26 March 2015

The next 3 days

And his hands were pierced 
The nails went through his flesh reaching his veins, cutting tissues and ligaments, 
They tore through, blood gushed out. 
Each piercing was a piercing at his heart
His was a cry of agony and utter despair
And his feet were nailed, each thud was felt deep in his soul and also by His father 
Each nail caused his heart to rise and fall
As he was whipped, each spike ripped through his skin, peeling removing and rendering it a deep wound. 

And his head had a crown 
Each thorn dug deep into his scull 
Each pull, cut through veins, blood poured out covering his face, making him unsightly.   
And he was pulled
Spat on
Laughed at
Tugged at
On the road to death, he was deserted. 
And his death felt lonely.... 
He died as silence fell across the land, 
and the story continues... 

Man breaths 
the earth wait 
silence greets the skies
Even His enemies waited as
Earth's flame went out 
For the expectation of what might be, 
The 3 days felt like 3 years, 

the sea was calm, 
His disciples hid and morn his death
Silent grips the land as 
Gloom embraces the earth.
Man waited through the next 3 days. 

15 March 2015

My Quest as a Mother.

As I observe my kids daily, My love for them grows bigger and better, beyond my imagination. I know that they love me just as much. What amazes me about them is their readiness to forgive or forget so easily after I reprimand them. I know they are still kids, but I am still amazed by it all. In its purest form, a child's love can be viewed as perfect love, the kind that we should all strive to attain. This genuineness and simplicity of their love is beautiful to observe.

However, there is danger in this kind of love as the unassuming nature of a sweet child can but should never be misinterpreted. Sadly, stories of abuse abound of one of God's helpless creature being tortured, misused maltreated. 

My quest as a mother is to nurture this love, not abuse it, 
To be grateful for the opportunity to experience this love, not misuse it. 
To cherish and give it wings to flourish, not to suppress it. 
This is my quest as a mother. 

I want my kids to grow up and keep a part of this kind of love
To be a steady example of kindness, fairness, love, patience, 
To live a life worthy of emulating 
My aim is to show them that it's ok to be wrong and accept forgiveness while giving the same
To hate in justice and work for what is good
To feed their mind while nourishing their physical bodies, 
To show them that when their love is rejected, it's nothing to do with them and to 
know that love can be found again. 
To help them be better human beings in every way

I know that as kids they love and want anything that gives them the feeling of being happy, they want anything sweet and chocolatey. This not what happiness is about, I 
To make them know that happiness  and their true worth is not in who their friends are or In their jobs, their social standing, or how wealthy they are, none is it in the things they have or can get. 
But true worth can be found in helping the needy and finding their true purpose in life, in this they can experience real joy, and sense of worth. 

I ask God for the strength to help me do this. 
This is my quest, my job, my mandate and my manifesto as a mother. 

Happy Mother's Day. 

11 March 2015


Mathew 26:48-49

We know from the Bible that Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, it was known to Jesus what Judas was going to do, yet he did not pull him up about it. In fact he sat down to super with Him and publicly spoke about it, without pointing a finger at Judas. 

While he prayed for the cup to be removed He knew about the betrayer. Yet pleaded with his father not to go through with the plan of his death. He knew his father could have chosen another route to rescue man from sin, so he prayed, father please take this up from me. Luke 22:41-44
He could have also called Judas to a quiet place and ask him not to go through with his betrayal, he could have asked Judas to stop and consider what he was about to do. But he did not. 

Why did he not stop Judas? The man who would give him away sat at the same room and ate from the same table with him daily yet he did nothing about it. 
He even called him friend and asked him to do what he must do!!! Shocking !!! . Mathew 26:50
He did not stop Judas because he knew It was not in Judas hands to stop what was destined by the Father to happen. He knew the father had given all things to him and that he was from God and went to God. John 13:3.

What can you grasp from this? Can you relate with this? We are often faced with choices of our own regarding whom or where to go during trying times, usually in such situations there are obvious answers, just like Judas seemed the obvious choice for Jesus to approach. 

Sometimes God appears so remote that we do not see him as the obvious one to approach. We may also not be ready to receive his answer to our request which may not be what we want to hear and just as he did with His only Son Jesus, our request may be met with silence. So we approach the obvious source or try to figure it out on our own. Because it's far more easier to seek solutions or answer from the obvious. 

Jesus did not do this because he knew what the father's will for him was and he was willing for it to be done, even though he knew it will be painful and would cost him his life. 

Just like Jesus, know the God's will for your situation, let him be your first recourse not your last resource after you've tried to sort it out your way. 
When we allow his will to be done and go through a painful experience we will come out victorious at the end. 
This is the story of Calvary, one of victory, of triumph and joy.  

He paved the way with his blood
The path of righteousness made clean by his death
So we travel life's journey on the road 
made ready for us

We endure difficult turns
And navigate rugged terrain, 
Knowing we walk in triumphant steps
Which will lead us to victory.