29 February 2008


Everything I need and more.

A hunger that is satisfied by your love
My search for acceptance ended by your touch,
You are everything a child wants in a mother and more
The sight of you is refreshing
Thoughts of you are comforting
Your voice a soothing sound from pain.
Mother, you are everything I want and more
A gift of roses, I can give
Of diamond and precious stones
And of wealth untold, I can bequeath on you
But a pledge to you I make today,
To love, honour and cherish you
For mother, you are everything I need and more.

Happy Mother’s day.

© Deboo Feburary 2008

26 February 2008

Sweet taste of success


I recently received the results of an exam I sat for in December. I had forgotten all about it, and so didn’t realise they were out. For some strange reasons I suddenly remembered that I was still awaiting the results, Panic and fear gripped me. With heart racing and pulse pounding I raced downstairs, and with shaking hands, eyes closed I logged on to view the results. How strange you will say, “Logging on with eyes closed” trust me I did. I waited for a few seconds and slowly peeped at the screen and glaring at me was the word “PASS”. PhotobucketThat was all I needed, the fear was gone replaced by a feeling of satisfaction and real joy, but most of all I was relieved as it meant one step closer to my goal. This got me thinking about success, and the process leading up to it. Success is sweet once attained, but the road that leads up to it is littered with perspiration and palpitation.

PhotobucketIt is not hard work alone that produces result but persistent and dedication are key ingredients, staying the course and giving one’s best at each given task, will without fail yield an expected end.

So straight from my heart is this piece..... I hope you too will stay the course of whatever endeavour, adventure you are pursuing, because there is a possibility that a “pass” will leave the sweet taste of success in your mouth......

Sensational rhythms
Detailed steps
Upward ascension euphoria of happiness
Achievement attained is the reward for pain endured
Leaving behind the sweet taste of success

Measureless victories
Immeasurable success of nights of sweat and toil
Now turned into Joy,
Is the sweet taste of success

© Deboo February 2008

21 February 2008

In The Stillness of The Night

This piece is to encourage you, if you are going through tough times right now, and it appears all hope is lost, look up, there is still hope. Don’t give up on your dreams, though long the night may seem, surely there will be a break of day.

Serenade yourself with thoughts of peace and assurance as you take one more step into your destiny, muster all the hope and courage you can and try again, for beyond in the distance lies your heart felt desires!

So straight from my heart, this is for everyone who feels that they can’t go on….. hush! For in the stillness of the night you will be stripped of all fears……,


The stillness of night,
Brings a hush to her heart

She hung her head in quite ponder at what the night holds
For her day has been endless toil

Wishing for stars she peeps out,
O what beauty
To behold the wonder spread across the skies
Shining brightly on her restless soul

In the still of the night she waits
Thinking, this could the moment longed for
When eyelids gives way to the lure of sleep

But No! She fears the unknown
Beyond and the grip of darkness!

But slowly the power of a restful sleep grips,
Overriding fears that binds!

Gently she awoke to the brightness of another day
Thoughts of the night griped her, fear assailed,
She smiled at the thought of the star a comforting sight,
That brought peace to her soul

Ah! Though the stars are gone,
A ray of hope lies in the distance She could smile---- for in the stillness of the night,
She was strip of all fears!


© Deboo February 2008

11 February 2008

It Was for me.


It was for me the journey began,
On a hollow night when the angel came and foretold of his birth.

Long ago it seems that a moment in time
has now become the story for all eternity.

It is the story of a mother’s pain,
Of desires birth, and of destiny fulfilled
of lives redeemed

Redeemed! Bought with a price of crimson red flow
Striped of pain past and future faults
It is for a sinner made pure,
That he was arrayed, tortured, beaten and hung

Judged by creature, created by him
But for whom he wore a garment stained by their deeds
And for whom a crown of thorns
Hung from his head and nails of sorrow pieced his hands

It was for me that the journey continues
At the dawn of day,
When the quaking began, shaking loose the chains that held the tomb shut
For alas! The deed is done
A price is paid, the verdict is returned
Death is swallowed up in victory!

It was for me, he died
and got up from the grave!

© Deboo Feb 2008

Consuming Flame


A lot has been said about Valentine’s Day, some are of the opinion that it should be scraped, others think it has become commercialised, true..... I have read things like kill valentine’s, away with it and so on, but what is wrong about celebrating love? It may be true that Valentine’s Day and the period leading to it has been commercialised, but isn’t that the more reason we should honestly celebrate love?

I believe that Valentine’s Day and every day is an opportunity for us to reach out and show love to all around us, and to give selflessly.

Like an ornament of grace around my neck is your love to me
I drink from the streams of your love for it flows freely
I am immersed in the splendour of your beauty
My heart is stirred up at the mention of you
Come away with me my love to our secret rendezvous
Where we will lie and day dream all day
Come with me to the place were stolen waters are sweet and
Where kisses given in secret are pleasant
Lie upon my bosom and instruct me with the knowledge of your love
It'll be to me as choice silver and as pure gold
Let the flame of your love
Burn intensely consuming my every realm
Melting us into one
Reflecting and conforming to the image of ourselves

© Deboo Feb 2008

10 February 2008

I'll Bring You Roses

PhotobucketIt's certainly getting busier and busier as the much awaited valentine day approaches, the rush contiunes with buying of gifts, trying to go one better than last year...., sending and receiving flowers.... I love fresh flowers, I especially love arranging them in a beautiful vase in a coner of my home, it gives a refreshing welcome when I come home.

I read the other day that, the most popular flowers sent out at valentine are Roses.... florist are swamped with orders for roses of different colours and sizes.

Well, I've decided to send you, my valentine friend, a rose .Photobucket...... straight from my heart. Enjoy

A fine fragrance, of incense and spices
Of colours too intense to ignore
Too subtle to describe
Is the colour of the rose I’ll bring you

It springs forth with tones, but nay it unfolds with sweet smells of
Pure delight.
Of many colour on display
Is the rose I’ll bring you my friend.

I’ll bring you a rose when you are down
For its colours will brighten your day!

I’ll bring you a rose when you are lonely
For its fragrance will comfort you

I’ll bring you a rose in winter time
For its display will warm your heart

I’ll bring you a rose in summer time
For its glow will bring you peace

A rose is for every season
And regardless of its colour
I’ll bring you a rose my friend
In the colour of love!

© Deboo Feb 2008

4 February 2008

Hope in Love

Valentine is here again, a season to love and be loved, but sadly for some it is the most dreaded day of the year as it conjures memories of things better forgotten.

Some may have been hurt in the past or lost a love they thought they had, or simply feel very lonely as that special person is not close by. But there is hope in love, if you are one of those feeling “not again”, because you’ll feel left out. Don’t be, look around you, valentine is not just for lovers or spouses, it is for everyone. It is for you, start planning what you will do not just on that day but days leading to it. Pamper yourself, call you sister, or brother, mum or dad, a close mate and hook up, they too can be your special valentines and you never know you might just make somebody feel special.

And if you still feel lonely after all that, look up there is hope in love! So straight from my heart is a wish that you will hope in love as we enter the seasons of love.

Affection given
Tenderly holding a gaze
Passion ebbs from the look he can see
Giving meaning to his every existence
Not of lust he sort but of a meaning of true worth he craves
And now he has found
The one true meaning of his existence
In that gaze, that holds him captive.

Hearts reunited in hope….
That a longing can be satisfied
In one moment of silence commune
In that which is unspoken....
Yet resounding loudly with it’s intend
Satisfyingly refreshing is the aura it brings

Not of love
For it’s indescribable,
Not of words for it defies meaning
Not of desires for it doesn’t end
But of lives woven and entwined
In all that embodies love…..
Giving meaning to his existence
That there is hope in love.

© Deboo February 2008