31 December 2015

New Reslove

Do not begin the year with the same old habit, dreams and wishes.
I believe the reason we are given News, whether that be weeks, months and years is for us to start over, 
To replace old habits with new ones, 
To improve on past performances, 
To Dare to succeed in new ventures, 
To desire to be better human beings,
To aspire to new heights 
To gain new territories 
To master new skills
And to attempt new feats
To make new friends 
And to rebuild and mend broken relationships worth fixing
To resolve to dream big,
To venture to take risk and to renew your faith where it faltered 

To leap without fear of failing 
To venture knowing that no venture, no gain

To put the past behind and embrace newness with hope
To look behind without regrets and look ahead with boldness of mind

A new year to see yourself achieving and succeeding at becoming all you are born to be, and attaining heights previously dreamt of. 

Let This be the year you dive deeper with God. Commit to reading God's word more than ever before. 

Let Him be your daily guide, your compass for 2016, the instruction manual for each endeavour. 

What's it going to be this year? 

A new you with determination and zeal 
Or same old same old
The choice is yours 

Happy New Year 

30 December 2015

A New View

If someone ask you what your view for 2016 is, what will your answer be? 

Have you actually thought of that question? Have you asked yourself? 
Ok, so you are not in 2016 yet, but you do plan on seeing it and living it, it does make sense to have a view about how you want 2016 to be. 

Start with a view of God, maybe your view of Him as changed due to the fact that you are still fighting the same battles and dealing with the same issues, maybe your situation became worse despite your cries to Him for help. 
Has that diminished your view of Him? Maybe you have become indifferent and no longer see him as loving and kind. 

Get an image of God, a father who is passionate about you and the issues you face. 

As you begin a brand new year, encourage yourself to make changes to your view. Study His word and get an accurate picture of Him. God loves, God Cares, God Gives, God Nourishes, God Comforts and Restores. 

Do not let your issues cloud your view on who he really His, because He really does love and cares about you.... 
He loves you with an everlasting love... More than you will ever know.. 

Look ahead and dream anew, hope anew and work anew. 

21 December 2015

A Christmas Promise

A child was born and the world has never been the same. Babies are good news, they bring joy, happiness and hope into the world, babies also unify the family and signify new beginnings.
I have a few friends whose babies are due anytime soon, they are both excited and anxious. This wonderful gift of life brings so much joy. 

So it was on the night that Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph travelled miles, as they did, the anxiety of what was to come increased. Mary was with child, the Holy One, the angel had said. I am sure they were anxious to find out what he looked like.  Being told that there's no room at the inn.... was not what they expected, no room for the son of God? Surely the angel should have gone ahead and warned the inn keeper to expect them, a special child to be born in a stable where the animals lay? Isn’t one’s idea of how the son of God should begin his early days. 
It is somewhat compared to current day's labour ward, where mothers are turned away as a result of overcrowding. The shock, the pain and the confusion can result in unwanted complications, hence the anxiety. 
So being turned away is not good news for any parent to be. 
Mary and Joseph made on time to the stable where the Lord was born. Having welcomed the baby Jesus into the world, they received news that he was wanted dead.... His arrival was a threat to Harold. 

This Baby somehow made it to adulthood without being killed, but only just.
The promise of this baby was not just for him to be born, heal a few and help a few.
His birth was one that changed the course of human race for eternity and is
still changing lives.

Today, thousands of years after his birth, death and resurrection, he still brings hope, peace, love and freedom to all who welcome him into their lives.
Though He was eventually killed, years after the threat hung over his head, the grave could not hold him.

Even so, today his promise will be fulfilled in your life... Nothing can stop his promise of peace and freedom in your life.

You may be going through a tough time right now, wondering if that dream was really of God, you may even have had a supernatural visitation from God, regarding his promise to you, but now you are left perplexed as every inn seems full and favour seems to have frizzle out. You wonder, if this dream is of God, surely he should have made the way straight and smooth.

There was no space in the inn for the birth of The Holy One, yet that did not stop him from fulfilling God’s desires. God will fulfil his promises regardless of any set back. His promise doesn’t come wrapped in fine gift papers and sparkling silver roses, but they are sure. 
So do not look on the temporal situation, hang your hopes on the unfailing word of the master. He goes before us and makes our way prosper.

A baby brought hope and joy to the world, that baby is Jesus, no longer a baby but the King of kings and Lord of lords, the ruler of the ends of the earth, the ancient of days, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one who turns water to wine and rolls away the stone from Lazarus’s grave. Christmas time reminds us of God who came in human flesh to personally bring us back to Himself… do not let your circumstances fill you with dread, rather let the peace of Christ’s birth fill you with hope, faith and Peace because he truly brings Joy to the world. 

Merry Christmas.

7 December 2015

Light and darkness


My kids will do anything to avoid going down for the night. 
Often, after our nightly routine of reading, praying, singing, good nights and hugs, comes; Mummy I need to wee, mummy 
One more cuddle,
"Mummy, you did not give us water", 
"Mummy, you did not pray". 
I usually go back and to get them to sleep, do whatever it is they want, letting them know this is the last request I will honor.

So yesterday's line was. 
"I am scared" mummy, began my little girl. "Scared of what I asked?"
Ignoring my question, she carried on, it's too dark. 
"Are you scared of the dark"? 
"Yes" came the answer.
This is a room with a little light glowing in the  corner, so it isn't completely dark. This light comes on every night and stays on till the morning lights appear. Yet another stunt to avoid going down for the night. 
What should we do about the dark I asked, 
Put the light on, which light? I asked, the light is already on, I continued. 
"I want the big light" no darling, it's time to sleep... 

There's something about light that gives reassurance when it's dark, 
Light encourages happiness, hence summer months are filled with gaiety and smiles.
We avoid going through a dark alley, because we don't know what lurks in the dark. 
I don't like leaving my kids in the dark and also do not like the idea of sleeping in the dark. Whenever I am in an unfamiliar environment like hotel rooms, there has to be some form of light before I can fall asleep.

So you will understand when I say, I love the Christmas season because of the different array of lights in every major,  or minor street corner. Blue, red, yellow, green and lights of every colour adore our homes. 
Street lights are put up with so much celebration, some shopping malls go to great lengths to pay for celebrities to turn on the light. 
Halls are dressed for the occasion, with
Front pouch is singled out for out door display of sleigh, rains deer and more lights.

Light is beautiful. 
It cannot be hidden. Wherever there is light it glows, it does not matter how small the light, it always displaces darkness.

I do not know the origin of the Christmas display of lights. But I do know one who is the light of the
world. His light is not seasonal, but all year round. He takes the gloom and fills each heart with joy and glory. The stars celebrated his birth, his light drew kings to his presence. 

The heart of men was enlightened by his coming, peace was restored to a broken world. 
The best thing of all is that he lives in those who acknowledged him as Lord and saviour. And will be a light to them. He declared, ' I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. John 8:12

So if we are light, as stated in Matthew 5:14, lets beam out for all to see. There is so much gloom and doom in our world today, man's hatred for each other depicted in grime acts of violence and terror
Causes People to run scared. 

As light, let's be the reassurance, the hope and comfort people seek,  let's shine bright for all to see, so that many will be drawn to His light. 
Jesus came to turn our darkness to light, our despair into hope. We are carriers of hope, so let's portray the light within us, let us live as people of light, igniting hope, purity and truth.
Throughout this season and always. 


17 November 2015

Jesus, the Key.

Running late, I frantically looked for my car keys. I had them a few moment ago, where have I dropped them?  I muttered to myself. 

I must say, I often absent mindedly drop both my car and house keys only to end up looking for them moments before I leave the house.  

Usually, I have every other thing I need to go out, stuff for my kids, my personal and business effects, and whatever else need packing. Only to realise at the 99th minute, I don't have my keys, the most important thing which I need to get to our destination.  

Do you ever find yourself there? Running late and can't find the most important thing you need for your journey? 
It can be anything, our car keys, hand bag, an important document. 
Something you need for your everyday living.

As Christmas approaches there's the temptation to focus on everything else but the one thing which is at the centre of if all. Jesus.  
Year after year the vibe and preparation tops the previous years.  

We all run hither thither looking for something  of real worth to give our love ones, friends and family, etc. maybe just maybe they need something else, a key that unlocks all doors. Jesus. 
They are searching for something to fill a void in their lives, without knowing it. let's present Jesus to them,  the one who makes it all better, the giver of life, the hope of the hopeless, the strength for those who are weak.  
The joy of the broken hearted,  
The enabler, the redeemer of the whole world.

Stop for a minute, do you think he's worth giving as a gift to someone you love. Someone who do not currently know him? 
Maybe they do know him but are downcast, lonely, miserable and and really in need of a kind of word, a warm embrace and encouraging prayer.    

Introducing Jesus to our friends and everyone around us will help them unlock the secret to everyday living.
So even though we suffer the same trials, pain of loss of health, or a love one, we have a hope that's secured in Christ.  

One that reassures us of a better future, one that makes living right now, here on earth bearable. 

So amidst the chaotic, parade, let's invite Jesus to take centre stage in our lives because he's the reason we celebrate.  

26 October 2015

World Without Words

Words can hurt
Words can heal
Words can create 
And they can destroy
Words can encourage
And they can be demeaning
Words can be soft or can be stern
Words can kill and can bring to life
Words can ignite hope and can diminish same

Words are powerful because we speak.
Now imagine a world without the spoken word, imagine if children do not hear hateful demanding words from peers, parents or teachers, 
Perhaps we won't have adults with diminished self esteem, depression and multiple personalities, 

Imagine if we had not told that gossip, we won't have a friend hurt by the tale of another. 

Words permeate, they dissipate and illuminate. 

On the other hand, If there were no words we will not hear encouraging, uplifting, positive and character building words. 

So a world without words would have been a world without life, vision or purpose. Because words creat vision, purpose and action. 
See proverbs 25:11: a word fitly spoken Is like apples of gold in pictures of silver?
" wow ever seen apples of gold"? 

I have seen Christmas bubbles shaped in apples of golden ornaments, they are really pretty, a word spoken at the right time is beautiful, creative and elevating, enticing and uplifting. 

Sometimes our unspoken words hurt, refusing to give an encouraging word when needed or refusing to gently scold when needed Or refusing to make a call when needed, can cause more damage than spoken words. 

Let's choose to speak words that restores hope, faith, belief, love, words of praise, encouragement and edification. 
Sift your words because it has immense power.,
So choose your words carefully but nevertheless speak. 

Ask God to bridle your tongue against sinful words, unintentional hurtful words. 

13 September 2015

What Makes You Happy

I am not happy mummy, stuttered my little girl. 
Mum: why are you unhappy? 
Child: because I am sad. 
Mum: why are you sad. 
Child: I don't know. 

Mum: think about it: why are you sad. 

Child: with hand in mouth, a thoughtful cute expression on her face 
Suddenly smiled and said, I am happy mummy. 

Kids, they are the cutest innocence creatures God created
This got me thinking about what makes us happy?
We are happy when we have a good summers day
We are sad when it is winter, it's cold or it's a rainy wet day
We are happy when we hear good news 
And sad when bad news greets us. 

Our happiness is predicated on something happening to, in and around us. Hence our daily state of being is based on our daily happenings, which determines whether we are happy or sad. 

Sometimes we are unhappy because being overly happy and optimistic is frown on by society. So in order to blend in around other unhappy people we wear an unhappy expression.  Which is sometimes necessary in funerals and weddings. 

So it is no surprise that in summer months everyone is happy because every one blends in. Same in winter months, some wear a sad gloomy, grey expression because everyone does the same. 

We are created with emotions of being happy or sad, nothing wrong with that. However the unfortunate thing happens when we remain in a permanent state of sadness. We can't seem to be happy when something good happens to us or one else, but easily identify with ill tidings. We just cannot understand why people are overly unhappy. 

Straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you that regardless of what is happening around you, do not blend in. We cannot be happy all the time, (although some people are). let's snap out of an unhappy state quickly, because the truth is, being sad or unhappy, is infectious. 

We often avoid anyone with an infectious disease, from the mildest cold to severe cases of Ebola. We go to great lengths to avoid contact with such persons. Why then are we comfortable around unhappy people? Those whom we know are always in a constant state of being sad.  
We expose ourselves to them, become use to them and wonder why we too are unhappy. 

The bible tells us to guard our hearts, for me this means being aware of threats to my state of being happy or joyous and to protect myself with the word of God. 
Do not give unhappy thoughts room to spread. They are like disease, once they infect you, it spreads fast infecting everyone you come in contact with, who in turn will have no choice but to blend in. 

If your unhappy state is as a result of things which happened in your past, seek help. Address these issues and try to find closure to arrive at peace shores. (Of course, if you have suffered the loss of a love one, it is normal to grieve for your loss, remember your love one fondly and in time your pains will become bearable).

However, If you are one of those who are in a permanent state of being sad regardless, do a embark on a soul searching excise, find out the reason for your state of sadness, address them, with help. 
Pause and think, you may find that there really is nothing to be sad about. Even if there is, find joy in Christ, be assured of his promises, let them fill you with hope. 

The realisation that Christ in you is all you need, will cause you to break out in a big smile and do a dance of happiness. Embrace your present life and enjoy the sense of freedom being happy brings. 

Then think about what makes you happy or can make you happy: 

Perhaps it's the blooming of a rose in summer 
The buzzing of the flying bees, flapping and dance to the inviting lure of sweet nectar
Perhaps it's the chiming of church bells as it rings out its worship call
Or the pitta patter of rain drops on the roof tops
Perhaps, it's the lapping of ocean waves rising up high, displaying the beauty of the power of creation

Perhaps, it's the chorus of choir singing melodious tunes in the dark
It maybe, the sight of your love ones, which causes your heart to skip a beat
Or it's the kindness of strangers
Or the dream of a better dawn

And the vision of greater things to come or
The laughter of a child dancing in the rain
The quietness of dawn, heralding the birth of a new day
Or the glow of sunset, displaying its golden hue on the horizon 
Whatever makes you happy maybe real or imagined.
Regardless of what it is,  be happy.  

Psalm 146:5 Happy is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD 

21 June 2015

A Salute to Fathers

It's Father's Day today and I want to dedicate this to all fathers, real or imagined. Now or in the future. 

Fathers who will and are raising faithful, tenacious, dedicated, strong children. 

Fathers who will arise and build their home and not destroy it

Fathers who will be a positive role model for their children and every young person they will come across.

Fathers who will love unconditionally, care unreservedly and provide unfailing 

To fathers who will not abdicate their role to mothers, society, teachers but will help, support, uphold and cherish their children.  

To Fathers who will bring a sweet FRAGRANCE of faith, Godly fear and wholesome flavor to their children 

Fathers who will RISE and help their kids attain their very best

Fathers who are TENACIOUS in business and TENDER in discipline 

fathers who are HELPERS in every way, building and not bring down

To fathers who are ENABLERS, ENCORAGERS and 

Fathers who are RAISING champions and are ready to do whatever it takes. 

I salute you. 

12 June 2015

The Word

What is the word of God? And why is it vital to our daily existence? The "Word" is important because without it we are just ordinary people, the "Word" makes us extra ordinary.

God's word is our daily food, it contains vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body, soul and spirit needs. If this is so, why then do so many Christians struggle to lay hold of all there is to lay hold of within the word? 

I can't help but notice the latest trend amongst my Christian friends, they forward and pass around prayers and blessings spoken or declared by men. I.e their pastor, bishops, reverend etc. I have nothing against such prayers or men of God, what I do not subscribe to is that they can supplement God's word. 

What is a supplement you may wonder. The dictionary defines it as something added to compete a thing, make up for a defiance or strengthen the whole. 

I recent became interested in the supplements industry as part of my current business. Supplements are additional vitamins, minerals or nutrients we take in addition to our daily food. They are needed to provide us with certain vitamins/nutrients or minerals we may lack from our diets. 
As important as supplements are we are encouraged to get our recommended dose of vitamins from our food. This is often not the case due to our busy lifestyles, hence the growth in the supplements industry. 

Sadly some Christians supplement Gods word with those of a preacher.  Quoting a preacher rather than the tried, tested and infallible word of God. This should not be the case. The word of God should be our main resource, not a supplement. It is complete and lacks nothing. 

A Christian should be immersed in the word, living, breathing and speaking it and not depended on someone else's interpretation of it. 

God is His word, before the word was formed, He was. God's word spoken into any situation brings tremendous power. 
Let's begin to declare the word of God over sickness and every area of our lives. For the word to be active we need the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit acting on the word of God is all that is needed for the word to be active. Nothing else will supplement or assist it apart from the Holy Spirit, because He is one with the word.

David esteem the word of God higher than God's name. Because Jesus was not yet come in David's time, all they had was the word. I don't know what circumstance David found himself which made him declare that God had exalted his word above His name. All I know is that we have both the Word, His Name and the Holy Spirit with us today. That is enough. No word or declaration of man can assist the word to do what it was sent to do. 

As mentioned above, I know some Christians often quote their leaders, my pastor says this, my bishop declares that. As important as our men of God, their words cannot supplement the "Word".
It may all be good, nice, motivational words, however, if it is not in line with the Word of God it lacks power

Number 11:23, you shall see now whether my word shall come to pass or not.
Here God has promised provision for His people, but Moses could not see how, he looked to the crowd and wondered in unbelief. According to one writer: He looked to the creature instead of the Creator. But doth the Creator expect the creature to fulfil his promise for him? No; he who makes the promise fulfils it by his own unaided omnipotence. If he speaks, it is done--done by himself. His promises do not depend for their fulfilment upon the co-operation of the puny strength of man. We can at once perceive the mistake which Moses made. And yet how commonly we do the same! 

God's word is active, powerful and shaper than any double edge sword, let it be your food and declaration in any situation. 

Our religious activities like church attendance, charitable works, fasting and praying are all good Christian deeds, but they are no substitute for the "Word". 

We were admonished not to live by bread alone, but by every word which comes out of the mouth of God. For me it literary means we should cling to Gods word as if our life depends on it. 

Get in the habit of studying and meditating on the Word, because

it is effective, it carries the power of tens of thousands of dynamite, 
the word changes, it brings a turn around to any situation. 
the word delivers, it unlocks prison doors and stops the mouth of lions. 
the word heals, he sends His word and it heals us from our sickness.

The word restores, it replenishes the dying soul and revives the faint hearted.
The word is a guide, it illuminate our path and gives light to our feet. 
The word sets free those entangled with the York of sin. 
The word brings joy, it replaces the gloom in mans heart for the joy of the Holy Spirit. 
The word is God Himself. 

Let the word of God dwell in you richly for it is in it we will find great success. 

4 May 2015

You and I

You and I
Hand in hand
Through the rain, the stormy clouds and the darkest nights
Plodding on stronger and better
Growing deeper in love

You and I moving on
United in one goal
Advancing in purpose
Our dreams to achieve

You and I
Together as one,
Forging a bond
Of peace and unity
Of love and hope

You and I
Living each day
In the delight of each other’s present
Yielding subtly and steady
To the lure of
Of unending love.


30 April 2015

What's your custom

I have a routine every morning, this involves saying a prayer of thanksgiving, reading and meditation.
I start the day off like this, however I do not stick strictly to this routine, because sometimes I get up later than usual or have to attend to the kids. On such days my routine is disturbed.

When this happens, I find myself rushing into the day while muttering a thank you Lord here and there. Like me most of us live by routine, a set way of doing things, routines we have become accustom to.
Daniel lived by a set routine, one he stuck to regardless of what was happening around and within him. His routine was to pray 3 times a day, no matter what was happening, he stuck to this routine.

So it was when the decree was passed for no one to pray to any other god, Daniel was not bordered he knew this was just another.
I don't think Daniel went into prayer that day crying and wailing, asking God to save him from his plotters or for God to stop the lion's mouth. I think he was praying as usual about the things he always prayed about, he may have mentioned to God the current state of affairs, but
his devotion was not about the decrees because it was his custom to pray anyway.

Daniel was not the kind of man to cry and be afraid. The fact that he went home to business as usual after witnessing the king signed the decree, suggests to me that he was not a pushover, nor was he one to be bullied into doing or not doing something. Daniel went about his business as usual and prayed with boldness.

I imagined he prayed fervently, as was his custom but not with fear or out of desperation. He did all these because his life was of constant devotion to God.

To me Daniel's actions were almost as if he dared them to carry out their threat, as if he was thinking - these guys know nothing about the God I serve.
Daniel seems to be thinking, “what's the worst that can happen”? Be thrown in the Lion's den, so what? Death doesn't end my relationship with my God; if anything it begins a new life for me in the presence of my Lord. If he was going to die let be for doing what he love to do, pray.

Many times we are faced with life threatening situations which cause us to quaver with fear, or run and hide. We lose our faith in The All Powerful God, we abandon our custom and hope the storm will pass.  

Here’s what Daniel did in during this trying times

He carried on his business as usual
He involved God in his business
He had faith and resolute trust in God
He was bold in the face of dire circumstances
He was not afraid of death

Be inspired by Daniel's faith and boldness and audacious hope in God.

He was faithful to God and God honored him
He was involved in politics, and his integrity held up
He was judged by his peers to be the best at what he does
He was friends with the ruler of the land which Led to envy envied by others.

When trying times come as they certainly will, let your faith hold up, do not run scare, as much as possible keep your routine going.  We serve a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever, if he came through for Daniel he will come through for you. 

All you have to do is anchor your hopes on him and carry on as is your custom, he will honor your faith in Him.

26 March 2015

The next 3 days

And his hands were pierced 
The nails went through his flesh reaching his veins, cutting tissues and ligaments, 
They tore through, blood gushed out. 
Each piercing was a piercing at his heart
His was a cry of agony and utter despair
And his feet were nailed, each thud was felt deep in his soul and also by His father 
Each nail caused his heart to rise and fall
As he was whipped, each spike ripped through his skin, peeling removing and rendering it a deep wound. 

And his head had a crown 
Each thorn dug deep into his scull 
Each pull, cut through veins, blood poured out covering his face, making him unsightly.   
And he was pulled
Spat on
Laughed at
Tugged at
On the road to death, he was deserted. 
And his death felt lonely.... 
He died as silence fell across the land, 
and the story continues... 

Man breaths 
the earth wait 
silence greets the skies
Even His enemies waited as
Earth's flame went out 
For the expectation of what might be, 
The 3 days felt like 3 years, 

the sea was calm, 
His disciples hid and morn his death
Silent grips the land as 
Gloom embraces the earth.
Man waited through the next 3 days.