30 December 2009

Thank You

Amidst the busyness of life and the endless chores of things and issues to attend to: I want to take this opportunity appreciate my wonderful friends and family: those who have been consistent in their relationship with me.

Those who have shown their love not only in words but in deeds, who, regardless of their own situation have been selfless in giving, in thought and in purpose, because of you, I was able to weather the storms of 2009.

Your thoughtfulness in my time of need rivals none other
As we come to the end of 2009 and embrace 2010 I dedicate this piece to you:

As diamond radiates beauty, with its glittering rays
Its colour is indescribable,
Of crisp whitish blue and of sparkling glow depicting clarity
Of yellow hue or scarlet pink
So too is your love my friend
It comes shining through the dullest moment
It pieces through a grey terrain
Its presence refreshes my soul.
More valued than precious stones,
I cannot exchange it for another
It travels through distance, unhindered by space
It transcends culture and status
It embraces me with my failings
It is inclusive and encompassing
It’s alluring and calming
It is bold without being demanding
When quietness I demand
That you gave
You become for me what I desire to have in a true friend
You my love
Is the hook that anchors me to the future
And keeps hope alive
As you’ve shown love to me
So do to others
Let the flow of it overwhelms and drowns the recipient
In the tidal wave of pure and undefiled love

18 December 2009

Season's Greetings: Today and Everyday

Photobucket It's the season to be jolly right? How come I've heard so many people say they won’t celebrate Christmas this year"? Why? I have asked, and the replies have often been, O, it's just the same old, same old routine of buying presents, attending parties with people you'd rather not be around, buying cards and presents, etc. I must say that I felt like that too and decided not to send cards this year, not because I don't like my friends and family but because I feel that I can use technology to express my wishes to them.

I like that my church has decided that instead of everyone sending cards to each other, we should donate to a charity and this year we will be donation in the form of the money we would have spend on Christmas cards to the children's society. You may think the amount is insignificant. Be that as it may, when pooled together it will go a long way to impact someone else’s life.

I still like the buzz around this time of the year, primarily because it's the end of the year, I take time out to reflect on the past months, relax, catch up with friends and recharge for the coming year.

Regardless of whether you will be celebrating or not, I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a fantastic year ahead.

As you tuck into your turkey, my Christmas wish is that you remember:

it' was a birth that was predicted thousands of years before he was born
it' was an announcement that was made to a virgin
it' was a birth shrouded in controversy,
it was a seed that was not human
Yet it was planted in human body
It was an act without man's involvement, except as a vessel in the form of a virgin
it was a divine birth that brought Christmas to us today
it was a God that became man in human flesh.

Not just on Christmas day, but every day.

It was his birth which led to his living, it was his life which leads to his death
it was his death that brought us pardon,
it was his resurrection that brought us life
it is his life in me that causes me to celebrate his birth everyday and on Christmas day!

Happy Christmas today and everyday!

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4 December 2009

Who's cheering for you?

I am an avid sports fan. I love football, Tennis, athletics, basketball you name it. I may not understand them fully but I like the buzz around games, the excitement before, during and after a game. I like listening to the analysis by professionals and amateurs, the bickering by fans, the seemingly fanaticism of sports never fails to amaze me.

I get in on the act too, when supporting my football team, my favourite tennis play or other sports stars, all these from the comfort of my couch. I have been opportune to attend a few live sporting events. Imagine what it’s like in a football field, you can’t be still in those matches, which is second only to a Holy Ghost filled atmosphere.

One thing is certain, the cheers of fans steer teams on. I have witness countless turn around in games. Where it was almost certain that a team or an individual is going to lose only for them to make a remarkable turnaround and win. When asked after a Tennis Match against Roger Federal, Del Petrol attributed his turnaround to the chants of the Argentina’s fans amongst the crowd. He said anytime he felt like he couldn’t carry on, their chants spurred him on.

This got me thinking: everyone of us has someone cheering for us, rooting for us to succeed in every area of our lives.
Who’s cheering for you? Who will be disappointed if you give up?

There is one cheer that dwarfs the cheers of sports fanatics, “The cheers of the saints who have gone before” the urging of the Holy Spirit to try one more time at whatever it is we’ve been tempted to give up on. It may be the urge to give up trying for that promotion at work, to give up working at a difficult relationship, the urge to give up on a desire or a dream, the urge to give up the wait for a spouse or the urge to give up on that difficult child.

Straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you, as we approach the end of another year to:

Tune your earring aid,

lengthen its cord,
stretch it wide to the frequency of the chants of those who have gone before.

Imagine them standing on the sidelines,
urging you to take one more step,
to continue on in the hope of achieving that dream.

Their cheers will give strength to your wings,
enabling you to stay in the race.

Envision yourself in the realm of the desired for many a soul has won, who sort to draw strength from the cheers of those on the side lines.

And when you are tempted to give up trying,
remember that you may be giving up on the chance to stand on the side lines,
to cheer on those who will come after you.

For you see,
only a winning attitude guarantees entrance to be a spectator on the stands,
to take your place with those who amidst the odds,
continued and obtained the price.

So stay in the race, because someone is cheering for you.

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16 November 2009


This year is rapidly coming to an end. As I look back on the last 9 months, I marvel at how swiftly time flies. It wasn’t long ago we welcomed this year, made goals and resolutions, with hopes of how we wanted things to go. Here we are, counting down.

This year holds different things for different people. Some can’t wait for it to roll by quickly so that they can start another one. Perhaps it doesn’t hold pleasant memories for them. They may have loss jobs, loved ones, houses, health, excreta. Things happened that have made them eager to see the back of 2009.

What memories do you have of 2009? In what way does it stand out for you? Have you loss a loved one? Have you been struck down by an illness, are you one of those who look back to the last months and sigh? Do you feel things are out of control in your life?

Here’s one peace of advice for you, regardless of the pain, disappointments, or sorrows you may have encountered this year, it could have been worse.

Do no dwell on the disappointments of the past so much that it hinders you from seeing the blessings in your life right now.

Perhaps things have been really bad for you this year, whatever can go wrong went wrong and you dread the dawn of another year even though you can’t wait for this one to end. Remember however good or bad a situation is, it will change. We don’t know whether it will change for bad or worse but that is where faith and hope comes in: we hope it will change for the better if it was bad and trust God to do right by HIS word.

So straight from my heart is this piece to ENCOURAGE you.

Hang in there my friend.
Though dark the night may be and fear overwhelms
Tales of toil and snare litter an uncertain horizon
and your heart palpitates as it anticipates the arrival of another season
Though visions becomes blurred by scary clouds
As hope wanes and dreams go cold
Though dawn waits on the shores of misery,
Look up, skies become clearer as the clouds roll bac
See beyond the blur
Extend your vision
Let your hope be restored amidst the scares and tears.
Lay your cares aside,
Let faith be ignited again
As you stay the course and wait for the dawn of a New Year with Joy.


26 October 2009

Right Now.

Sometimes we temporarily forget the goodness that surrounds us, because we become so engrossed with what’s not going well in our lives and loose sight of the good things we have going for us right now. We’ve been so programmed to plan and prepare that the very act of planning for the future stops us from living live “Now” and taking a break to just enjoy the time we have right now. If you are waiting for a job, to buy a car, a house, start a family, get married.
I urge you to:
Enjoy the “Nows” of your life, take a look outside your issues, go for a walk in the park, wonder at the changing times, and marvel at the beauty of nature, changes in the colour of the leaves from vibrant green to enticing orange. Let the beauty of Now feel you with awe, be invigorated again, forget about the onset of the bitter grip of winter and drink in the glow of autumn.

I am here:

I'm here living in this moment, basking in glory, assured of a flourishing finish.
I am here with head held up high, I walk tall a smile etched on my face.
I am here not in a maze of empty thought. I fully grasp the reality of my being.
I envisioned my future, an oasis of peace, love and joy

Sometimes I wonder what the outcome of my quest will be,
My soul quieten within is reminded to live in today’s reality,
The certainty of being here, right now in this moment
Enjoying the warmth and love of good friends and cherished family.

Today I am here, trying to show love regardless of its outcome, because this is my ultimate quest.
Now, in this moment,
I decide to be at peace, with myself,
I lay aside turmoil and strife,
I embrace the abundance of serenity, for right now, in this moment,

I am here in full breath, given to me for today.
I am here, right now enjoying the reality of a life filled with Love and Joy on my way to a flourishing finish.

20 October 2009


Navigators revolutionised lives in most western countries. Can you remember the days without them? How did you survive? I remember the good old days when we had to rely on AA or Multi map, hubby usually pre-print the instructions for me to help with the directions, but we often drive past our exit or turning before I gave my directors. My hubby would usually stop the car several times (fuming) to read the directions himself, needless to say I rubbish at map reading and he was very good.

My job requires going to new places daily so I had to learn to read street maps and did pretty well using them to find my way around. I am always ecstatic whenever I manage to find my way to my destination without too much hassle. I graduated from street maps to road maps and it was really a joy to arrive with the help of AA or Multi Map. So I was really reluctant to go the digital way. Hey! Wait a minute; I’ve only just started enjoying map reading, I don’t want to change!

I reluctantly made the change and bought a sat nav, it was said to operate within 95% accuracy and I must say, my journeys improved a great deal. I thought to myself, God bless the makers, why did I wait so long to get one" rarely did my navigator took me the wrong turn or place. It may take me the long way but it always took me to my destination. That was five years ago, and the technology has improved since then and am still loving it.
So what's the point of all this you may ask? Am I a spokes person for the one of the Sat Nav Companies"? Well, no.

I was once a passenger on a journey with a friend, going to a place we hadn't been before and needed the help of the sat nav, she did alright at the start of the journey because she knew the way up to a certain point, and although the navigator was on we ignored it until we came to unfamiliar route. My friend became impatient, glittery and worried as soon as she started depending on the sat nav.

At one point I had to say, calm down and follow the its direction, immediately I said that she went on and on, on how these things cannot be trusted, on how many stories she's heard about them failing. I asked her “have yours failed you" "no" she replied, “so why are you afraid I asked:” “well what if it does she replied”? "I've heard stories of navigators taking people the wrong place". My reply was “if yours haven't failed you yet, I don't see why you should be stress and worry now”. “It may take us the long route, because it sometimes does”, she replied, “as longs we get there, I don't see the problem”, relax and enjoy the drive, I replied. Needless to say that she ignored me and continued to fret, but broke out in a big smile of relieve when we arrived at our destination.

This got me thinking: You see, we are like that with God, we trust him in the things we can see and it is easy to have faith then, but wait a minute, why have faith and hope for the things we see? We do not hope for the things we see, but we with patience, hope for the things we don't yet see. Quite often we become impatient, jittery and angry with God. Worry often kicks in when what we are waiting for seems to be taking a little longer, we begin to complain and remind ourselves of stories of others who are in similar situations as us whom God is yet to come through for.

Just as I was a passenger on that journey, the Holy Spirit is our passenger on the way to our destination, urging us to trust God, the journey may seem long but he'll take you there. Don’t make the journey difficult by resulting to old ways and wishing for the good old days.

Relax and enjoy the ride, focus your on God's goodness and personality, (He’s good, he’s loving, he’s kind, he’s faithful and he’ll bring it to pass), he will always bring you safely to your journey's end.

The journey may seem long and painful, but don't fail to grasp the beauty and lessons of life along the way, because you may not travel that road again, so you have an opportunity to grasp whatever it is you have to learn on your journey to whatever you are waiting for.

Just like my friend, you too will break out with a big smile when at last your destination you reach. Till then, Press on in faith, knowing that you too will arrive safely on the other side.
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5 October 2009


Have you ever thought about sitting still and reflecting? Lately, I find myself reflecting more, I don’t know why, but I have found it helpful and I have had to let go of some issues I was holding on to.

It is hard not to notice when someone has done something to hurt us, it is hard to ignore a look with seemingly bad intent, and it is hard not to take revenge in our own way. For instance, if someone doesn’t call you or misses an event you’ve organised, our revenge may be to ignore them the next time we see them or be cold, and I think it gives us a certain satisfaction when we get even.

It is these little foxes, I’ve been dealing with lately and by God have I learnt. I’ve learnt that it is not what is done to us that matters, but how we react to what is done to us and also the next step in the process.

I can either hold on to a grudge or hurtful experience and have it eat away at me slowly or reflect over what I thought was wrong, make excuses for the person/persons involved and move on.
I have found the second alternative refreshing and liberating.

I use to think meditating, being quiet for a few minutes is daunting, being a very active and up and about person, I can hardly sit still for a minute, but now I’ve found ways to stop and be still.
I reflect when cleaning my home, walking to and from the station, when having a shower, just allowing the water to drip, I allow my thoughts to drift away and I reflect. The result, I am more at peace with myself and those around me.

So straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you to find time to sort out your thoughts, release yourself to the beauty of reflection, mediate on the wonders of you and nature and you will find strength to carry on.

I sit in silence pondering the meandering waves of the seas,and marvel at the birds and the whales.
Amidst the busyness of life and seas of wondering thoughts, my consciousness is restraint and stirred in the paths of quiet terrain.
A sweet reprieve I find in the stillness of time, reflecting on the goodness of nature and the wonders of the mind.
Strength I gain when I reflect on the wonders of God, and peace restored when in truth I release the clogs of dirt that blocked my mind.

9 September 2009

A Wind

A wind that blows and lingers
it brought relief and calm to all
it left a freshness of warmth and joy along its path
this wind comforts and sooths aches and pains
it was flesh but did not live after the flesh

Though a man, his was the life of a noble man
Winds are different, some gentle, others ferocious,
His was gentle and welcoming

He tempared hatred with love
Evil with good
Sadness with Joy
Sorrow with laugher
Pain with praise
Causes with blessings

He believed all things,
Hoped for all things
Suffered long and endured all things

This wind was my dad,
though gone, lingers still
as a cool refreshing warmth from pain.

12 August 2009

My Dad

On the 10 August 2009, my dad David Ozono, popularly known as “papa Ozono” passed on to glory! I can confidently and boldly say that because I know with every breath I have that my dad is with the Lord. Those who knew him also know that is true.

My dad lived in the service of God, he served God without reservations. That I know, I saw him lived out Matthew 5, yes he did. My dad gave of his time, talent, and resources to the service of his master.

He was a first century Christian there was no middle ground, for he took the word of God literarily. He loved his enemies, he blessed those who caused him, he prayed for those who despitefully used him, he brought peace wherever he went, he was truly a peace maker. He never, ever had a harsh word for anyone.

We cannot recall anytime my dad shouted or caused any of us or anyone. If you disobeyed he admonished in love, he lived out Ephesians 6:4 “Parents provoke not your children to wrath”. We his kids often joked, “If all Christians are like daddy, the world will be a better place”.

"My dad personified humility",
"He defined grace"
"He embodied love"
"He pursued peace at all cost".

Some berated him because they think he’s too slow, but I loved him because he was slow to anger but quick to love. “No wonder he composed a song out of 1st Corinthians 13, his favourite scripture.

My dad was a giver, he shared out of his necessity. He laboured hard for his kids
He shared his bread with the hungry.
It was so funny growing up, because there was always a brother or sister coming to our house for one thing or the other. Let me put things in perspective, I didn't come from a wealthy family where we had all we wanted, it was the opposite.

We were 11 kids all under a 2 bed flat! But it was joyful. It was out of that he shared, our food, our drink and our bed! We had no space, but dad always took someone in, the result today? I have lots of adopted brothers and sisters in the Lord.

He also lived out Matthew 6, my dad never worried about food, clothing, or shelter.

My dad taught me to hope:
Hope when things are good that they can be better.
He taught me contentment, in the mist of plenty and in the absence of much
He taught me to love, when it is reciprocated and when it is not.
He taught me to dance to the sound of music and to make my own when there’s no music
He taught me to pray earnestly, fervently and unceasingly, when things are going well and when they are not.

My dad did not bequeath me with silver or gold, but what he gave me is worth more than all the silver or gold put together.
“He gave me God’s love, he introduced me to God he showed me how to love”.

I can never tire of talking about my dad, how can I? So allow me:

My dad pioneered prison ministry in the then Bendel state, dragging my sisters and me along to minister in songs, little wonder that I have a passion for prison ministry today, that’s my inheritance, his gift of love to others.

Tears drop not of despair but of enduring memories for a man like no other mortal man. He showed what God’s love should be and demonstrated that love in words and deeds.

My dad was a musician, a singer, a composer, a conductor and a preacher, so it is no wonder that Dad has a song and scripture for every situation:

To those who hate he sang: if you don't love your neighbour you break all the laws
To those who have lost faith: he sang faith never gives up for God will do miracle
To those whose god is dead: he sang, is your God, dead try my own
To those who hunger for holiness he sang: make me to look at sin as you do O Lord
To those who lacked he sang: am a millionaire, my father is rich in houses and land and am his heir
To those waste their talents he sang: bury not your talent, it is the gift of God, for one day God will call you to account for your stewardship.
To those who doubt the existence of God he sang: there'll be no excuse that day
To those who face trials he sang: Our trials here on earth will cease some day, some great day
To those who enjoy pleasure at the expense of God he sang: There are some days ahead when the pleasures of life will cease to be pleasure and they will be problems
To those who face serious issues he sang: it is when condition is terrible, it is then Jesus will be wonderful.
To those who are small thinkers he sang: think big, pray big believe big and act big, God will make you bigger than your problem
To the Greatness of God he sang: God is great he has done me well, O my soul rise and praise the Lord.
To those who celebrates he sang: With a gladsome heart we will praise the Lord for he gave us victory over foe
To those who fear death he sang: Jesus lives forever more, there's no fear of death anymore
To those who feel they are either to great or too small to give their lives to Christ he sang: No one is too great and nobody is too small, come as you are to Jesus.
To those who believe in the rapture he sang: We shall fly in the air, we shall meet Jesus in the sky
To those who believe in heaven he sang: There's no night there, hallelujah there's no night there, for Jesus is the light.

What more can I say? I can go on and on and on and on, I have so much to say about this great man of God who was available to all and any, despite his position in the church.

He sang in crusades of thousands in the early 80s and 90s and composed many of the worship songs popularly being sang in Nigerian churches today, but he did all for God’s praise, not for personal gain. He never made a penny, growing up we didn’t see it that way we always thought he should have cashed in.

All I can say is thank you God for bringing me into this world via this vessel of honour.

One of his sons in the Lord Fred puts it like this:

"Papa is dead, but lies forever"
"Papa is free at last"
"I can see papa singing with the host of heaven”:
"Free at last, free at last, Thank God am free at last"

My desire and prayer is to be half the Christian my dad was, am still trying.

There’s no other father like my dad, everyone says that of their dad and you may disagree with me, but if you knew him you’ll agree.

28 July 2009

Basking ...................

In these trying times, a lot of folks have allowed their vision to become blur by what they see and their hearing have become dull by the constant stream of ill tidings!
I must say it is hard to be positive given all that is going on in our world today. Be that as it may, we must keep our eyes fixed on the vision.

Sometimes when the vision tarries the wait becomes too long in our eyes. Have we wondered why we become despondent and impatient when what we’ve been waiting for seems to take forever to come through? Here’s why I think we get dismay, discouraged, or disheartened, we spend too much time on the situation, our every waking moment is consumed with the issues we face, we are so engross with it that we live in the reality of its absence. There’s no smile on our faces, no hope in the future, robbing us of joy in the present.

I decided a long time ago to look around me, within me and find something to be thankful for each day regardless of how dire the situation may be. It has helped me a great deal as my focus is removed from the issue that is not working out to what is.

I have decided to enjoy each moment given to me and not to waste it pondering the absence my desires.

I have come to realise that no matter how bad I think my situation is someone somewhere have it worse than me.

I have come to know that my posture during the trying times of my life will either inspire someone to trust God or to give up in their wait for their break through.

I have decided to see each challenge as another added experience to the tree of testimony that is growing by the day.

I have decided to

Enjoy the beauty of my dreams
Live in its reality
And bask in the possibilities of its fulfilment
To let the assurance of its realisation
Fill me with peace in the present
And hope for the future.

What are you basking in?


Eyes for sight to see both the seen and unseen
Though often times
Gaze trail to the unseen
Sadness magnified by its absence

I press on still,
My focus on the goal
Yielding to the vision that is a reality in the realm of the unseen
I steadfastly set my gaze on the dream
As I fully grasp it in the inner recesses of me
I come into it
As it becomes real in me.

© Deboo July 2009
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2 July 2009


On the prowl he seeks his prey
Subtly he speaks, disguise as a friend
Then he engages, lures and entices seeking to lay claim on any who listens,
But friend, just one word spoken in faith will slay him.

We constantly engage in conversations with our friends, spouses, children and our heavenly father, it is therefore safe to say that our actions are sometimes influenced by these conversations. They could be simple things like where to go on holiday, career prospects and other such things.

in conversations with our heavenly father carried on in prayer, we speak to him of our hopes, fears, share our pains and victories. He also speaks to us via his word.

Just as we converse with these people and our father in heaven , there is also one who tries to engage us in conversations that belittles us, demeans us, and degrades us, albeith he doesn't make his intentions known, the devil is he.

When you open your heart to conversation with the devil you open up yourself to his ideas, to question what you know about God and what God said in his word. Gen 3:1-8.

Eve carried on in conversation with the devil in the garden of eden and he suggested to her that the consequences of eating the apple isn't really death but an opening, an enlightenment to knowing good and evil. She considered it and that landed us in what we know today as the fall of man.

The only suitable response to the devil and his suggestions is the response Jesus gave the devil when the devil suggested that Jesus should bow down to him. Jesus replied "get thee behind me Satan".

He will come at us with his suggestions to get our attention and question our beliefs and the authenticity of God's word but do not entertain any thought from him nor consider his suggestions. "Get thee behind me Satan" is the only appropriate response for him.

What is the enemy suggesting to you today? That you are less than able, questioning your status as a child of God, that you are not worthy, that maybe, just maybe what you believe in isn't true, that God's word won't come to pass in your life. Regardless of his suggestions your response should always be "Get thee behin me Satan". It worked for Jesus, it will work for you today.

So keep pressing on in faith, for despite the fact that your adverary the devil is on the prowl, be rest assured, that one word spoken in faith will slay him.

22 June 2009

Pearls of Thunder

The next time there is a thunder pause and think, something of worth may be about to be dispatch from heavens store house. Often we associate natural disasters with evil. Yes, while earthquake, lightings and thunders destroy lives and belongings. I read in God’s word that there are certain thunderous storms and quake that are sent in answers to our prayers! Could it be therefore that our focus on natural pheromone prevents us from reaching for the pearls within the thunder?

In the mist of pain and sorrow, crying and wailing no one is watching to see what good will come from a disaster, moments or months afterwards. The human mind automatically reverts to sorrow and acknowledges a sense of loss.

As a Christian, God’s word, the bible, tells me that all things works together for Good to them who love God. This scripture has given me hope and encouraged me to hold on while going through tough times. Yes things may sometimes look bad, situations may occur that threatens to knock us off balance, but my bible tells me that it’ll work out for my good in the end. I’ve seen it happened time and time again in my life, where out of the storms and thunders something beautiful is born.

In January, bush fire ravaged the Austrian Queens’s land. It was reported that the fire travelled at 70 miles an hour consuming everything and anything in its path.
After the fire, rangers were sent in to assess the extend of damage done and to gather evidence from the disaster

One ranger while going through the rubbles was started by the shape of a bird at the base of a tree The bird has been badly burnt with its wing spread out wide, out of curiosity he shook the remains with his stick and behold underneath the bird were its chicks! Immediately he did that they flew away!

During the fire, the mother recognising that they had little or no chance of her escaping with them, shielded them from the fire by spreading her winds over them. In spite of the intensity of the fire and the ferociousness of the heat she did not move, she gave her life for her own. Wow!

You may be going through tough times right now, the intensive of the recession, job loses, lose of your home, a love one, disaster may have rocked your world. Remember the Lord said, he is your shield, Psalm 91:4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

Like that bird, he will spread his wings over you, protecting you from the fire of loss. He will not leave you. He even died for you on the cross! Taking the heat for you to set you free and just like those birds, you too can fly and soar above the situation which threatens to burn you. The heat will come, the fire will rage, but he has promised to be with you in the storms and fires of life. So in the mist of your pain and sorrow,
someone is watching over you and within the thunderous storms, peals of hope and laughter will roll.

Relevant scripture passages:
Revelation 19:6 And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thundering, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.
Revelation 4:5.
And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.
Psalm 104:7
At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away.

Ps 97.

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7 June 2009

Letting Out

Why do we do it? Why do we say we are fine when we are not? I don't mean to any one who ask but to supposedly good friends.
Why? Why are we afraid to be needy, to show emotions or be dependent, why?
Why do we hold our emotions so closely to our hearts that we even pretend amongst very good friends?

I started asking myself this question lately as I was faced with this phoniness amongst friends, the pretentiousness to be ok when we are not. What's the point in having friends if we can't be ourselves with them, if we are still on guard when we are with them as opposes to throwing caution to the wind.

I don't mean be yourself with anyone who throws a smile your way and spill your guts, no. I mean the 2 or 3 or even 1 person in your life you call a friend or "a good friend", why do we hold back?
Isn't friendship about sharing the good and the bad times, both happy and sad news, ups and downs? I know that some of us have learnt a lesson or two from confiding in friends, and as a result decided to stop sharing to protect ourselves.
Regardless of our reasons, we should be able to identify very good friends from those who hang around us in the hopes of getting some juicy stories to spread around.
Friendship is about trust and if you've been around someone long enough, you should be able to know what they are capable of and whether they can be relied on to keep a secret.

There are various reasons for holding back from crying or just letting out, either we have never been upfront from the beginning and have presented a phoney side to our good friends such that, when faced with a situation that is contrary to the picture we've given, we can't bear to be seen or perceived too weak or needy, it may be that we are simply afraid of being judged even by good friends.

I've learnt that people will open up to you to the degree you open up to them, simply because once we are able to open up to each other about our deepest concerns, thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, we begin to build a trust that makes the friendship closer.

Whatever the reasons we do what we do, out of ignorance, pride, self confidence, self sufficiency or protection……

Remember if you are perceived as friend, act as one, be one,

Let friendship be the ship on which you set sail the emotions of your heart
Let it take you to the edge, experience the intensity it brings
Let it be the music that wakes you up from the dept of despair
let it be the warmth that covers you in cold
Let it relief you from your fears
Let the summers and winters of your life be filled with the beauty of good friends
Discover yourself in friendship for the hope it brings and the joy it releases
hope in despair
peace in turmoil
relief from pain
a shoulder of steel
a silence of thought
an acceptance of imperfection
and a joy in sharing
Let friendship be the light house that shines brightly in the dark tides of your life
for it will lead you to shores of safety when all else fails.

"You use steel to sharpen steel and one friend sharpens another" Prov 27:17 the message bible.

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29 May 2009

Summer Fun

Bright and fair
Colour of every shade
Easy breezy smiles
Adore each face
Feet swift in stride
In expectation of nature’s seasonal change
O! How liberating it is
To welcome again
Sun, fun and happy days of endless warmth!

© Deboo May 2009
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15 May 2009

Common Place Blessings.

Not common place, your loving grace that keeps me through lives busy pace
Protecting, shielding, caring and loving me

Not taken for granted, the rain you give in due season, to give life, causing herbs and grains to sprout.
Not common place, the daily reward of labour that feeds and nourishes us so, for many a soul does hunger and taste but find non to replenish.

Nay my Lord, not common place, the many trials we face, that makes us strong, refining us for your glory, polishing and preserving us for your use.

Not common place, the peace I find in your presence, beholding your awesomeness, for many a soul this privilege sort not.
Not common place, when you calm my soul, ravaged with fear and replaced it with the assurance of your love, a calming balm of healing released when in stillness I remain. Not common place Lord, not common place.

This is just a reminder for us not to take for granted the many blessings God has so graciously loaded us with. Given the current wave of uncertainty pervading our world, it is easy to look to the future with despair rather than with hope.
Let’s remind ourselves of the little “unnoticed” things we have been blessed with. Sunlight, breeze, our senses, our love ones, the joy of laughter, the melody of music, the stillness of the morning, the sight of the moonlight, the glory of winter!
We should not only give thanks in the big things that happen to us, but in the little daily details of our lives, because they are not common place.

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4 May 2009

When No One's Looking!

It’s easy to do the right thing in the glare of public eye. It’s easy to be committed to a course and be dedicated to a given task when the team leader is around, it’s easy to pray and worship during a church service. But what happens when no one is looking?

It’s easy to give and be generous when we are ok financially, when the bank balance is high and the bills are paid. But what happens when the story changes?
It was reported recently that charitable giving has declined due to the current economic climate. Yes, while close to 2.5 million Britons may be currently out of work, what proportion of those gave regularly to have badly affected charitable courses? Or is it that the rest of us have decided to hold on to what we’ve got.

It was also reported that due to the current economic atmosphere shop lifting have gone up, people have become more dishonest, ruder, and unfriendly.

How come? How can honest, decent, law abiding people suddenly became thieves and cheats, I ask myself? Could it be that their job was a glass shield, used to mask an underlying problem of shoplifting and indecent behaviour? I don’t think people can just switch and change depending on their circumstances. Whatever the reasons, I think that majority of people put up an act when people are watching. Hence the real person comes out given a change in circumstances.

I was in a shop a few days ago just browsing. I walked to the jewellery section and tried on a few of the pieces and found one I liked which I eventually paid for and slipped on my left wrist.

I was with a friend at the time, we walked outside, and after a couple of blocks I felt something on my right wrist, at first I thought it was my wrist watch but it was loose which made me wonder what it could be. I looked and behold one of the bangles I tried on but forgot to take off.

“O my God I gasped”, my friend stopped, thinking I had lost something.
“What is it she said”,
“Look I said” showing her my wrist, she started laughing.
“It’s not funny, I said, I’ve just walked out of the shop with a bangle I don’t intend to have, without paying for it”.
She goes “O well you have it now, no one saw you, and you might as well keep it”. “I am not keeping it” “I am taking it back”, “I replied”
“Just keep it, it’s only a bangle” she replied. I am taking it back”, even if I want it, I will have to pay to keep it.
It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. You may wonder was there a part of me, a very small part that wanted to keep it. Yes there was, it’s easy to think, oops it’s my lucky day, but it wasn’t its stealing, however small. (My friend was testing me though).

With no one looking, we walked to the shop and put it back where it belonged.
This is not an attempt to pat myself on the back to say O, look what we did, we’re honest and decent, far from it, it’s just to drive home the point.

What do you do when no one is looking?
Would you still litter the street if there were no CCTV or hygiene police on the watch?
Would you still be dedicated to your job if your boss were away? Or you have no boss?
Would you still tenderly care for your friend’s baby in her absence the same way you would when she’s there?
Would you be faithful in giving, no matter how small when your situation changes?
Would you still be nice to the elderly folks in your care, when you are alone with them?
Would you still pay your taxes if it was left up to you to do so? Now that’s a thought!

Do you do what you do because it is convenient to do so, or because you are required by law to do so? Or because you know it is a moral and decent thing to do.

It’s easy to put up a smile and say hello in good times, but what happens when the bottom drops off? How do you hold up in tough times? We are in tough times right now, the world is in the deepest recession like never before, battling the threat of Swine flu pandemic, wars, e.t.c.

The only way to go through tough times is to stay with the one who can stir your ship to quiet waters, he alone can give you the peace, resolve and strength to remain steadfast, unmoveable, unshakeable and honest in trying times, helping you with the guidance of his Holy Spirit to do right when no one is looking.

20 April 2009

I wonder

I was in prison yesterday. Yes in a maximum security prison for that matter. I didn’t go in as an inmate but as a minister. As a member of the Prison Outreach Network we frequently attend different prisons in and around the country to worship with the inmates. The services are always inspirational, the simplicity of the inmates never fail to amaze me, the worship is always breathtaking and that is without guitars, drums, piano or the other stuff that we think we need before we can praise God. To hear the inmates lift up their voices in one accord and praise God is just a blessing and one I always look forward to.

This got me thinking, about our churches today. You see in today’s church especially our Pentecostal ones the focus has shifted, I am sad to say that we no longer worship in spirit and in truth. Over the last few years, there has been a change from true worship to human worship.

Our pastors or leaders are held in high esteem, we the people come short of worshipping our leaders. It’s no longer what the word says, but what pastor this or that says.
I am all for giving honour to whom honour is due, but what qualifies one to receive honour? Who determines who gets honour?

Does being a pastor qualifies you to automatically receive honour and in what form?
Is there a separate place in heaven for pastors and leaders and for the rest of the people? If not why do leaders, pastors etc separate themselves from the rest of the people? Why are they so untouchable, unreachable, and unapproachable? Why the change? Why should the size of a congregation affect a Shepard's heart? If they are approachable before how come that changes once the numbers increased?

Today’s “leaders” (I use that word lightly because really we are all servants), are far removed from the people they’ve been called to serve. They are suppose to be the lead-servants of all of us and we are to follow their examples in savant hood, serving faithfully. Jesus was honoured even though he served his disciples, they saw his humility and servant's heart that they were humbled in his presence and compelled by what they saw, to serve him.

What happened to the days of simply walking up to your pastor without fear of being shoved aside by one of the body guards masquerading as protocol officers? What happens to the days of simply walking into his office and saying hello because you were in the building? You don’t need counselling, don’t want to be prayed for, or encouraged, you don’t want an appointment, and truth is you’ll only be 2 seconds.

What happens to the spirit of being a servant? What happened to we are called to serve not be served. Or the people are called to serve the pastors not the other way round? How come we qualify to be preached to, told what to do, admonish, encouraged from the pulpit, but we don’t qualify to embrace the pastor after the service. I know there are those odd ones who if given a moment with the pastor would recite their live's problems, but I think the pastor can kindly say please not now book an appointment with my PA. I genuinely think the majority of the congregation just want a simple hand shake after the service.

I wonder what happened to the Christ like spirit. Isn’t the meaning of Christian “Christ like” those who are like Christ?

You see Christ doesn’t look at me any differently than he does those inmates. We are all sinners saved by grace, whether it took them going into the prison to get saved or I being born into a Christian home. It is by grace we are all saved, the same blood was shed for us. In the same vain, God doesn’t regard pastor so and so or bishop so and so, more highly than the usher or the children’s teacher or the member who is simply a member. Let’s stop this segregation, this us and them attitude. I don’t think our leaders deliberately set out to be untouchable or unreachable. I think there was a shift in focus or purpose either because they became busier or pride found its way in.

Even our master described himself as a servant: Here’s a few of what he said:

For even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and gave himself a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am GENTLE and HUMBLE in heart and you shall find rest for your souls. Matt 11: 28-29.

He was the greatest teacher of our time yet he described himself as lonely in heart
He was besieged by people from all places, yet he never turned one away.
He demonstrated his capacity to give unconditionally when he gave his life on the cross
He demonstrated his love for all when he choose to dine with those of unequal status as he
He demonstrated his humility when he choose to serve rather than be served
He was all things to all men
To the sick he was a healer
To the thief he was a saviour
To the prostitute he was a forgiver
To the dead he was the resurrection and the life
To the leper he was the cleanser
To the blind he was their sight
He chooses to serve rather than be served.
To the deaf he was their hearing
To the downtrodden he was an up lifter
To the unjust he was a judge.
He was sort by many and available to all.

I wonder if one of us or our big preachers today were in Jesus shoes how would they be described.
I wonder.
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11 April 2009

Happy Easter


Mercy looks beyond man’s fault
Mercy made him came as a servant
Left the splendour of his throne
To walk earths rugged road
It was mercy that caused him to
Exchange the praise and honour of angels
For the scorn and hate of men
For mercy he came and bought my pardon,
Redeeming me with his blood



Never was a deed so vile
Never was a task so hard
Never was a plan so falsely harsh
Never was an act so divine
For a man to die in false accuse
But never was it so needful
That he should die for sins so grave
That only his blood would cleanse
Never was the victory so sweet
When he rose again!


I’ll do the same

I’ll bear my cross
In pain or despair
I’ll stay close to him
In every season
I’ll work for him no matter the task
Not for gain or praise
Spending myself till my last breath
I’ll follow his lead
Though the path be rugged.
And when my work here is done,
I’ll gladly wait to hear him say well done.


Yes he lives we can sing,
Yes he lives we can laugh,
Yes he lives we have a hope
Yes he lives we can dance
Yes he live we can live also

© Deboo April 2009
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8 April 2009

I Imagine

Can you sit back and imagine with me for a few minutes, the Easter story? This is not some literary story, told by people of old to spice up this time of the year.

Easter, a time for reflection and celebration, a time to sit back and enjoy the many blessings God has graciously delivered to us. A time to offer gifts and praise for the selfless act of kindness the father displayed when he took on the form of man, took our place on the cross and died the death of a wretched sinner.

Easter did not start with a celebration!

O what sadness was felt by Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene when at dawn they found the tomb where he was laid empty, the feeling of hopelessness finally became real, their fears now a reality. He is dead, and worse his body stolen. With their heads bowed, they wept. He is gone, Mary’s precious Son, Lord and Saviour taken away and now the last fragments of his body gone too, nothing to remember him by, what sorrow they felt.

I imagine the disciples too, gathered together as usual encouraging one another, finding the strength to go on the day after their Lord and Saviour was killed. The man whom they saw performed miracles never before seen by men, the one who walked on water, the one who caused the blind to see and the lame to walk, the one who raised the dead.

I imagine Lazarus too, inconsolable from grief and disbelief that his saviour, the one who brought him back to life, killed and gone.
But still the one who humbly let them take him away from them? How dare he do this to them?

Peter too must have been really grief stricken, he denied his Lord, the Christ, O the look his master gave him moments before he was led away! Peter, I imagined locked himself away in his shame, cried and repented over and over again, but hoping and praying that his Lord would rise again as he said he would, praying and whispering, please come back, please come back.

I imagine the others too shocked to venture out for fear of reprisal from the crowd.

Hey, where’s your Lord and Master, the one who made himself equal with God, Dead huh? He hasn’t risen yet I suppose. You want to take his place? I imagine this.

Then I imagine the women as they stood by the tomb in agony as they realised that their saviour is gone forever, I imagine the angel as he spoke to them, women why do you look for him here? He is not here. He is risen, just as he said he would.

I imagine the change in their demure, the joy, the almost too good to be true expression that started with mouth agape and then spread to a simile and then to uncontrollable laughter and praise to the father.

I imagine them too excited to wait for the angel to finish his statement but ran, almost tripping on their garment to tell his disciple, he is not Dead, but he is "Risen" I imagine them stuttering over their words.

I imagined the disciples too, stunned with disbelief, confused, saying to Mary, slow down, speak quietly, what are you saying? You are not making any sense, what did you just say? And Mary, trying desperately to recount her encounter with the angels repeated, he’s not dead, he’s risen. Finally they got it, He is Risen he is not dead. He is back, like he said he would.

I imagine the joy, the cheers, the cries of, at last, he got up, he is risen, he is alive! I imagine this and I can’t help but dance and celebrate too.

This is for real, this is not a spiritual resurrection, not just my imagination, it happened. Jesus died and rose again. That’s what Easter is about.

A celebration of his resurrection, because with it, he gave us freedom from sin, sickness and disease, we can go to the father boldly and obtain mercy.

That’s what Easter is about.

I hope you too can know Jesus as Lord and Saviour and enjoy the joy and peace that comes with this knowledge.
Reflect on his death and resurrection and let that encourage you through whatever you may be going through, because if he rose from the dead, he can bring you out from whatever difficulties you may be facing.

Happy Easter. He is not dead he is alive because...........
Only he can take my sins and wash it white as snow.
Only he can take my pain and turn it to gain
Only he can touch my life with love so true and real.
Only he can comfort with words of peace and joy
Only he can turn a dark dull day and make the sun come shining through.

© Deboo April 2009.
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20 March 2009

In Praise of Mother.

She gladly toils for her own
Protectively shielding
Tenderly loving
Intensely giving
Sacrificing time
Pleasures, wealth or fame
For the role she so joyfully fills
She is persistent in service
Resourceful in career
Patient in waiting
Full of praise for her own
She is a mother

Her worth is priceless
She asks not for wages
Nor for praise
But she seeks only the good in her own
Earnestly working to provide
She believes the best
Endures the bad and
Hope for the good.
Say, mother’s love is a mirror image
Of God’s love


If we could start out without her we would
If we could grasp the first time without her we would
If we could make our first sound without her we would
If we could take our first step without her we would
We couldn’t hence she was place here for every first of our lives
Even God needed her for these first of his earthly life.


Plates & pans
Chores and noises
Hair in disarray
Worn out looks
But at the squeak of one of her own
She springs to action
Because she’s always on call!


© Deboo March 2009

18 March 2009

God's Vessels

Mothers what can we say of them?
We came via them for without them
There will be no presidents, no genius, no scientists,
No doctors, no violinist, no opera singer, no £250,000 a week footballers,
The world tries to rid itself of this gem call mother
But have failed every time.

Advancement in science cannot replace them.
Two men can father a child but can’t make one.
Mothers are the only species on God’s earth that are indispensable.
They are vital to his plan.
Even the creator came through her
Though he made her he saw her role as vital to his purpose
That hasn’t changed.

Mothers are the vital gradients for a stable, happy and whole relationship.
They compliment dad, contribute their time, skills and effort to every home venture
They co-ordinate the home front, they plan like military and execute to precision
There is no room for error when it comes to bringing up their kids
Hence they are sometimes seen as mean! But are not!
Mothers have the capacity to love, care, and discipline at the same time.
When mothers fail to rise up to their responsibilities: as homemakers, visionaries, encouragers,
Builders, lovers, carers:
The result can be disastrous:

So rise up Mums

be tenacious in discipline.
Be tough in the face of the most trying circumstances
Be resilient when the battle rages
Be steadfast in prayer
For this purpose you’ve been called “mother”.

© Deboo March 2009.
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11 March 2009

Grace Alone

How do you live life daily? In fear, doubt and worry? Or do you commit your ways to God’s hands believing he can handle whatever comes your way.

For a long time I was a worry wart, trust me I worry about every little thing, I even worry when I have nothing to worry about. I guess it stems from being impatient. I had to learn that it doesn’t matter how much I worry about an issue, it will turn out the way God wants it to.

That revelation saved my life, now I enjoy the peace that only God can give regardless of whatever circumstance I face.

God has not called us to live a life of worry, fear and pain. Yes, we will face disappointing situations as we journey through life, he said in his word that in this world we will have trials and tribulations, but he didn’t stop there… the other promise is that we can be cheerful knowing that he has overcome on our behalf. So in the mist of that difficult situation, perplexing problem and unimaginable enigma, let the hope of overcoming in Christ fill you with cheer.

I was saved by grace the moment I realised that I am not in control of whatever happens. I came to realise that after the initial disappointment of not realising our dreams, reaching our goals and having our desires met, we can dust ourselves and get back up again.
Being a Christian does not immune us from problems, though our pain may be great, we can be assured of God’s grace through each difficulty.

Grace alone is what carries us through when others are falling down from the weight of their problems,
Grace embraces us and keeps us hoping,
grace assures us of a better outcome,
Grace ignites in us a spark that radiates for all to see,
Grace gives strength for the journey,
Grace applauds us when we persist and keep on,
Grace enables us to ignore the jeers and sneers of the crowd,
Grace illuminates our paths and paves the way for a glorious dawn,
Grace always accepts us when we falter and waver,
Grace alone makes the difference.

© Deboo March 2009
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24 February 2009

Strength from the Past

Tales of sadness echoes across the land
Weep! Man’s deeds has cause us woes
Wail! The future of the unborn is doom
Fear! There is no end in sight.
Misery is cast over the land
Man’s hold on sanity is shattered
Fear grips
As the ill wind of bad news
Streams through each air waves
Heralding tales of loss, death, depression, gloom
Fear takes a tighter hold.

Does this sound familiar? Do you see yourself in the picture? As the constant stream of financially depress news rings through the air waves, the heart of many faint from fear. Even those who have no reason to fear are afraid.

Why? Why the sudden dread? The world is in turmoil. This is not new, we have seen financial institutions collapsed before, and businesses go bankrupt, job losses and government inefficiencies have all happened before. This time things are much worse but they will still take their natural course.

We have seen it before and we’ve pulled through, countries, individuals, and institutions alike.

Doesn’t this tell us something? Life is a circle - what we are experiencing now will end some day. Why can’t we just wait it out?
Why can’t we be hopeful that we will pull through? Why can’t we believe that because we came out before we will come out again?

The media hasn’t made it easy, not a day passes without the grim tale of another victim. If watching and listening to the news causes you to fear, you can stop filling your heart with tales of doom and gloom, rather read and watch stuff that will enrich you positively.
This may not change the outlook of the world but it will make a difference to how you think and feel. (What you think determines how you feel). I am not suggesting that you run and hid simply choose what you watch.

I watch the news simply out of curiosity to find out the latest victim of man’s greed. It amazes me the extend humans sunk, just to amass wealth at the expense of millions of innocent people.

No wonder we fear!
As with most situations in our lives
We fear when we feel we have no control over what is happening in and around us.

We fear when we look ahead and glimpse a bleak future.
We fear when we use the present as a guide to the future.
We fear when we think we are about to loose all that we hold dear.

Our fears are not unreal, some are valid, but I think we can control them, yes we can. Maybe we can’t control what is happening around us, if your company goes bust there’s nothing you can do about that.
But you can choose to see being laid off work as an opportunity to start again or see it as the end of your working live, sign on and be unhappy.

As the saying goes “every disappointment is a blessing” the bible echoes that clearly Romans 8.28 “for we know that ALL things works together for good”

We can hold on to the hope that things will get better again. If there’s a time to look to the past, it is now, because we can look back and draw strength from the truth that we can come through individually and collectively:

Fear not
When the rough winds of adversity blow
And the scourging heat of the sun burns
The cold touch of winter grips,
But amidst the rocky planes of loss
One thing is sure
This too will pass!

© Deboo February 2009.
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11 February 2009

Unexplainable Love

That time of the year is upon us again. I think it’s really brilliant that a day is aside for “Love”. This is one language we all speak, the language of love. Love is the same to the Chinese, the Indian, the Africans, the Americans, the English, the Scandinavians, etc. Valentines’ is especially important when it falls on a weekend, because we have time to enjoy the day and ourselves.

Sometimes love is misunderstood when bequeathed and not reciprocated. I’ve seen people hurt from loving others but not receiving the same. It touches them in ways that defies explaining.

I’ve seen those who have given up fame, time and money for the cause of love. Those who have gone to great extent to demonstrated their love for others.
Love defies explaining, ask anyone in love they’ll tell you “I feel something but I can’t explain it”. This is one reason people are taken advantage of, abused and misunderstood because they love deeply and recklessly on a level that defies meaning.

Love sometimes appears foolish, I’ve heard people say don’t be a fool in love, open your eyes. I think what they are saying is, don’t love selflessly, unreservedly without expectations, don’t love the way you really feel, be vain, fake, or phoney.

Have you seen two people in love and think, No way! What is he/she doing with her/him? He’s 6.5” tall and she 4"short, he’s black and she’s white, he’s fat, she’s skinny and so on.

A parent who decides to keep a disabled child because of the love they have for the child. Or a child who decides to selflessly care for an old parent, despite their financial predicament, because of love. How do you explain these acts, we call them love but love itself cannot be explained.

All kinds of despicable deeds have been perpetuated in the name of love. How can a feeling so sweet cause so much pain, lust, anger, violence and hatred? How?
Our attempts to explain love have resulted in shameful and ugly deeds. We have given it reason, we’ve coated the very essence of love and transformed it to suit our own goal it was not intended so.

Straight from my heart is this charge for us to love God’s way (see top right hand coner): as he intended because that is what works every time. Any attempt to change it, explain it, reason it will undoubtedly fail.
Enjoy this peace dedicated to my hubby!

You unlock my heart with your smile that spreads across your face so tenderly,
You cast a spell on me when you gazed my way and sent a wink that spoke volume.
You ignited a spark in my loins when your hand held mine and walked me up the steps to love,
You froze my breath when I felt your lips on mine the first day we kissed.
You are the love sound that wakes me up daily,
Yours is the voice that I want to hear forever,
It holds sweet rings of endearment when you speak,
Yours is the light that streams through my window on a summer day,
And yours is the candle that lights up a dark grey night.
You took me to heaven when I am one with you.

© Deboo February 2008
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2 February 2009


Hello and welcome to a wonderful snow day! If like me you are snowed in, unless you are a workaholic, it's a much needed day off work. So rather than sit and moan my inability to go to work (not that I did that), I decided to go for a walk in the snow! yes I did, with my Wellington boots, but I had to run back in because, down my end it was really pouring with snow and my boots weren't thick enough! While walking I thought to myself........

What is this!
Flurry, fluffy, fluster and still a beautiful sight
A beauty comparable to nothing
But yet described as white as snow
Nay, it’s snow itself.

Its arrival expected, but the deluge a surprise
What is this that drops so quickly?
Covering my window sills.
Hedging us in
Snow, my friend
A welcome relief from
The news of woes that grips the headlines.

Yes, it’s snow, causing temporary mayhem on the
Roads, the streets, airports....
Still a beautiful sight to behold.
As children dance in it,
Tossing each other with balls of snow
No care in the world
Set free from the worries of
Snow though expected,
Still has the power to disrupt
And bring joy!

Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

Thank you Lord for the times and seasons!

© Deboo February 2009.
Pictures of my snow covered street.

23 January 2009


My yesterday,
A shadow of my past

looms steadily over my future

yesterday a present and constant reminder of

all that might have been

of failures and under achievements.

Of regrets,
And wishes bore on the wings of despair.

Though failures abound in my yesterday

so too does success and pleasures.

But blinded by helplessness

I fail to see through the mist of despair

to the beauty that abounds in yesterday.

Then hope was reborn

in the warmth of my lover's arms
He secures me from the mistakes of yesterday
From the hurt, pain and regrets of a blighted past

He becomes my rear guard

a guide through shrubs of difficulties

As he leads me into the future

not with haste

but with delightsome springs of assurance

though my yesterday may hold broken dreams

and irreversible blunders

one thing is sure

with his gentle guidance

I am assured of a certain future
Not tarnished by the dread of yesterday.

© Deboo January 2009.
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