31 December 2017

Reflecting On The Past.

2017 is almost over, phew some may say. Bring on 2018. I look back over this year and am amazed at how I survived. 

The year was packed with ups and downs uncertainties and disappointments. One of which was the death of my father in law and me crashing into a tree after the funeral, as the year draws to a close.

As I look back over the year I can’t help but wonder how I made it through it. I am reminded of Lamentation 3.20-23.

I recalled disappointments felt over unanswered prayers, family squabbles, financial worries, relationship concerns. The list is endless.

But then I recalled God’s goodness, it is because of His great faithfulness we are not consumed. Because of His great Compassion towards us. 
I reflected over His great deliverance when I had the accident.
His great Healing when I was sick.
His great, love when I wandered off on my own.
His great forgiveness when I sinned.
His great provision when we were broke.
His protection from all danger. 

He has been good to us because our hope is in Him. Throughout 2017, our hope was in the Lord, we looked to him and our countenance was enlighten.

As you look back over 2017, over unanswered prayers, unfulfilled desires, disappointment, over loved ones, failed relationships, your heart may become heavy from the thought of going into another year with those uncertainties. You are left wondering when will it be Lord, how long Lord.

Be encouraged by this scriptures, we are still here because of the Lord's great love. 
His compassion never fails, they are new every morning. 

He is good to those whose hope is in Him. Trust Him for 2018, and as you do, you will experience His goodness.

Reflect over 2017, in what way has the Lord delivered you? There may still be some unanswered prayers, but can you find areas where he’s come through for you? 

Be encouraged by His great faithfulness in those areas as you look forward to the New Year.

Happy New Year. 

26 December 2017

The Resaon For Christmas

The abandonment:

when I think of the circumstances surrounding Christmas, my heart breaks all over again for Mary. She must have lived under this cloud of carrying the Son of God, birthing him, having to escape with him and watch helplessly as he was killed.
what mother can take that?

The abandonment of Christ by the father led to the rescue of mankind.
“Father, father why have you forsaken me He cried”. That was a cry of deep agony, at the realisation that he has to go through with the most gruesome death on a cross.

Christ as a man forsaken, abandoned by his father.

The security He had in the knowledge that his father was always there was lost when He was beaten, striped and nailed to the cross.

He was not in doubt but was certain dying as a man that He was all alone. No one was coming for him. There will be no last minute rescue plan. He had to die.

His birth was not with funfare, His dead was. His purpose for being born fulfilled, to die was the price needed to fulfil the reason he was born. His life for that of many.

The deed was done, the price paid, man rescue by the blood of an innocent man. That is the reason for Christ Birth.

Now as celebrate His birth. Whether you believe in him or not, pause and reflect on why you do what you do every year?

Why the frantic gift shopping? why the endless buzz of activities which leaves us exhausted.

‍He was born to save you and me from sins clutches.
His birth gave us hope, at Christmas we remember why He came and  that’s the reason we celebrate our freedom,

In a world full of pain, hatred and death. Christmas unites us in one Joyous celebration.

Christ is truly the prince of peace. Welcome him into your home this Christmas and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas

16 October 2017

An infectious disease

I am not happy mummy, stuttered my little girl. 
Mum: why are you unhappy? 
Child: because I am sad. 
Mum: why are you sad.?
Child: I don't know. 

Mum: think about it: why are you sad?

Child: with hand in mouth, a thoughtful cute expression on her face 
Suddenly smiled and said, I am happy mummy. I just want you to give me sweets...

Kids, they are the cutest innocent creatures God created.
This got me thinking about what makes us happy?
We are happy when we have a good summer’s day and sad when it is winter, cold or a rainy wet day. 

We may not think of happiness in these terms, but these things do affect our mood. 
We are happy when we hear good news sad when bad news greets us. 

Our happiness is predicated on something happening to, in and around us. Hence our daily state of being is based on our daily happenings, which determines whether we are happy or sad. 

Sometimes we are unhappy because being overly happy and optimistic is frown on by society. So in order to blend in we wear an unhappy or happy expression.  Which is sometimes necessary in funerals and weddings. 

Without knowing it this expression becomes a permanent feature of our expression.

So it is no surprise that in summer months everyone is happy because every one blends in. Same in winter months, some wear a sad gloomy, grey expression because everyone does the same. 
 If you pause, like my little girl did, ask your self are you sad?

We are created to have these emotions. However the unfortunate thing happens when we remain in a permanent state of sadness. We can't seem to be happy when something good happens to us or one else, but easily identify with ill tidings. We just cannot understand why some people are overly unhappy. 

We often avoid anyone with an infectious disease, from the mildest cold to severe cases of Ebola. We go to great lengths to avoid contact with such persons. Why then are we comfortable around unhappy people? Those whom we know are always in a constant state of being sad.  
We expose ourselves to them, become use to them and wonder why we too are unhappy. 
Why we cannot change anyone’s situation, we can influence them and be a positive image of hope.

The bible tells us to guard our hearts, for me this means being aware of threats to my state of being happy or joyous and to protect myself with the word of God. 

Do not give unhappy thoughts room to spread. They are like disease, which spreads spreads fast after infecting you. They go on to infect everyone you come in contact with, who in turn will have no choice but to blend in. 

If your unhappy state is as a result of things which happened in your past, seek help. Address these issues and try to find closure to arrive at peaceful shores. (Of course, if you have suffered the loss of a loved one, it is normal to grieve, remember your love one fondly and in time your pains will become bearable).

However, If you are one of those who are in a permanent state of being sad regardless, embark on a soul searching excise to find out the reason for your state of sadness, address them, get help. 
Pause and think, you may find that there really is nothing to be sad about. Even if there is, find joy in Christ, be assured of his promises, let them fill you with hope. 

The realisation that Christ in you is all you need, will cause you to break out in a big smile and do a dance of happiness. Embrace your present life and enjoy the sense of freedom being happy brings. 

Then think about what makes you happy or can make you happy: 

Perhaps it's the blooming of a rose in summer.  
The buzzing of the flying bees, flapping and dance to the inviting lure of sweet nectar.
Perhaps it's the chiming of church bells.
Or the pitta patter of rain drops on the roof tops.
Perhaps, it's the lapping of ocean waves rising up high, displaying the beauty of the power of creation.
Perhaps, it's the chorus of choir singing melodious tunes.
It maybe, the sight of your love ones, which causes your heart to skip a beat.
Or it's the kindness of strangers.
Or the dream of a better dawn.
And the vision of greater things to come or
The laughter of a child dancing in the rain
The quietness of dawn, heralding the birth of a new day
Or the glow of sunset, displaying its golden hue on the horizon.
Or the beautiful frosty leave on a cold winters mornings. 

Straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you that regardless of what is happening around you, do not blend in. We cannot be happy all the time, (although some people are). let's snap out of an unhappy state quickly, because the truth is, being sad or unhappy, is infectious. 

Whatever makes you happy maybe real or imagined.
Regardless, be happy.  
Psalm 146:5 Happy is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD. 
Be happy. 

22 June 2017

Practice makes perfect

I tell my little girls daily that practice makes perfect, in order words what you do daily becomes part of you.

When it comes to our relationship with our Heavenly Father, do we practise being in his presence? 
I certainly do not. I usually get up and say a prayer or two. Put a favourite song on and off I go into my day.

Due to my lack of practise and dedication I often do not feel his presence. 
Sometimes the next time I have a conversation with him after the morning rush is just before bed. 
How I longed for his presence and it bothered me that I cannot feel or hear him.

So I began to practise. 
I know that prayer is talking to God and he talking back. So I started out saying how I feel in that moment . Whenever I do not feel him  close I ask him to come and be with me.

I started to talk with him every time and moment of the day. 

The issue was not the fact that I was not talking to him as much as I wanted, it was that every time I remember I had not been with him, I feel bad and berate myself. 
Now instead of feeling bad in that moment I whisper: Holy Spirit, I have been Been everywhere, I slow down now and just want to say thank you. I love you, help me, show me, guide me. 

Do you know my daily moment by moment talk with him is paying off. I hear him more 
I feel his leading and this makes me want to do it often. 

So practise being in his presence get into the habit of talking to him anytime of the day. 
Stop in the middle of a chore and whisper to him. Smile at him. Talk to him whenever it crosses your mind and as you do, it will becomes second nature to you, soon you will find that you do it out of love not out of guilt or necessity.

As you navigate today, practise being in the moment, forget about the troubles of yesterday and the challenges ahead… we are not promised tomorrow. Make the best of today because, today is the tomorrow you hoped for yesterday… so live it, love it. 

18 June 2017

Don't Settle

I choose this title because the easiest thing in the world is to stop trying. 

Trying brings pain and in that moment of persistent trying without results, we are tempted to give up and quit.

I have been trying to get another job for a long time but have not been successful so far. I stopped trying for a while and lost track of where I was. I was encouraged to start again and I am shocked at how far back I have to go, to start over. 

I realised that settling and giving up takes us backwards when and if we do decide to start again. 

So my encouragement to you today is "don’t settle".

Don’t settle for a present of misery when you know your future is more than what you have right now. 

Don’t settle for a man who is less than what you envisage in your future.
Don’t settle for a marriage of abuse when you know you are suppose to have a good life
Don’t settle for second best in anything.

Settling may take the pressure off temporarily but does not bring you joy,  because you know deep within you this is not your destination. 
You may pause while trying to figure it out, but don’t stop when difficulty or pain comes knocking. 

Don’t let what's happened in your past affect you and stop you from going on with your life. 

You can begin where you right now to start over if you have settled or packed it in. 

Yes you dealt with abuse
Lost loved one
Lost your marriage
Lost your healthy

Let these become your testimony, for there's no pit so deep that God cannot reach and bring you out. 

Be humble and seek God's face for your future.
Let him carry you to your destination.
When you feel tired and want to stop ask him for the strength to go on. But do not stop, keep moving and soon you will reach your goal. 

Don’t settle but rather set your goals and set yourself up for the next phase of your life.... 

Don’t settle 

16 April 2017

A King?

Kings are arrayed in royal robes
He was striped, flogged and dressed in blood
Though he was sinless, yet 
He walked the road to his dead carrying a cross, 
A symbol of our Sins

No one came to his defence, 
He who defended the downtrodden, prostitute, tax collectors and the unwanted

He was a voice of the voiceless 
Yet he could not speak for himself. 

He who spat on the floor to open blind eyes 
Was spat on in scorn and shame. 

He who wore a golden crown in heavenly places
Had a crown of thorns placed on his head,
Blood dropped down his face, blinding his sight.

An undeserving death for A King 
But one suited for a common criminal. 

As darkness enfolds, silence grips the earth
Fear released a terror on the hearts of everyone present. 
One question lingered  in their hearts, was he really a King? 

He arose, 
He rose in hell, and set captive free
He took the chains that held us captive and walked out with a sign
Freedom: sin has lost
Dead has been defeated
Hope has trumped fear
Faith replaced dread and unbelief

He arose a triumphant King
A glorious knight 
A Gallant Warrior
A Victorious winner. 

He arose, and we arise too 
Transformed, renewed, released and restored. 
He awaken in us a new hope and a new dawn. 
That Only a King will bring. 
Yes, he really is A King. 

That's the Easter Story. 


12 April 2017

True Stories

On the 7 April 2008, up to three inches of snow fell in some parts of England and temperatures were below freezing in many places. It was reported as the worst snow in 20 years.

IN 1954 Roger Bannister made history by running a mile in less than 4 minutes . It was a feat never accomplished before, to run a mile was by far the most fascinating sports story of the day, it went down in the guinness book of records. Such stories were worth telling to future generations.

On a Sunday morning during a rural church service a vicar eat a daffodil to make a point. Afterwards he confessed that it tasted horrible and advised against it…

What's common with these stories? It was retold by witnesses. I was not there when they happened. Witnesses who were present at the time spread the news. 

Anyone can disbelief these stories, they can contend with the facts and details Of how it happened. They can argue that it was impossible for these events to have taken place because they were not there.
Regardless, their unbelief does not change history, it happened because there were witnesses.
Same thing with the Easter story. It was told by witnesses who were present as the events unfold. It was documented, told and retold and is still being retold today. Just like a Vicar Witness another Vicar eating a daffodil to prove a point and just as there were thousands of witnesses who watched a man run a mile for the very first time..

Fairy tales? Far from it, real events have presence, because people lived through it.
Jesus friends and community lived through his death. The saw it happened.
They watched him died, they hurdled across door ways whispering in the dark about the events that led to his death.
How he healed the sick, cleanse the possessed, fed the hungry and dined with the outcast- and raised the dead.
Some wished they believed him when he was with them. They cried inconsolable at the demise of one of them.
Then the really big news, how he got up from the grave, appeared to his friends, and how they touched his nailed pierced hands, feet and sides. How he brought joy and hope when he rose again and ascended into Heaven. 
Real events witness by real people retold from generation to generation.
The Easter story is real because not only did people see it happen, but because the Man Jesus, lives in everyone who believes and accepts him as Lord and Savior. He comes into their hearts and reveals himself to them again. He bears witness of himself. Now, that's real.
That's the real story of Easter, He himself coming to our hearts. If you do not know him already ask him into your heart and you too will experience him for yourself.

He is alive, it is not a fairy tale it happened and I am a witness.

Happy Easter

25 March 2017


Mothering is indescribable, it cannot be confine into a single word
It's meaning is varied and comes with many tags. 

Mothering is baking without being a baker
it is tutoring without being a teacher
It is making things without being a trained skilled worker
It is mending without being a Taylor 
It is crafting without being a trained craftsman
It is painting and drawing without being an artist 
It is designing without being a designer 
It is telling jokes without being a comedian 
It is dancing without being a dancer
It is mending wounds without being a doctor.
It is being a counsellor without being a lawyer
It is being a guard without being a security agent
It is cooking without being a trained chef. 
Mothering is seeing all things without being God
It is pretending to be bat man without watching the movie. 
It is having 12 children and loving them all in the different ways with one big heart

Mothering is a joy,
A chore
An adventure 

Mothering is not the toughest job in the world it's the only job where we can be all things to our children - that makes it the most intricate job. 

It is a fine balancing act between being a human being and super human being

It is crying and laughing at the same time, 

Mothering is the only job where you watch your heart work out the door every single day and somehow still stays alive. 
Mothers never retire, 
Never give up hope
Always believed 
Forever loves 

A mother's is a steady hand, guiding, holding, rocking. 

If mothering was a paid job none would apply 
Because the salary will never be enough. 

Mother simply means is to me 
Making - others
Magnifying - others
Moulding - others

Because they constantly make others better, beautiful, abled, and fulfilled… , 

Happy Mother's Day. 

Restorers 🌝today and always

Alone, Not Lonely

I love my alone time, pre kids days I cherish times before dawn when I plug into the word. Fast forward a few years and those days are a distant memory. Now, I use every minute I am alone for chores or to get the much needed rest. Thanks to being a mother. 

In an age where we are always surrounded by something it is almost impossible to be alone by ourselves doing the things we love. There are so much distraction in today's world. 
It was only a few years ago we had 5 News channel, we did alright and had a little bit of control over
what we watch. Now we are constantly being fed news, and information 24/7.

We are always connected to some form of social medial platform, yet research shows that the number of people reported as being lonely is on the rise. We have never felt more lonely than now. We are connected yet disconnected. What a tragedy of living

How do we get so lonely when we are never alone? Why have we succumb to the lure of being constantly connected that we have become isolated? Why would we rather comment on our neighbors Facebook post than knock on their door to say hello? Who sold us this way of living? 
There's a different way to being alone without being lonely, being in prayer -and alone with God. 
Jesus found time to be alone amidst the distractions of living, it was almost impossible for him to go away by himself as he was in constant demand.

In Matthew 14:13-23, we saw how he went away by himself only for the crowed to follow him. After meeting their needs, he did manage to get away by himself. He knew that his alone time with His Father was the key to his success for daily living. 

What about you? What's your key to success? 

Reading motivational books? 
Playing motivational music? 
Attending motivational conferences?
Going to places of worship? 
Building a strong social network? 
Being seen in all the important places? 

These are all good, but without connecting to the source of life our efforts will be in vain. 

Make 2017 the year of reconnecting to your source, the creator of the universe, call Him a force, a Power, A Being, regardless,  He's there waitiing for you. 

I have decided to take back control of my time, and my way of living. I have decided to go back to being along for the right reasons.
I miss my alone time with my best friend and saviour, so now as my kids grow older, i sneak in a few moments of connecting with Him.

My alone time has been of great benefit in these areas.

I am better prepared for the day ahead.
He directs my path as I become tuned to his guidance.
He fills me with strength for the days, so no matter what is happening around me I know he's got my back.
He's a constant present when I need help.
I find joy and peace in his presence, two commodities that are expensive to find in social media. 
I am never alone as he always talks with me and I with him.

As we wine down 2016, spend the last few days reconnecting with Him.  Resolve to seek his guidance for each and every day of 2017.

Most people will go to parties, church, fire work display. At the risk of being a joy killer, I want to encourage you to finish the year just as you would finish each day, in quiet contemplation and gratitude

Find an alone time to build up your inner man, for the year ahead. 

Happy New Year.