11 March 2018

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day.

She first thought about me,
Felt me within her
Mother, ready to lay aside everything for her own
Career and relationships,
She endures many sleepless nights
Praying for her own

Mother often ignored, scorned for be not “working”
Not working?

Who else can decide to give up years of training in esteem fields for this role.

Not working? Yet
She labours at the job, for which no minimum wage is set.
Often arriving at her job at the crack of dawn
A job where the task for the day determines the finish time.
A job which involves assuming fictional characters and depicting them well
A job that involves endless negotiations with her superiors “kids”.
One that requires knowledge beyond her years
One that involves been pelted with stones, toys, sands, and food all in the name of love.
A job that involves production, building, fashioning, moulding, crafting not of food, cars, electronic but
Another human, a working functioning human being.

One that involves thinking on your feet, while sleeping (rarely),
One where she’s never alone.
Even when her kids outgrow the nest,

I say it’s the most important of all jobs.
They never outgrow her heart….
they are always present in her every waking moment….

Today and every day I celebrate you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

8 March 2018

I Salute You: Woman

A Savvy woman of strength, you who have defied all odds.
Through the storms of life you still stand strong.
Woman of virtue, one who, despite the pressures to conform stands resolute, unyielding.

A woman decorated with beauty within and without. One who knows the value of true friendship. One who understands that it is in the simple things in life that happinesses, Laughter, friendship and love is found.  

A woman who was forgotten yesteryears, over looked, left behind, refused and denied.

Stood up and fought for her place.for what she believed. For her rights, for she will not be denied.For her children because she wanted a better world for them. For her voice to be heard and her vote to matter.

For her right to choose.
For her place in the home, boardroom, offices, in government, in the highest luncheon of society.

Her fire cannot be quenchedHer zeal cannot be destroyed Her passion cannot be rivalled.

I salute you, Woman.

Still she fights to be respected.
To be recognised as equalled.
To be esteem for her talents and all her gifts

Still she fights and win she must because the future belongs to those who refuse to give up and give in.
The future belongs to her.

Happy International Women’s day.

Reflective Journal: on waiting.

Hey friends

I have been absent from this blog for a while. This makes me feel so bad, I have been busy writing  a second book.
Yes, a book or more like a journal for those in waiting.

Tittled “Faithful Wait” reflective journal for those in waiting.

It is for anyone who is currently waiting on God for something specific in their lives.

So, are you believing for anything in your live? Something which causes you to worry, fret and doubt?

This journal is for you.

It is designed with relevant bible passages and wise quotes to help you during your reflective time.
There are spaces for you to jot down your thoughts as you reflect. 
Please get yours now and also leave a feedback. 
Watch this space for some give away. 

God bless you. 

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