31 January 2008

New Year

This is the end of January, not long ago we all said Happy New Year to each other? Some people are already making plans for this year’s Christmas celebration, (believe it or not), some are thinking the year is already too old to make resolutions…. Others have slipped back to old ways and care less how the rest of the year pans out…. but the reality is every day, is a new day, every week a new week, every month, a new month, which makes the year very new!
So the year remains new regardless of what month it is….. Here’s me saying HAPPY NEW YEAR again! And with it comes this…… straight from my heart…..

Look to this year with hope
Look to this year with zeal,
Anticipate success, work hard at it.

Look to each day with expectation,
Look to each day with hope,
Determine to perform your very best, at each given task.

Fill each moment with thoughts of love
Let your mind no ill deed ponder,
Rather let flow from your heart genuine intentions,
Of deeds you’d looked back on with pride.

Let no trepidation fill your heart,
Look to this year with faith,
For amidst the celebration,
Lays your wishes and desires.

Look to the master for help
Let him your guide be,
Through every success and failure stream,
For his compass does safely direct.

Stem each tidal wave with passion,
Deciding to walk free of pride
But rather guide your heart each day
Till the end of another year you see.

©Deboo Janurary 2008

29 January 2008

My Beau

It started on a whim
Then became a dream
That became a reality
Now I am in awe

As I view my beautiful home.
Set in serene surroundings,
Secluded in quite planes
I stand speechless!

Passive was my enthusiasm
As I await this finished work
For I dreaded the worse
Though I know, its mine
Worried thoughts besieged me about the unknown
My mind playing tricks on my senses.

I panicked, like a wet duck
Desperately seeking help
I feared, at the prospect of loosing such find
Peace eluded me

As my heart gave way to unfounded worries.

But now the fear is over, worries vanished
As I take on look at my home,
The finished work, more beautiful than I envisage,
A masterpiece, beautifully designed
And of perfect finish

Its lure beckoning
Its sight breathtaking,
It’s interior
Of splendid grace

This is my home,
My Beau
My place of rest,
My place of solace.
My place of love and
My place of new beginnings!

© Deboo January 2008

Painted Veil

Recently I spoke to a friend going through a lot of stuff, she was so depressed I feared for her life.
Her story is one of despise and hopelessness, or so it appears. During our conversation I was able to listen and encourage her. Thankfully, she is now sorting a few of the issues troubling her.

This got me thinking, there are lots of people out there going through stuff, it appears our world is full of so much pain…… just tune to the news channel and you’ll soon find out.
But in spite of the pain, aches and troubles, we can survive. We all are survivorss and have come through different experiences.

The picture of a veil comes to mind, a veil is intended to cover, but once removed, the picture behind is revealed for all to see. We all have a veil, some it’s their make up, others a smile, others their attitude. Whatever veil you have on…… of sadness, despise, hopelessness….. Look up there is hope.
So I hope this blesses and encourage you, as it came straight from my heart…..

Its colours are of pure purple
A royal signet
It adores its palaces,
It sparkles like no other
It is the veil of hope

It’s been stained by tears
But not tainted by it
Its endured endless nights of toil
But its thrives
It is the veil of resilience

Thought trampled upon
Yet it remains firm
Is thread, still woven strongly
Withstanding the strain of abuse
It’s the veil of strength

It’s been unnoticed, untouched
Disregarded, misinterpreted,
It’s been lonely
Yet found solace in silence
It’s the veil of belief

It’s been rejected by friends and foe
Admired by strangers
But still rejected by nobles

Though made of the fines
Thread to be had
Still looked on with scorn,
It’s the veil of faith

Put on your painted veil of whatever colour
Hope, resilience, strength, belief, faith, for in time
It will shine through and it colours will be changed
by the veil, painted in the masters blood.

© Deboo January 2008

Forever Joyful

I am forever joyful,
Abounding in praise,
Nothing can stop this joy
For it cannot be contained.

I am crazily happy
Bouncing in my steps
My head held up high
As I glide on eagles wings

I am forever joyful,
No matter what I face
For my life is full with goodness
On display for all to see

I will be for ever joyful,
Here on earth and in heaven above
Where I’ll forever live
Ever joyfully!
©Deboo January 2008