pass unnoticed. 

Yet for others it is a time to give thanks for the good and bad, and celebrate the future. 
Yes, they may not be where they would like to be, but they are grateful for where they are and where they want to get to. (My friends are). 
They see the future with the eyes of faith. Things are tough, but they can get better. They celebrate either with a few friends or with a crowd. They have no qualms about troubles and failures,  for they know God is in control.

For me birthdays is an opportunity to give thanks to God for where I am in my life, to reflect and improve on my person. To take stock. I may not throw a party but I celebrate, get myself a present. 

Another reason some are afraid to celebrate is the age they attain on their birthday. They see themselves as old, perhaps to them it's a reminder of eternity. The thought of getting nearer the grave fills them with dread. 

Friend, if you live a life that is right before God you need not fear any day or year you grow older. Make a promise to yourself to make each day count, that way you will not fear the future or dread your birthday. 

As the celebration of Christ birthday draws near, I urge you to take timeout to reflect.  Its not just another year of giving and receiving present, its a reminder of what his birth did for humanity. He is saviour, Lord and Ruler of all. 

What does his birth mean to you in the past, in the present and in the future?
In the past he set the stage for you to love him 
In the present he is always with you
In the future he is your assuring hope, guide and light. 
Leading you in a safe path and whether you celebrate with friends, family or alone. Remember that each birthday is not to be feared because Jesus is alive and has your back. 
No matter the disappointment you may have experienced, or heart ache faced, 
If you are alive to see another birthday, then there's hope for your future. 

So straight from my heart is this piece encouraging you that 
Christ in Christmas makes crisis bearable
Christ in Christmas, our mistakes covered and guilty past erased
Christ in Christmas, our fears crystallised, evaporates as Stars in the sky. 
Christ in Christmas lights up each Christmas tree, brighten each tinsel 
Christ in Christmas makes all things beautiful all year long. 

11 December 2012


 I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls. They  are full of surprise. I marvel that I was once like them. I look at my first daughter and marvel, she's developed and changed in just over a year. Singing, screaming talking and throwing a tantrum, already displaying her own personality.
I look at the second only 3 months old and also marvel. How much she's changed since the day she came out.
They've brought out the best in me. I am more patient, calmer, tolerant and less inclined to rushed or be in a hurry.
In what way have you changed since change happened to you. Changes which may have happened to you over the years may include: relocating, getting married, graduating, getting a job, losing a job, losing a loved one. Having kids, buying a house. Getting divorced. The list is endless. 
I've discovered that we change along with our circumstances. Either for the best or worse.
Some people become negative if the change which occurred in their lives are negative. I.e. divorce, bereavement, loss of job, homes or absence of a desire. While negative circumstances can cause us to be sad, I believe we can allow ourselves to move on pass them to become better for it.
It is double tragedy if we are worse off than before our circumstances changed. If you are faced with a loss, or disappointed,  grieve, take time out, but come out your best.

Same can be said when good happens to us. Some people are completely transform by it and become people of hope, joy and all that's good. They abound in joy, when you meet them you can tell they've undergone change and are better for it. 
Some people are deliberate in how they allow change in their life. They may decide for instance to be better at loving, caring, or sharing due to either the bad or good changes which they've experienced 
Straight from my heart to you is this piece,
challenge you to be deliberate in loving, giving and caring. Regardless of the negative.
Allow your experiences to make you better. A reference point for all to see. 
Be open to love for life is love. 
Be open to giving for life is giving. 
We live when we take up hope and leap pass the place of pain to the arena of friendship and possibilities. 
Your relationships don't have to suffer because something bad or good  has happened to you. 
Be ready to live again, a Renew you after change has Occurred.

15 October 2012


What does it feels like to be rejected? To not be wanted or acknowledged.
Rejection does not have to be out right refusal of your person. It can be subtle
Gradual or outright silence of an idea. ( I.e you suggest an idea and are meant with silence) no affirmation or refusal.

I have felt rejected before and I know most people have. I've come to realise that being rejected sometimes have nothing to do with what we do or did not do, but may be the inability of the other person to handle us. (Our successes or failures).
A feeling of rejection of whatever kind can lead to dejection, sadness, and depression.

This is the reason  why a lot of abandoned children grow up as adult feeling unwanted amongst feelings of sadness, depression, and dejection.  

Rejection from loved ones, close friends, siblings,  families,  hurt the most and through no fault of our own we sometimes carry the guilt for a long time...

I have decided to live life without feelings of rejection
I know I am accepted in the beloved, when Christ died for me, he included me in a big family of love and nothing can separate me from his love. 

I've been ignored, turned down, overlooked, insulted and been outright rejected. Regardless  I've felt loved. It's important not to allow yourself to feel unwanted. 
Go to therapy, seek help, deal with the issues, but do not think less of yourself. 
I urge you straight from my heart,  if you've been rejected or feel rejected to shake off the guilt, 
See your self in a new light, loved and wanted
Fulfilled and empowered
Renew your strength in actively living life
Strife to love those who may have rejected you
Near or far.
Return no ill for ill
But rather love until you are spent. 

2 September 2012

What's Your Grudge

So you've been lied to,
Lied about,
Talked about,
Used, missued and abused,
Stood up.
Ignored and negelected in your time of need
Should I countinue........,
The list is endless, yet it seems these are amongst many reasons we give for being estranged, angry and bitter about others

Sad as your ordeal may have been, if you cannot find it in your heart to forgive, then you are inflicting as much pain to those whom you claimed to have hurt you as they did to you. Bravo, you've had your pound of flesh, you are even, no  better than them.
I say this because too many people claim to be victims, yet they do the exact same thing they accuse others off.

In heaven, there areno grudges, no enstragements, which is why Jesus told us to reconcile with any one any issues we have with them, because if heaven is your aim, you can't go there with grudges, you won't enter. You can't take them in and you won't enter either.
So hold on to your precious cargo......

So for all those who are estranged from, father, friends, family, mothers, children with good reasons, (I do not make light of your predicament) you better start making peace on Earth, because there will be no place for enstrangement in heaven.

I find it funny when people say they love God and yet anger, hatred and sadness is better used to describe their person.
They are in constant conflict with others, with themselves and the world.  

I once heard someone say, I don't do friends, people always misunderstand me, so I've decided to be on my own.

Hello, there's no isolation in heaven,  and people will be people, we may mean well but as long as we are alive,  even with the best intentions, our actions or inactions will hurt others.
If you come to realise this, you are on your way to being at peace with others and  forgiveness will come easy to you. This has helped me in all my relationships with PEOPLE

Earth is a training ground for either Hell or Heaven. Carry on with your grudges, pretend to have moved on, but if your dealings with them is less than cordial and amicable, know that your destination is already decided.

 When others extend a friendly hand chop it, off.
 We all may have had terrible experiences in the past, hence our attitude which causes us to behave in this manner, we may have been hurt, physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally by people.
Be that as it may, only a renewed mind, can enter Heaven.
 You may be your own hindrance from going there.
Again I remind you, People will hurt, abuse, misuse, laugh, gossip, etc you. Why? Because they are people.
We cannot control what others do to us. But we can choose to love them, be at peace with them and even though we move on, most importantly, hold no grudges.
A Christ like attitude is one which says\"father forgive them"
A not so Christ like attitude is one which says an "eye for an eye"

You choose!!!!!

24 July 2012


We are almost ready, apart from a few hi cups (G4S) security arrangements, I think, London & UK in general are ready to host the events.
Most people have secured their tickets (me included) for the games.

As the Olympics approaches and the excitement builds up, I believe every participant will be enlisting with one aim in mind to get a gold for their country.
It doesn't matter how well prepared they are, their aim is to win.

I believe they' ve spent years training and preparing, often under extrem conditions, disciplining their body, isolating themselves from family, friends & pleasure just to be focus and Maximise their chance of getting gold.

In some ways we've all have to prepare for some major events in our lives.....
Be that an exam
A job interview
A pitch for a major contract
The speech of your life
To name but a few.

Even though our preparation may vary there are common ingredient to every preparation which I believe will guarantee success:
These are:

A positive attitude

You cannot be dedicated without being focused, cannot be disciplined without having to endure and you cannot believe without having a positive attitude.
These all have to be present to ensure success.

So I urge you, in whatever you are embarking on, be it sports, education, relationship. Your preparation mixed with these ingredient will always guarantee success.

2 June 2012


I don’t really know much about the royal family, but as the jubilee celebrations got under way, I became more interested.  Not a day goes by without the media featuring one story or the other based on them. The history channels are littered with stories of the Royal family dating back to medieval times. There is a common way of life amongst them, affluent, poise etc. Another common feature is their family life, they are very loyal to each other at least from what I’ve read. Annual gatherings at key times of the year are held at the queen’s residence; public outing is carefully planned and choreographed. They also protect each other. I have not read any article where a member of the Royal family slag another member, regardless of what they may have done, they protect their own and keep their issues in house. As the jubilee approaches, different member of the family have given interviews to the press, where they have extol the virtue of the Queen and other members of the family. This got me thinking, how do we treat those within our family? (Our family are not necessarily related to us by blood, they include friends far and near) We may not be royals, but can learn a thing or two from them. Do we celebrate them? Or talk about them. Regardless of those within our scope of influence, we should have respect for all mankind, or the human race treating each other with dignity and respect regardless of race, culture, beliefs or social standing.   Some of our actions have caused unimaginable heartache, when we mistreat others to further our own cause or just to get even. Don’t forget the phrase “Do unto others as you would they do to you”. So it really worries me when people treat or debase others for any reason, I wonder, do they really want to be treated the same? No, truth be told, we all want respect, expect kindness, want to be shown favour and love. Why don’t we extend the same hand regardless of who it may be? As one writer puts it “God expects us to show respect to all people as everyone bears his Image”.   When the wind blows it blows on all When the sun shines it shines on all When the rain falls, it does so in its time. This is a reflection of equality. Man created class, upper, middle, middle-middle and lower. Our maker looks pass these to those who truly love all of human race from the heart. People can be unbearable, but we can be tolerable.

2 May 2012

When Good Comes Out of Dying

No one wants to die before their time, I believe we do all we can to stay alive, hence we exercise, to stay fit and  eat heathy to keep our internal organs healthy.  So I believe  when Claire Squires started training for the recent London marathon, she was not training to die, I believe she was in good health, has done everything she could to stay alive, aside from raising money for good cause by running, she was would have benefited health wise.  So it came as a shock to everyone most especially her family when she collapsed and died on the 25th mile.... She was raising money for her chosen charity, the Samaritans.  Before her death she raised I think around £2000, when news of her death spread around the world, well wishers around the world started giving to her chosen charity and so far amount raised has reached the £1,000,000.  No consolation to her family, I believe they would give all that back to have her alive again.. But they can grieve in the knowledge that millions of people will benefit from the death of their beloved child.  So her death has resulted in something far greater than previously envisioned.  So what needs to die in your Life to produce something better? You don't have to physically die, but are there issues which needs to die for us to move on to something far more rewarding and Enriching for a greater good? There maybe some small benefit to be had holding onto those issues, but their death may result in a million £ benefit. It may take a while to come to terms with your loss, but in time you will be be glad you did. 

3 April 2012

Love Came down

I love every season of every year, I also love the occasions we have to celebrate. We've just had Christmas with all its trimmings. Now it's Easter, with Easter eggs and hot cross buns, why not!!!!!

As we prepare to relax and celebrate the resurrection of our saviour Jesus I just can't help but look at my life and how he's blessed me. I am grateful for this and for the cross, because of the cross and his blood I am here today.

Jesus was born at Christmas, died at Easter (Good Friday) and Rose again on Easter Sunday.
Love brought him to earth, he had all of heaven but choose to come to die to save man from sin.

I love Easter, not just because of Easter eggs and hot cross buns, but because I am reminded of God's wonderful gift of love, His Son, Jesus.

As we remember his death and resurrection do not let it become same old time of the year of having a few days off work, pause and think and give thanks for love came down and saved us.

Happy Easter

17 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

She takes on many task for the joy it brings
Chores no one else would do
Her days can be described as fun, chaotic, sometimes manic.
She polishes her wares,
Decorates her home
Adores her kids in their finest
Mums the word
When it's cold or hot
She remains steadfast
The glue which holds her home together
She can be whatever she wants
She can be stern, soft, loving, forgiving, gentle, rough, playful, skillful, all these and more.

Some call her mum, other mama, others mother. God mother, step mother, If you are in any if this categories Happy mother's day

Her smiles are reassuring
Like a rain bow after a storm
Her appearance gives confidence.
On a hot summer's day,
her arms offer a refreshingly cool embrace.
Mornings are happier with her warm bowl of porridge
Evenings made better with her soup of pumpkin and apple pie.
Mothers, without them the world will cease to be, mothers are the center of our world, with them we are reminded of God's love for us.

When I think of sunshine I think of you, your smile warms up the room
When I need peace I run to you,
Your words of encouragement fills me with hope
Your loving admonishment endears you to many,
Your kind and gentle ways has begotten you many sons and daughters
When I think of fun I remember you.
You are full of joy, hope, love and life.
You are my world mum I love you more each day.
Your presence Filled our hearts and home with love.

13 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

The cold wind blows,
frost bites as temperature plunge, dentures shiver, Knees quiver.
Eyes are misted from icy blast,
Smiles frozen in winter's grip
Yet my heart is warmed within.
Not with a hot pot, or warming porridge, even though they help
But by Loves warm touch and embrace.

In her smile I see purity
In her grip I sense no fear
In her delight I see innocence
In her embrace I see joy
In her talk I see honesty
In her looks I see awe
In her cries I see tenderness
In her quietness I see beauty
in her existence I see trust
In her calm I see truth
In her sleep I see peace
In her wakefulness I see rest

No wonder we are told except we are like little children.

In what way can you be a child again?

Happy Valentein's Day

Love's colours painted the sky
It's deep and inviting
Love's note played on a string
It's pure, it's a tune of sweet melody
Love's look is one of grace
Looking beyond my faults and loving me still
Love's quest is to set me free from guilt,
Beautifying my heart with it's assurance and peace
Love's presence is to hold me in it's embrace, never letting go even when I try to break free.
love's kisses is one of pure delight, ignoring my past and embracing my unworthiness
Love's beloved is me, place me on a pedestal, dressed in royal robes, decorated in mercy, covered in grace and locked forever in his grip.

Never get tired of loving, never get tired of giving and forgiving, let the capacity of your heart be so big that you can take anything,and never get tired of showing you care.......Happy Valentine's Day.


Friends are the warmth of a cold winter's day,
The gentle breeze on autumn's morning
The gentle glow of a receding sun, a reminder of the day's warmth and beauty
A friend's call makes a difference when hope is weaning
Their presence is felt even when they are miles away, because they've left a lasting feeling in the heart,
A friend is near, even when far, a friend calls, amidst the busyness of live,
The love of one's friend, never weans when circumstances changes but grows and remains strong
it is not silent, but actively lived out,
It's not abusive, but abounds when it's convenient and when it's not.
A friends love takes no advantage, but covers a fault.
It's always forgiving, never using, never accusing, but reproves in love.
Always near and always seen.
Imagine what the world would be like if we all are this kind of friends......
Happy Valentine's Day.

4 February 2012


Weeks and months before the royal wedding of 2011, the media bombarded us with their analysis of both families. I got tired of it and wondered how the D day would be. It came and went, the bit I saw was lovely I must say.

This got me thinking about another royalty, as a child of God we are royalty, we are a royal pristhood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, joint heirs with Christ. This entitles us to heaven's best. Just like our earthly royals.

Have you noticed that the royals act in a certain way?
Their talk, walk, and associations are closely scrutinized. One step out of turn and they are summoned by Buckingham palace and crucify by the public.
Being a representative of the royal family, certain behaviours and attitudes are expected of them. Same is true of a child of God.

We are expected to act in a certain way,
Speak in a certain way
Carry ourselves with grace and humble pride.
Be compassionate, charitable, be ambassadors of the family we represent. (our heavenly home).
Only visit certain places
Court the friendship of certain people.
Dress in a certain way.
The list is endless.

Sometimes I think life as a royal is pretty tough, history is littered with fallen, disgraced royals who dare try to act like a "commoner". It cost some the throne, others their lives......

It is a shame that for most professed Christians, none of these traits can be associated with us, we talk like one, look like one, but act the opposite.

Those who professed to be Christians, the world is watching and they can smell fake a millimetre away, and are ready to plunge their knives at the first opportunity just to prove we aren't all we say we are.

So, are you born or adopted into it, .

It is a life of beauty one decorated with wealth,
an existence which demands standards, one which sets me apart.....
I strive not to be one
I am one.
Not from spoken words, though they count,
But in my looks, my hand shake, eye contact
My poise -and carriage.
Places I go
My associations,,,,,,,
I may fall short from time to time
But being mindful of who I am
Helps me live my life as a "Royal".

Are you one?

Think on these things.
What sets you apart as a Christian?
Is it what you say? Or do? or both?