30 December 2011

An End in Sight..... What to Look Forward to in 2012

This year is and has finally come to an end. One of the headlines today read"what to look forward to, in the world of books, films, music, theatre and art".

O what a year, one of roller coaster, on one hand it has been a year of economic woes, natural desasters, (Tunamis, earth quakes, floods), personal misfortunes, bereavements, sicknesses, loss of loved ones, unfulfilled dreams, near attainments, hopes dashed.

On the other hand It has been a year of successes, attainments, fulfilled dreams, finding lost friends/family, reuniting with loved ones, building relationships.

I think for some of us it's been a mixture of both happiness and saddness, for others the failures or misfortunes out weights the good fortunes, this may cause you to dispair and think there's nothing to look forward to in 2012.
For others, it may have been 50/50, this may cause them to be passive in 2012, and have a ke Sara attitude, yet for some like me, their good fortunes far outweighed the misfortunes which occurred in 2011. This gives me hope for 2012 I am expectant and thankful. And looking forward to more blessings in the coming year.

Regardless of the category you find yourself, what are you looking forward to in the coming year, Straight from my heart is this encouragement to you.

Have renewed zeal for the coming year. One of hope not tarnished by adversity,
Though On wobbled stepsyou may have climb,
Fix your gaze upward. ,
Press on ward in spite of set backs.
Inspired by past successes and be buoyed on by what can be if We stay the cause.
I see colors of hope painted in my future, within my grasp is all that is good and new, I will walk and work as the dawn of 2012 beckons to
a year of possibilities and opportunities.

Happy 2012.

19 December 2011

Be Merry...and show love

Christmas is just days away, I am so excited because I have my gift already, our precious daughter. Seeing the expression on her face as she looks at the lights and decoration is priceless.

Each Christmas, we give cards and little tokens of thanks to those who are not our friends, people who we don't often say anything to but who are very useful to us on a daily and weekly basis. There are also people for whom Christmas will not be fun for one reason or another, they may have lost their jobs, a loved one, suffered an illness or are away from loved ones. Spare a thought for these souls as you tuck into your dinner this Christmas.

Some people pay lip service to loving others, but do go a step further,

Do look for and identify someone who might' be alone or not have the means for Christmas dinner, and invite or spend time with them.
Statistic shows that more than at any other time of the year, the period leading up to and after Christmas is the saddest and loneliest for some.

Look around you, who can you invite over, or spend time with? Apart from sending our usual Christmas card, we can seek out someone truely in need and give them a gift of what they need.

Let this indeed be a season to be jolly as you trolly down the aisle,
Swish and sway as you put on the glittery lights, and hum to merrily on high.
Say pause and watch, some may need your kind presence or gesture as a gift.
And when the season is ended, gifts exchanged and forgotten,
let one gift stand out,,,

that of your self in making someone's Christmas truly merry, by the gift of your love.

23 November 2011


I often get all sorts of mail, one mail in particular always opens like this. You've been selected for one of these gifts, £150, £500, and up to £10,000 cash, but there is a catch, register to receive our credit. Card or make a minimum purchase of £100 from us and be on our mailing list, some of these mails are from companies I know others are not. The catch phrase  headline is always the award, while the conditions stay hidden. 
Sometimes you'll be told you've won an amount, but to collect your price you have to call a premium  number which will cost a lot of money. So nothing is as free as it seems there is always a catch. 
This got me thinking, why is the catch hidden? Why isn't that the main thing since what you've got to do is what guarantees the price?
Well they know most people will be attracted by the lure of an award.

Same with our adversary the devil, he often package his price in the lure of good things. He never tells you there's a bitter price to pay when you fall for his tricks, his sole aim is to get us first, then when we are deeply in his grip, we find it difficult to get out. 
What are you being tempted with today? Look critically at what you've yielded to and if you have fallen for his dirty tricks, come out you don't have to stay there. 
Are you in the grip of sexual addiction, achololism, food, work, excessive spending or other lure? Ask God to help you get out of it's grip. 
And be on alert for the tempting offers draped in attractive prices. If it's too good to be true it probably is. 

25 October 2011

Lose Your Grip

As I watched the capture of Gaddafi, the question which came to mind was why didn't he quit? Why don't they all quit, these dictators of decades. What is is about the position that makes them hang on even to dead.
Power? They already have,
fame, they have, wealth, they have. My opinion is, they lack security. Despite the power, wealth, fame, etc, they cling on because that's their identity. It's what empowers them. Strip that and they are empty. This is why they stay on even till death.
They all had the choice of leaving honorably having ruled for so long, but no they choose to died the death of a criminal.
Lesson learnt. What are you clinging on to? You refused to let go despite all the signs and pressure to lose your hold.
Are you hanging on in the Belive that you will come out victorious? Are you certain of victory? Why don't you take a look at the issue again, is it worth dying the death of a fool?
If you've given the issue your very best and the pressure is on to quit, do so honorably. Leave while the ovation is loudest.
Find a worthy cause to give your effort to if you feel you will lose your ID by relinquishing control.

Are you hanging on to a relationship which is dead from all indications in the hope that it will get better? Pray about it, examine it again and decide on a course of action, let go.
Are you in a career which is going no where, and drowning under the pressure to hang on? Throw in the towel and leave.
We could be hanging on to failed dreams, worthless ideas, friendship, empty promises. Whatever it maybe, take a bow and leave.
Seek to do things better and achieve greater success as you prayerfully make your decision to move on and reinvent your goals, dreams ambitions.
Take hold of faith as you purposefully move on.
See a new dawn beckons and fly away as you envision brighter days, years and life ahead.
Shake loose the dust of the past and embrace the scent of success in the present.

27 September 2011

Reaching Out

I reach out when I am wrong and when I am in the right: I do this for several reasons one of which is to maintain a relationship, if I think the relationship is worth maintaining. The other is to keep the peace. I read some where that it takes a mature soul to extend a hand of truce even when they are right.

I have often wondered why people insist on destroying a good relationship because they feel they’ve been wrongly done by. Even if you are in the right and someone has wronged you, if the relationship is one that was previously healthy, you can reach out even if you think you are the one who has been wronged.

I think a lot of the problem we face today in our world can be resolved if people are willing to say I am sorry, I was wrong, or just simply apologise just to make amends and keep a friend or a make a friend out of a foe. (no, we don’t want to be though fools, we have to get even, show them who we are).

But no, we insist on our own, we want apologise and the worse thing is that even when we get an apology we just can’t be bothered because we often have made up our minds as to how we want the relationships.

I can happily say I have good friends in my life and regardless of who is wrong or right I have decided to always extend a hand of reconciliation if there is a disagreement. Sadly some of those I call friends have bit off my hand by ignoring my hand of peace, either by refusing to acknowledge it or say point blank that they’ll rather not continue the relationship.. I admire the second group of people because they are bold enough to speak their mind, (/Sadly no one actually fall into this group, most fall into the first category).

Do you fall in the first category, I huge you be bold and speak your mind. If you want to end a relationship say so, directly, not in riddles, but I’ll rather you reach out and give a hand of hope, love, and reconciliation no matter what.. Especially if you feel the relationship is worth it.
Now, you may have some good reasons to want to opt out, do so, but not with malice. Who knows where you may be in years to come. If you end a friendship so easily then it didn’t mean anything to you in the first place, regardless of our reasons. Ending a relationship should be like breaking up a marriage, difficult and with so much pain. Yes people go through divorce, but I don’t think it is an easy decision, no matter the reason for doing so.

What happened to turning the other cheek if you are slapped? Being a peacemaker, being merciful, being meek…….

If we truly seek peace and pursue it, half the world's problem will be resolve.

So straight from my heart is this peace encouraging you to
Reach out whenever, wherever, however,
Take a turn of love when all else fails,
Walk the path which leads to peace

Reach out even when you are right and when you are wrong
Spun your heart to the object of your affection and be all that’s noble
Be decent in thought for within lies eternal joy, peace and life

In moments of pain reach out,
As a flower bloom, and gloom fills the glove,
Be the glow that puts light back on

Reach out to a child in need, a friend who stays away
A hurting mother
A wronged sister
An absent father
An unforgiving brother
A Stray husband
When everything fails draw strength from one who reached out to you when you where still in sin and died for you.
Reach out for in extending your hand, you may ignite hope in one who is tasty for hope and desperate for love. Reach out.

7 September 2011


Stir me up to hope and wrap myself in the essence of your existence
Lift me up to see and take in the beauty of the image of you I image myself to be.
Spawn me on to Live in the reality of you when your glow diminishes, as dreams become slow to accomplish.
Propel me to the place where you become magnify above all else.
As I remain anchored to the reality of you.

When hope deems and vision fades, be the glow that keeps faith alive, when my dream seem unattainable, be the reality that makes the wait rewarding and endurable.

Turn my eyes upward looking to you
Let all around me fade as you become magnified
Satisfy my longing soul with food from your storehouse
Remove the mist which cloud your presence
Let the essence of you become real as I bow to you in worship.

31 July 2011

Total Abandoment.

Every thing changes, really?

I am a mom? Woohoo!!! And I am loving it. Sleepless nights, poo? Cries? All piece of cake. Yuke, some may say, but it borders me not.

Being a mun reminds me of another father, our Heavenly Father.
Here are a few things I do which reminds me of God's love.

I meet every need of my daughter as much as I can
I turn/respond whenever she cries
I try to guess what her needs are, I anticipate them in order to meet them
I stay awake when she's awake
I sleep light now she's here

I some times turn up the volume of my music when I am taking my well deserved rest so that her cries won't disturbe me, while my mum looks after her.

As hard as it is, I sometimes do stuff which I believe is for her good. I.e, let her sleep in her cot, so that she gets use to sleeping there, even though she sometimes doesn't want to, get her to go at least 2.3 to 3 hours before her feed, sometimes I feed her when she needs.

Play with her, talk to her and smile at her.
Without giving too much away these are some of the delights I enjoy with her.

This is frail me, finite human with failings. My daughter is totally dependent on me. This is what God wants of us, that we are totally abandoned to him, totally, no ifs or buts, no figuring things out on our own.

There are some processes he may decide to take us through, for our own good. Just like me trying to get my four weeks old daughter to sleep in her crib is for her own good. It's hard on me to see her cry. So too it's hard for our father to see us go through pain, but as long as the end result is achieved, the process is necessary.
God does not fall asleep like I do and wakes up when I cry or call, non does he takes his eyes off us to attend to some bigger world problems like the famine in Somalia or the tusuami or the massacre in Norway sad as these events are, he values you as much as them.
All he ask of you is that you trust him.

He doesn't take a break and hand us over to someone else, like I do, to look after because he needs a break. He doesn't need a break, he doesn't take one because he is the almighty, he is ever present to meet our every need. Now, that's reassuring.

My little girl trust me without knowing it, her cries and demands are with expectations. Imagine what will happen if we have such trust in our Heavenly Father. I am learning to do that, now that I have a child. Abandoned trust have a new meaning.

So straight from my heart is this post to encourage you to be abandoned to him, in the good and bad times, when you can't figure out how your future will turn out and when you can, when difficult situation seems to be a constant in you your life, when winter lingers even though it's suppose to be summer months, trust, trust, trust, he's got your case sorted and it won't be long before he shows up.

Lord, i want to be like a little child before you. Totally trusting, abandoned to your purpose and perfect will. And when at times I have to go through pain, help me know you are working it out for my good.

With Love

25 June 2011

The Emperor's Friend

The Emperor's friend.

Was there a time in your life you did some thing or anything to please anyone? A friend, sibling, a parent, a colleague, for fear of loosing the relationship or gaining favor. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will agree that we've all done so and do so daily, weather it's giving in to a spouses demand, a child's plea, putting up with the unreasonable request of a sibling or nasty attitude of a friend. 

I believe that whatever we tolerate we allow or give permission to continue, regardless of our intention and in allowing or tolerating unreasonable behavior we crucify something else, our ability to excise control, decent behavior, integrity, honesty and  all that's good .

We may not know it and may think we are doing the right thing by caving in therefore avoiding conflict, but what  we are doing is giving our seal of approval for bad behaviour to continue. 

In John 19, we see this behaviour in
Pilate. He  was reluctant to crucify Jesus, but he was not ready to lose the friendship of the emperor. Choosing rather to crucify all that's good and true.  yes it was part of God's grand plan, but God's plan would still have come to pass had he decided to do the tight thing.

While Pilate's act was part of God's plan, and we can see the result today. can we say that of our actions or inability to take a stand?if it's part of God's plan, can we point to one positive outcome as a result of our action.
What's the effect on us, others, in allowing and encouraging bad behavior? 

You may remain the emperor's friend, but lose your integrity. if you fail to take a stand. 

So i urge you to be bold and take a stand against all that's evil, if that means losing a friend, sibling, colleague, or anybody else, (all some form of emperor) because an emperor is an important person, so be it. 
 But remember evil  trives when good refuses to flourish.  
So i urge you straight from my heart is this piece encouraging you to flourish, grow, be decisive, daring without demanding,
Firm without being incorrigible
Helpful without being proud
Bold without being boastful. 
Active without being awful.
Caring without being spiteful.
Remain bless as you decide whose side you want to be on. 

6 June 2011

Have faith and Trust God.

One of the things that affects our faith is our constant questioning of God. Why God, why, when God, when.
We need to get to the point where we stop questioning and start to trust unreservedly. Because we don’t live by explanations but by holding on to the promises of God, through faith, believing it will come to pass in our life.
I have come to learn that there is no such thing as trusting without waiting, we have to trust God with the when and the how and forget about the why.

According to Joyce Meyers, it is important to remain hopeful as long as you are alive, through the toughest days of your existence, if you don’t give up hope, you will enjoy everyday life.

She also says that any time, we want something so bad that we absolutely cannot be happy without it, we probably want it more that we should.
That’s actually what lust is about. Not just a sexual desire, it is wanting anything too much. If God is first in my life, I don’t have to let what I want destroy my joy.
I will just go on believing that God knows the desires of my heart and will bring it to pass in HIS time.

We have to get outside of our little box of issues, problems, disappointments, delays, obstacles, sadness and say to God what I really want is you.
Give me the grace to be happy without the things I am looking for, after all he said his grace is sufficient for us and that with him comes all that we are looking for, (blessed be God who has given us all things to enjoy in Christ Jesus), so the secret is to be in Christ first. So seeking him first guarantees us all things. Yes it may not come when you want it, but he’s on time.

Our joy comes from being in the perfect will of God, not from having a job, because we want one,
Having a spouse, because we want one
Having a home, because we want one, the list is endless.
It is living in his purpose and will as stated in His word.
Only then can we know that we are justified, if we live by faith.

So Straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you that as you embark on this journey towards trusting God implicitly, may you live each day in joy, taking your place in the city of praise.
Setbacks may occur, brought on to pull you down, but though the clouds gather, it may not always pour down with rain, the clouds may roll back to make way for the glorious sunshine of his grace and even when the rain does pour, perhaps with its droplets are showers of blessings.

Let the drops refresh you and renew you for the next season.

24 May 2011


I don't like surprises. So when I became pregnant I was pretty sure that no one would be able to pull a surprise baby shower for me. I set out to find out if anyone is planning one. My mind was set on a particular week and I knew my sister and husband will be in on the act. I went to work on my sister since it can’t happen without their knowledge, no need to work on my husband he won't crack, but I tried all the tricks in the book to get my sister to talk, she almost did, but still gave nothing away. Needless to say that on the day itself, I was not only surprised, but shocked.
How, when, who? Planned it all? In my own home! It was a brilliant move and a beautiful day. I don't tear easily but the tears came pouring out.
I was not only surprised by the surprise, but by the warmth, love and atmosphere on the day. I couldn't believe that so many friends took the time out to gather on my account. I was truly touched.

No matter how much we prepare or second guess the future, surprises have a way of showing up. Some good, some bad, some pleasant some unpleasant. We may do all we know to do to plan against a surprise, but just like my baby shower, you may still be shocked/surprised by an event or someone's attitude.
My prayer for you is that just like my shower was pleasant, may God surprise you immensely. With good things, may your expectations be met, your joy over flow, health restored and hope renewed.

Even with your best effort at second guessing God's goodness, may he blow your cotton socks off when that which you have waited for and expect becomes a reality, as he exceed all your expectations.

So I urge you to enjoy the moment as you wait for God to show up in your situation. His surprises are always pleasant.

24 April 2011

Setback To Comeback

We've had one of the toughest winter in a 100 years. The effect of the winter months is evident in our garden, our once plush and beautiful patch looks like a drought land. Plants dead, those still alive are weak and would require a lot of work to get them back to life. 
Our gardener who is my hubby (oops)!  has already started planning for the recovery. 

So how do you recover after a set back. Do you sit back in misery and wish the set back never happened, do you go on a Blame game?  

Instead of doing all these, plan your come back. Yes disaster has struck, ask yourself what you can do to aid your come back. 
Who, where, can you get help from, what help is available? 
What can you do physically or otherwise to remedy the set back. 

As I watch my hubby tend the garden, I also observe the changes taking place. He dug up dead plants and replaced them with new ones, some old plants are springing back to life, he laid some bark, feed and watered. more is still needed to get it back to what it was or better. But the important thing is that there is beauty again as the garden makes a come back. 

You took can make a come back if you are willing to get to work regardless of the set back you've had. 

So on this resurrection day, remember Jesus made a come back from a set back, draw from the strength his resurrection brings,
 dig out and throw away old habits, replant néw seeds of love, tenacity and rekindle old and good traits.

A set back can be a spring board for a comeback, a lunch pad to hope again, dream again and believe in possibilities. 

So unless you are willing to do what it takes, you will not attain your desired end. 

When toss about by the waves of adversity, look within you, rekindle hope for there is a new dawn waiting to birth after the tide has receded. 

25 March 2011


Make me know you,
Like I really should
Help me love you
And others too

Keep my eyes upward looking
Let no gile or bitterness in me be seen.
Let flow from my heart,
Thoughts, that when reveal
Will stand justify
For they are pure indeed.
Draw me from the well of deep despair and dread.
Let me know the calm of your sweet gentle touch

Sieve me through the eyes of love's true quest
Let me come to thee undefiled, pure and washed.

13 March 2011

The Waiting Season

As I ponder over the the times in my life when I've had to wait for several prayers to be answered, I came across this piece which brought home the point. I hope you find strenght in God as I did during your waiting season.

Joseph sat on the cold prison floor. Two years he had been there. He thought of his loyal service to the Lord, his honesty to the Eyptian master, and now his strange, reward.
He arose, his body weak from lack of exercise and long confinement. His brother's faces came to mind. "Shalt thou indeed reign over us?" Their contemptuour laughter seemed to echo off the prison walls. Yet, the Lord had sent the dream, the Lord Has promised. He'll wait.

Abraham climbed the hill until he stood squinting against the sun, He looked out over the wide plains, the highlands and the valleys.
Countless times he had looked over this land and had believed and had waited. He thought of Sarah, her womb long since dead. Ridicule taunted him, but his face remained unchanged.
"I will make thee a great nation...."
"I will multiply thee exceedingly....... lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son."
Turning his gray head agains the sun, he walked slowly down the hill. The wait continues.

"Mary, we must make a trip to Bethlehem," jaseph said gently. He looked at her body great with child. Mary rode quietly on the donkey. The trip had been hard, a strange ride for one who was carrying the Son of God. As they neared Bethlehem, the road thickened with people.
"It's going to be hard to find a place to stay," some one said to Joseph. But Mary carried the Son of God. Surely, there would be a room for the Son of God!

Mary recalled the gossip about her when Joseph married her. "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee.... and that Holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God."
The people of Nazareth had not believe that. Would the travelers on the road believe her to be the mother of their King?
"(You) shalt bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son fo the Highest....."
Many hours later, Joseph admitted, "Mary, there are no rooms. I'll ask about a stable."
Here? In a stable? Mary's eyes, scanned the dirt floor, the drafty walls. Were would she put him, on the harsh straw? Was it truly the Son of God she bore?
She lay quietly and waited.

The day before Pharaoh called for Joseph to interpret his dreams was as uneventful as the hundreds of days that had preceded it.
The day before Sarah told Abraham that she carried a child resembled the hundreds of days before it.
And until Mary looked down into the face of the infant Jesus, God's promises seemed still unfulfilled.

When the heavens seem brass, and God's hand refuses to move, when each day begins and ends with no answers, this is the waiting season. The season when one can bring great glorly to God or great shame, depending on how one waits.

"Gospel Trumpeter"

14 February 2011


It's Valentine's day today.

Happy Valentine's day to all my wonderful friends and family spread across the globe.

it's a day set side for love. This got me thinking about the greatest love a person can have for another?. According to John 15:13, the greatest love a person can have for his friend is to give his life for them. We know of one who did that for us and for this we are eternally grateful.

Question? Can/have you given your life for anyone? I can picture the look of surprise on your face. I don't mean like Jesus did. Have you ever gone without so that someone else can have?

The following are in my opinion, examples of giving up of one's live for a friend and i salute you if you have ever given up anything for anyone.

If you've had to hold back on your dream to ensure that a love one gets to fulfil their's.

If you've had to look after your frail parent despite the financial difficulty involved.

If you've given your home or a space in your home to accommodate someone in need.

If you've had to relocate to another country in search of greener pastures in hope of a better life for your love ones you've left behind.

If you've had to give up your education so that your siblings can have an education.

If you've given up your job, to be a full time carer to a sick friend, parent, sibling or neighbour.

If you've had to give up the comfort of your own home, job and time to care for the sick and wounded in deserter zone.

If you constantly have to give your time to serve your local community, your church, your, family/friends

The list is endless, if you can't fine yourself in this list look at your life and at any selfless act of kindness you've shown another and thank the Good Lord for enabling you to be of help.

Celebrate yourself today because you've demonstrated the greatest love a person can give in being selfless.

11 February 2011

Love's frequency

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the buzz which usually surrounds the shopping mall, city centres and news media as we approach Valentine's day seems to be low key this year.
One of the reasons I think is that people are wiser and are no longer swayed by the lure of offers during this time of the year.
Another reason I believe, is that people are more cautious with their finances given the current economic climate and are thinking of other ways to show their love ones they do care and love them rather than through the usual obvious means suggested by the media.

While I am all for celebrating Valentine, I believe that we can have a celebration of love with those dear to us whenever we choose to, take Christmas holidays for example, that’s one big celebration of love as we go out of our way to call, buy and spend time with those dear to us.
As we approach the 14th of February set aside for lovers, I want to urge you if you’ve never thought of celebrating people you care about other than on this day, to begin from the 14th to appreciate and celebrate each day you have with them.

A few recommendations for you:

Treat people in your life lovingly, kindly, selflessly with respect all year round.

Be in constant contact with those you call friends/family (love ones) as often as you can and not just on birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas day, this act will create an atmosphere of endearment in your heart towards them all year round, not just on special days.
Let’s start and consciously treat others as we would love to be treated, if you want friends show yourself friendly, remember we get as much as we give.
Throw caution to the wind and be reckless in giving your time, love, attention and gifts to those you hold dear or anyone around you regardless of whether they return the favour. (After all, love seeks not its own).
Let’s decide to be mindful of the effect our actions/inactions have on others. This will help us manage our relationships better

So straight from my heart, I urge you as valentine approaches make a fresh start and decide to be selfless with your emotions, time, thoughts and words, be the first to make that call, to give a smile, to write, to visit.
Try this for a few weeks and you’ll discover a new Joy you’ve never experience before.

Owe no one anything but love, do your bit and let’s change the world’s meaning of “love me and I’ll love you”, one person at a time.

Difference faces, races, paces,
Yet the same grace, love and mercy,
Pour on all.
Let us embrace our given grace
And extend to all the mercy we've each receive.

22 January 2011

My Lover's Love

Grace like a river, goodness like the ocean,
Love poured on me like rain
vast and unending, and on display for all to see
is my Lord's love for me.
It keeps giving, flowing and drowning me,
in the streams of his love,
when I falter, he shelters,
when I weaver, he steadys me
such is my lovers' heart towards me
Love unshakeable, undoubtable
like a river flowing down,

always poured on me.