25 December 2008

Best Laid Plans

What do you do when your plans fall through?
Do you throw in the towel and hang you head in despair?
Do you feel ashamed, angry and organise a pity party?
Do you feel the world and God have conspired to truncate your plans?
How do you think Mary and Joseph felt?
They were engaged to be married. Their plan was to settle down and have a small family and continue as "normal couple". Whatever that is.

Not only were their plans messed up, it felt like the whole world was against them, the king was after them, their families must have ostracise them. They may have asked themselves a thousand times Why God, why us? They didn't understand it then but later did.

Just like Mary and Joseph your plans for 2008 may have fallen through. Your dreams became your worse nightmare, you feel you’ve been badly messed up and you really can't understand what God is up to and you would love to understand. Some things that happen to us are not God's perfect plans for our lives, true. Things like Sickness, rape, injustice, war, hatred, e.t.c. these are not his perfect will. So when things are not going according to God's plan for our lives he changes our plans.

According to Rick Warren, when God changes our plan he is trying to do 3 things in our life

1. Get our attention. In our pain God speaks. Seek him through whatever you are going through and you will find him.
2. He has a better plan. He doesn't change your plans unless he has a better plan. Just as he did for Mary and Joseph -His is bigger, better and more rewarding than ours. It may be harder sometimes, but it is better. Mary and Joseph's plan turned out right after all and they later understood what God was up to. That is why we are here today celebrating God's perfect plan for Mary and Joseph's life.

3. He wants us to learn to seek and trust him through the changes. Seek him for his perfect plan for your life in 2009. If you are worried about 2009, anxious about the current economic situation or any other situation in your life, trust him to bring his best plan to pass for your life and our Nation. Seek him, not the solution to the problem or an explanation to the situation, but when you seek him for who he is as a saviour, he comes and brings with him the solution and explanation.

As you celebrate today, ponder in your heart the gift of God's dear son to us. Look to the future with hope and believe that in 2009 he will bring his perfect plan for your life to pass. I urge you to seek his plan for your life and not your plan for your life because his plans are the best laid plans.

My will for yours given in surrender
My choices for what you choose letting go of self
My desires for what you want only your best will do
Lord my everything for all of you.
© Deboo December 2008

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22 December 2008

christmas wishes


We have less than 3 days before Christmas and it is true that the excitement is not as it was this time last year. I know this is due to the doom and gloom we hear and see around us. Lets face it 2008 hasn't exactly been rosy and smooth as we would have loved it to.

I personally didn't expect 2008 to turn out the way it did for me, but I am glad I lived through it and am here to celebrate and testify of his goodness. If like me you've had an unbelievable year packed with eventful details some good and some bad, you have every reason to celebrate. Yes we may not have ticked off everything off our wish list, but one thing we have is our hope.

The hope of a better day, the hope that we are still here to attempt those tasks we didn't succeed at. The hope of having a saviour who is rooting for us, urging us not to give up. For me, I am celebrating the hope that the birth of Christ brought to me. I am reminded of his love for me.

That he is indeed my
My Counsellor,
My Strength,
My Wonderful saviour
And my Prince of Peace
He has indeed been Immanuel to me. "God with us"
He has been with me every step of the way,
Through the steepest hill and the lowest valley
He carried me through safely beneath his wings.
This is what I celebrate.

Straight from my heart is this Christmas wish to encourage you to hope in his birth, that he came to be

A light in darkness,
A way in the thickest forest
A lamp to light the path
A shield in time of war
A help in time of need
A saviour is he
His birth brought peace
His resurrection brought victory
His ascension brought hope
A saviour he is.

Merry Christmas

© Deboo December 2008

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10 December 2008

A Busy Year

Have you suddenly realised this is one of the most busy year ever?
Have you noticed you were rushed off your feet every single time?
Did you at one point wish you had more time?
Indeed, this has been of the busiest year for me, from work to family life, to friends to everything! At one point I muttered Gosh! I just can't wait for the year to end.

But you see amidst the busyness we still found time for the things that were important to us, to call our dearest friends, to hang out with our families, to sleep - who is too busy to sleep! To go to work! Yea, try telling your boss I was so busy with other things I couldn't come to work.
So despite our busy schedule we still found time for those things that means a lot to us.

So what have you left undone because you were too busy?
How has this year turned out for you?
Who have you lost touch with as a result of your tight schedule; perhaps the relationship wasn't that important to you?

Which resolutions have you to fulfil?
Are you celebrating and partying because the year turned out exactly as you wanted? Bravo!
Or are you eagerly waiting for the year to end so you can begin a New One?

As this year rapidly draws to a close, take a look back and take stock of your actions: You've still got time to remedy those areas you've fallen short.
Don't wait till 31st December 2008 to take stock, start now. Evaluate your relationships with family, friends, God and society, where did you fall short how can you improve next year.

Each moment was supposed to be lived to the fullest,
Working at each task as desired,
But as moment turned into minutes,
Minutes into hours,
Hours into days, and days into months
Resolutions remain unmet
As we dither and tizzy at our task,
We whimper and simmer at the though of completing chores
We wait as vultures waiting on a carcass
Time passes and we wonder where it went.
When all the while we had it
But choose to think we will always have it to do as we please.

Say, pause, rewind and play back the clock of your life, seek to improve on this years performance and as you do ask the father to ferry you safely into the shores of 2009 with zeal, vigour and strength for the journey ahead.

© Deboo December 2008

24 November 2008

I've Learnt

I’ve learnt that God will not give me what I want but what he wants for me.
I’ve learnt that God will not open doors for me, but will give me keys to open them.
I’ve learnt that God will not force me to do his will but will bring situations that will cause me to.
I’ve learnt that God will not remove obstacles from my way, but will give me the wisdom to remove them.

I’ve learnt that even though I don’t understand God and his ways, he understands my ways.
I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter how much I know, but without the knowledge of God
What I know is useless.
I’ve learnt to live in plenty and in the absence of much.
I’ve learnt to give when it’s painful and to receive joyfully, painful situations God has allowed my way.

I’ve learnt that while I pray for God to change the world, I have to be the change I want to see.
I’ve learnt that when I ask God to provide for someone, to look within my capabilities and see if I may be the vessel through which the blessings should flow.
I’ve learnt that God brings people into my life for a reason and when they leave their assignment in my life is over.
I’ve learnt that to be content is not to be satisfied with underachievement, but to work joyfully at my current task on the way to my future assignment.

I’ve learnt that worry does not solve any problem but rather it leaves the door open for despair, sorrow and pain.
I’ve learnt that sometimes our best efforts may not produce the returns we desire.
I’ve learnt to always be thankful in spite of everything I go through, to find the rose within the thorns. For there is someone out there whose issues are 100 times worse than mine.

What have you learnt as you journey through life?

© Deboo November 2008

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9 November 2008

You Can!

On the 5th of November 2008, Americans woke up to a new dawn, a new day, a renewed belief in the hope that anything is possible.
Collectively with their votes they spoke as one, because they dare to believe that they can.
They left the past that had held them bound for so long
They woke up and sang a new song.
Men, women, boys and girls, young and old, danced and cheered not for a person, but to a new assurance that Yes, they Can achieve anything if they can believe.

So straight from my heart is this piece to encourage anyone who feel they can’t go on, that their time is past, that it’s too late in the day to dream again. This is to encourage you to hope again, arise with vigour and believe that you too can.

Though skies turn grey and clouds gather over your dream
When you measure the drapes of your life and nothing seems to add up
When you peep through the curtains of despair and see the pain that carpets the pathway that leads to success.
Though the scourging heat of the sun’s ray melt away your dreams and you see the obstacles stacked against you.
When the obvious seems remotely possible and dreams appears to be just that, dreams!
When failures become the norm rather than the exception and dread a familiar foe.
Ignite your dreams again and believe you can achieve.
Let the vision of the future propel you into the promise of a better day
Believe that the past is in the dungeon of history
Let loose the ropes of dread around your loins
Step into the future with your sight set on paths littered with the colours of hope
That in deed you can.
Step into the future with renewed faith
Step into the future with renewed strength
Turn your wishes into actions
Dare to believe that anything is possible
That impossible is nothing
Dare to believe that you can.

© Deboo November 2008

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2 November 2008

What's in your Luggage!

It was about me I thought,
When you said the words that hurt that broke my heart.
It was about me when I held on to the pain your actions caused,
I will not let go I have to keep holding on.
It was about me when I decided not to let go
But to carry around the hurt and pain I felt inside.
I’ve been everywhere with it because I can’t let go.
Now I realised that I too had hurt someone long ago
And keep on hurting him if I don’t let go of my selfish pain.
I had to give you the gift I received over 2000 years ago before I was born.
For I’ve come to realise it’s not about me,
But about a love that forgave me in spite of my wrongs.

© Deboo November 2008

Today was café church at a local church I sometimes fellowship with. I am always blessed by the informal worship arrangements and have decided to worship with them every now and again.

Café church means just that; over coffee, teas, biscuit and fruits we sit in groups and discuss a topic which challenges us as Christians to think. It is more like a bible study, but the difference is it’s not on a weekday and there is very little bible reading, although the theme is always from the bible, and there is a chance for us to mixed up and fellowship!

Today’s theme was Luggage! What are you carrying around?
The focus was on forgiveness. A short video was played which really drove home the point.

This got me thinking: What really are we carrying around? What’s eating us up?
Forgiveness is not easy. It is one of the most difficult things in the world.
Try telling someone who’s been raped to forgive their attacker, or an abused spouse to forgive their partner or a friend who feels betrayed to forgive their best friend.

Forgiveness does not come cheap, it is costly, and it will cost you your pride, because really, pride amongst other things is what makes forgiving others difficult. It will force us to act contrary to our human nature, because the natural thing is to want to get even.

Even when we pay lip services to forgive those who have wronged us, in truth we haven’t.
You may think you’ve forgiven someone until they show up years later and resurrect a whole cane of worms.

Have you been there? Hurt by someone dear? And you feel like sticking the knife in and make them pay? As the saying goes
“Revenge is a meal best severed cold”
Revenge should not be on the cards at all, it is saying to God I don’t trust you to deal with this situation so I’m going to handle it my way because I can do a better job!

As I watched that video it dawn on me that no matter how hard we try, people will hurt us. Like a dog that goes back to its vomit some times the same people will keep hurting us:
What should you do in those circumstances, stick around and continue to be hurt? No forgive and walk away.

Unforgiveness is a luggage that eats at us slowly.
We carry around anger, hurt, pain, rage, bitterness that keeps us chained to the past.

Let go, set yourself free and just as the bible says forgive those who wrong you, pray for those who despitefully use you.

In conclusion today we were given an onion bud to plan as a way of letting go.
The goal was to go back home and do a soul searching, let go of anyone who may have hurt us. And pray that good will come to them. When you do that without feeling the pain, you will have come into a new beginning, as we bury the bud, we are burying hurt, rage, anger e.t.c. and as it flourishes we flourish into newness of life and experience freedom that comes with forgiving others!

Relevant bible passages:
Mathew: 6:12
Mark: 11:25

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19 October 2008


Sometimes we are faced with circumstances that seem insurmountable. We pray and perspire and wish for solutions and the answers seem so far away. We wonder and question why God, Why? It’s then we realise that we can’t always have what we want when we want it and that we will have to wait.

Waiting is not pleasant especially when you are in a hurry or you want to get something done so that you can progress to other things.
Waiting period especially for those who are impatient can be even harder than what we are waiting for.

So whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you are waiting on God for:
This piece is straight from my heart to encourage you: that though the wait may seem endless and the vision may grow deem:
There is a wait that produces its perfect fruit of peace, which brings an assurance of hope, that doesn’t lead to despair or resignation, but to acceptance of the master’s perfect plan for our lives. So as you wait on God for your heart desires, remember he knows and is working his best for you and will bring it to pass! Wait for it even though it tarry, it will surely, come.

A glance that speaks volume
Seen, but its meaning ignored
A whisper uttered quietly, sternly,

it is heard and acknowledged with a nod.

A glace that became a stare
A whisper, that became a gossip.

These are the little vices
That pieces the heart of the one who waits

The one who waits in the shadow,
With curious glance from all who celebrate,

Wealth, love, and the fulfilment of desires
They wait with a silent prayer uttered,
In the solitude of their heart

They wait while all around move on,
To achieve feats long dreamt of,

They waits...

For that one dream that seems to fade and lingers in the distance

As the heart bleed and cry for its arrival,
But the wait continues

Not out of despair
Or fear
Not out of anger
Or sorrow
Not out of impatience
Or resignation
They wait in joy,
Abounds in hope
Of a dawn that will herald the
Arrival of their heart desires.

© Deboo October 2008.
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8 October 2008


The tingling sound of fear,
Echoes through her path
From within her depths
A cry for release rise
Release from confusion within and
Turmoil without.

From within her
A muffled sound resounds,
Yeaning to be heard
A sound of familiar pain
A cry for freedom
From clutches that bind.

Alas from with her
Sprung a sound
Pure, sweet and calm
One of joy, hope and victory
A sound that conveys
Belief in the beautify of a dream
And courage in the face of adversity
A sound of encouragement to whoever hears
To dance to the rhythm of
The assurances that is heard in this sound.

© Deboo October 2008.

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1 October 2008

Thinking of You.

I know I say it often- “I love you” and that’s true,
This feeling will go on, through time, space and all eternity.
I know that sometimes my actions speaks otherwise
And makes you wonder if it’s true
But my love is boundless as the sea that overflows
And as the distance between the stars and earth is measureless so is my love for you,
Its dimension cannot be measured, its size who can tell
Its brightness shines through a dense foggy night
So too does my love for you.
When you feel down and lonely
Lost and weary, thinking no body cares
Be rest assured I’m thinking of you
And my love will come shining through.

© Deboo October 2008.

13 September 2008


In recent weeks, we’ve listened to the forecast of storms around the coast of the American, Cuba and the shores of the West Indies and the devastation hurricane “Ike” and “Hanna” left in the Caribbean islands, the floods in the shores of India and the Asia regions. I was fascinated by the forecast as reporter after reporter bombarded us with the dreaded news of what is to come. I understand they have to report the news to make those residents of New Orleans who think they can ride out the storm think again. And did it worked! by the time the storm came New Orleans was a ghost town!

The hurricane gathered momentum and strengthens hence it is classified as category 1 which is less severe, category 2 becomes a state of alertness, category 3, which is definitely a killer hurricane and category 4 which means ……. Just think of the “Tsunami” and Hurricane “Kathrin”.

Reminds me of the storms we go through in life…. The onset of problems and issues in our lives is category 1, we feel a little discomfort, mutter a few prayers, as the problems persist and increases, we sit up and take notice category 2, and then it gathers momentum when all that can wrong begin to go wrong, bills become over due, teenage children become uncontrollable, job on the line, marriage break down, sickness strikes, friends desert us, this can be classed as category 3 “Severe” and then disaster strikes, sickness and diseases ravages, house repossessed, and all hell breaks loose, category 4….. All the while you may have been praying, fasting, calling on fellow brothers and sisters to uphold you, as you recognise you need divine intervention.

During this time our faith may be shaken, you may find yourself questioning your faith, or lack of it, you may repent over and over again of sins of the past, present and future. And until the hurricane subsides, you will go through series of emotional turmoil. It is hard to remain positive, optimistic and hopeful during such times, no matter how hard we try, but our faithful master gently stirs us safely to the shores of peaceful calm. When the tide has ended, and we look around the devastation there was, we will indeed see his hand and smile knowing that he “kept us” in the mist of it all.

So “Straight from my heart” is this piece, to encourage you whatever situation represents a hurricane in your life right now” hang in there the tide will turn, calm will be restored and with it, hope renewed in the knowledge of his love.

Fog so dense, obscuring view from beneath
Signs splash across the skies as hope fade,
Storms gather above as a deluge of rain is forecast.
At its appearing,
It washed off all in its path,
Of ferocious winds, gathering strength in its wake,
The signs are real,
The prospects are sure,
Fear instilled in the hearts of frail men.
But then, fog disappear, storm become calmer,
As the dizzyingly rain frizzles out,
Hope restored and vision becomes brighter.
As we dream again amidst the aftermath of the onslaught of rain.
© Deboo September 2008.
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25 August 2008


Melodious songs of summer
Spring forth from the shores.....

Beds of pure blue seas
Spread across a thousand miles.....

Sparrows make a wimper
As the dusk of day appear

Soothing calm of peace beckcons
Beyond the grey of a cold winter's bay.

Now the rain is ended,
Cracks appear in the skies

Of the colours of promises
Of rainbrows, that assure of peace

Now the drops are few, but it's clear and sweet as honey
For now the rain is over

Creatures come out of their nest
With a glow so bright

From the torrential pour

Feeling a freshness of being replenished
from the dought that once was.

© Deboo August 2008.

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12 August 2008

I Soar

I spread like a butterfly and take flight in the comfort of the wind,
Carefree of the issues beneath my realm,
They abound, daily striving to over take me,
I soar high over the shores of gloom and snares,
Meandering in the garden of calm
As I nestle high, over the platitude of misery and want.
I rest from the toil without and the turmoil within
And fear not at the appearance of ill,
Indeed, its swift arrival will surely beat a hasty retreat.
I spread my wings and am carried over and above to
The place that is safe from all that causes harm.

© Deboo August 2008.
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14 July 2008

True Friends

Do you look at your friends with pity because of what they are going through, or do you look at them with love because of what they are going through?

Do you ignore someone because of the way they are dressed, or are you concern enough to start a conversation, in the hope of getting to know more about them?.
Do you choose your
friends based on their social, economical/financial status, educational qualifications, family background, standing in the society or do you make friends for one reason to impact someone’s live, to be a true friend regardless of their background.
Do you regard yourself more
highly than others, simply because you are "shaped right" “(in yours or the media’s opinion) or because, "you talk right", "you walk right", "you have the right kind of job/profession"? Shop in the “right” storesHarrods, Macys, Nightingales, Harvey Nicholas, Selfridges…..? "Mix with the rigth crowd"? Or do you feel humble enough to be in the presence of others, regardless of their rightness?
Do you trust unreservedly, give unselfishlyI know most give to their churches, charities, good causes, etc. what about the woman next door? Do you know how she’s faring? Do you love unconditionally?
Do you go out of your way to help others with out really wanting anything in return?

Do you wait to be greeted before you respond or do you walk up to someone you know had seen you and walked away, pretending they haven’t?
What would you do in the above

The glow of a candle light
The comforting sight of a rainbow
The calm on a clear blue sea
Is the appearance of a true friend
Its worth is priceless
Its departing leaves the heart cold
Its arrival eagerly anticipated
Its presence always reassuring
A safety felt in its embrace
Like fresh springs, its smile refreshing
No appearance of hate
No pretence of another
When I am with you “my friend”.

© Deboo July 2008

7 July 2008

The Gift of a Smile

it is enchanting and smooth
it changes an expressionless countanence.
giving solence to the one who receives it

it's like the blooming of a rose,
seen in the quite of the morn
an assurance of a beautiful day
it's the gift of a smile.

offen engaged in by kids,
rarely given by grown ups,
falsely undertaken unexpectedly
sometimes forcefully given

given freely,
yet rearly engaged in,
yet, rarely seen
it's the gift of a smile.

it enligthens ones demeanor
it brightens one's day
it causes a ripple effect
its an antidote to wrinkle
a costless procedure
is the gift of a smile.
© Deboo July 2008
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30 June 2008

And Then I prayed.

And then I prayed, and spoke to my father in heaven, I asked him for things for me, for desires to be met and dreams to be fulfilled.

I talked to him about my future and the fears I had.
I spoke to him about my past and the mistakes I made.
I spoke to him about my present and the struggles to live as he pleases.
I spoke to him about his commands to treat others like myself,
I told him how hard it was.
I told him how much I wanted to speak my mind to those who have cause me hurt and pain.
I talked and talked and talked,
I told him of how worried I am that I don’t feel wanted, loved, or cared for or noticed by friends.
I told him I struggle to understand his purpose in my pain, and how hard it is to see his hand through it all.
I spoke to him about the world he created and how bad it’s become and how men are after their own ways.
I finished speaking and waited for him to speak back… He did…..

He told me of his awesomeness, of his intricate ways, how he alone fashioned the whole earth and everything in it, how nothing goes unnoticed, that the hair on my head are numbered and not one falls without him noticing.

he told me of his grace and mercy that was given when I became his child, that has kept me through the tough and rough times of my life.
He told me of his unconditional love for me, that nothing I do or don’t do will make him change is mind about me.
He didn’t only speak, he showed me the wonders in his creature, the wisdom he gave man to craft things,

The makings of the coral reef.
The small details of the ant he knows,
The magnificence of the Elephant displaying his might,
The beauty of the peacock speaks of his glory,
The strength of the lion displaying his fearsomeness.
He show me his splendour displayed in the skies,
The star that shines at night, of pure white, securely held by his word,
He show me the glory of the sun radiating in beauty too wonderful to behold….. But yet so beautiful its arrival leaves a yearning for more.

And then he said my child, I did all these.....I am aware of your fears and worries, and in time I’ll make all things beautifUL…. And your troubles will become trophies, a reminder of how you overcame…., be still, rest assured, that I’ve got it all worked out.

© Deboo June 2008.

22 June 2008

Giving my best.

It’s human to become weary at any given task, when it appears that we are not being appreciated. It is natural to just do the lease we can do and say, that’s it, no one really cares.
You see, no one ever achieved greatness, without giving and putting in that little bit extra and working at the assigned task until a perfect work is produced.

Rewards and praise are necessary ingredients to accomplish any task, but sometimes we may not receive them, so what do you do? Give up or do a really bad job? Our work is our signature, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. Why waste time doing a less than perfect job, if anything, its better not to start at all.
So straight from my heart is this pledge
I’ve made…. To do my very best, for nothing less will ever do.
I’ll do my best at every task,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll try my hardest at every job,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll say my best, when asked,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll pray my best, when called to
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll think my best out of every situation
Nothing less will every do
I’ll give my best at every call
Nothing less will ever do
And when my very best is given
I’ll rest assured that nothing else is
Left to do,
And I’ll hold my head up high
And live the rest to God.

© Deboo June 2008.

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17 June 2008

Fear Not

A gripe like steel, hard,
It cuts through the skin
Death leaves in its trail
A blaze of sadness,
Weeping and wailing.
And much more that crying
In its hold is the power of fear
That clasps tightly around
Those who are left behind…

What do you feel when you think of death? Do you feel dread? Are you scared, or do you wonder what’s next after death.

A friend of mine, recently loss the husband of just one year. They didn’t see it coming, it just happened, people feel that there must be a reason for someone’s death. Hence questions like the following are asked:

“What killed him?”
“Was he sick?”
“Was it an accident?”
“Was he/she old?”

These are valid questions, I have asked them too, but recently I’ve come to know that people just die, strange, sad or surprising as it may seem, it happens. I have come to know that. Those in the medical profession often see these things and speaking to them reinforces this fact.

We often attribute death to reasons we think are valid, maybe to make us feel better, sometimes it befits the lord to allow death for no reason, “how can you say that?” Some may think, well I don’t know, but for me that’s the most plausible reason why one will die for no reason at all, especially one as young as my friends husband, and who knows God, if God did not allow it, who did? Is it the devil? Why didn’t God stop him? It’s not that simply, I know, but would nwoing make the loss any easier to bear?

My sincere wishes go out to my friend. I pray that in the mist of the questions, the whys and cries, that the great comforter will comfort her in the way he knows best.
I pray that fear will have no place in her, I pray for strength and peace and that in time God will make known why this happened.

For those of us who morn with her, we too should be encouraged and as children of God, not be afraid of death, because it is the certain end of everyone who is alive, if Jesus tarries. And we have a hope that is sure and secured on the steadfastness of our lord, so in dying, we relocate to a better place, let this thought fill you with peace not fear

So straight from my heart…. Is this piece to encourage anyone who feels fear… to know that “God only, is to be feared” for he has the power to cause death and to bring alive.

Morn no more for the dead,
Weep no more for him who is gone
But rejoice that his departure from earth’s filthy realm
Is an arrival on heaven’s shores of peace.

See through your tears,
Set your imagination free
Let it roam freely and know
That the departed is received
With rapturous welcome at his
Entrance to the parley gates.

So you are left behind.
Fear not death, for it has no power
But fear Him who has the power to
Both cause to die and to bring back to life
Let Him be your dread,
Let Him be your peace,
Let Him be your hope.
For the fear of Him
Brings wisdom and understanding,
When faced with the certainty of death.

© Deboo June 2008.
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12 June 2008

On Bended Knees

On wavering faith,
hoping and expecting,
wishing an answer would appear,
while praying on bended knees.
still on bended knees,
with sincere prayers offered from a pure heart,
of desires, birthed from long dreamed expectation
the wait continues.
As clocks chimes their last tune
and birds chimed their last sound
the watch becomes weary
the pain of it causes a shiver.
Slowly, from the place of despise a lesson is learned,
that though he bid us ask and believe
he also ask that we persist and trust
that he who feeds the sparrows
and catch a fallen tear!
He knows every want and care
and sees every prayer altered amidst a cloud of fear!

This assurance abound
that he will surely come,
however, when, we don't know
but of this I've learned,
that my role....
to be on bended knees
His? To answer anyhow!
© Deboo June 2008

There was once a widow and two children who lived in humble surroundings. The mother was sickly and could not make a living for the children.

Every night she knelt by the rough frame of a bed, covered with thin sheets and hand stitched quilts, and prayed a simple prayer: "Lord, please provide enough for my children to eat." Every morning the mother would make her way down the dark hall to the meagre kitchen. She would get the burners lit and place the pans on the stove, though she knew she had nothing in the cupboard to fix for her children. Then she would look out the front door, all the while a prayer in her heart, and just as she expected, there were the day's provisions over in the right corner of the rickety porch. She would joyfully make her way to the "treasure-filled" sack and find there just enough food for the day.

Back into the kitchen she would go her steps a little higher and a new lift in her voice as she called to the children, "Rise and shine", children. Time for school, “breakfast will soon be read”

The days passed in procession, each bringing with it a "treasure filled" sack to the humble surroundings of the widow and her growing children. As the needs of the children increased with age, so the provisions equally increased.Then, one day the little widow began to ponder in her heart. "Who brings those groceries? I never hear anything. The sack is always there. Maybe some morning, I could arise a little early and see."

So the next morning she got up a little earlier than usual. She made her way quietly to the front door and stood peeping through the window, watching the right corner of the front porch. Time came to get up still there was no sign of the welcome guest. Then came the time to light the fires and get the pans ready, still no one came. The clock on the mantle continued its steady ticking. It was not time for the children to get ready for school, yet she continued her vigil. Yet, a fruitless one it appears to be, for no guest came that due lit morning.

The little widow turned sadly from the door way, a heart felt lesson resounding in her being. “My job” she thought is to pray. His is to answer. How he wants to do it, is his decision…..

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5 June 2008

Embrace Me


It is true that what goes around comes around; if you want love show love, if you want peace, try to pursue peace at every opportunity, if you can’t pick up your phone and call close friends and family, don’t’ expect the same. People want other’s to treat them, right, but not returning the same.

I wish life was that simple, what we expect to see around us, we have to be. People are more suspicious of others, we don’t pop in to chat with the neighbours, we keep to ourselves, we are fearful, I know evil abounds all around us, but if we truly seek to find good in others by our kind deeds and thoughtfulness, we will in turn be treated in like manner, making the world a much better place.

You all know the saying, be the change you want to see around you…..
So straight from my heart is this piece hoping that will we embrace each other with genuine tots of love and acts of kindness….

Embrace me with a smile
Not with stare of scorn and pity
For in your smile
I feel a fire of love
And peace divine

Embrace me with touch of warmth
Not with cruel hands of strife
For the warmth of it will bring calm and
Drive away all fear

Embrace me with words of wisdom
Not of vile remarks or phase
Your words will make easier
A heart in need of comfort.

Embrace me with your love
For in it I find my place
Of rest, secured in your embrace
I can truly embrace others

© Deboo June 2008

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1 June 2008

What time is it?

PhotobucketPrayer is so simple there are no strict rules attached, all that is required is an open heart of faith, believing that when you pray God hears, talk to God daily, as you wait for the bus, as you sit in your desk, for me I find myself saying things like… thank you lord, you are good lord… O, I love you lord…. Help me lord…. While it is important to have a quiet place of retreat where we can be alone with him, talking with him regularly during our daily task, it helps builds up the anticipation when we are alone with God….. so Straight from my heart is the piece As we embark on 30 day journey encouraging you to talk to God any and every time.
Work, sleep, walk run,
Do all you can, but lay down your hurry,
Take up his hands for to thee it is lend
Seek him now, for it is time.
Tend your field: your job, family, issues,
But nay, not this time,
For now we sow in order to reap bountifully,
Basketfuls of grace, mercy and righteousness from his hand
For it is time to seek the Lord, time to lay hold and take hold
Of the abundance prepared for us before the beginning of ages.


On A Journey

We embark on a journey
Taking tools needed for daily living
We are prepared
We are ready to take off and lay off
But ready or not we are on a roll
To a place that is not seen in the natural
Yet grasped in the spiritual
We wait for no one,
But the one on whose arms we lean
Ready or not we embark-
To lay hold and take on
That which is long envisioned and seen
In the realm of the supernatural

All rights reserve © Deboo June 2008

29 May 2008

Good out of Evil

Fallen trees, lay naked
Rain takes their toil on earth,
Leaving muddy soils, and slippery slopes
Cries for help ring out,
As birds flap their wings, looking for nest,
But for the destruction their homes lay waste.

Not a cry for nourishment,
But one for lost ones,
Swept away by the fierce wind of
Nature’s hand.

I am sure most of us are aware of the unfortunate earthquake that rocked china, and Burma. The news is full of sad stories of families and entire generations washed away by this tragic event, but one story struck me. It is that of a pregnant woman, buried underneath the rubble. She was found alive and gave birth to a baby girl the people of the village saw it as a good sign and that gave them hope.
Storms of life will blow and we will be faced with moments of confusion that causes so much pain.

It is difficult to look up and be hopeful when facing difficult situations, encouragement often times is taken with a pinch of salt…. Like saying hmm…. I’ve heard it before, but out of chaos and trouble can come good. I am not saying that we should pray for bad things to happen so that we can see good, but if truth be told, some of us have looked back at a difficult situation and smiled because we now see the good, which we didn’t see at the time.

It is important to remain hopeful in the mist of our trials and difficulty, to stay connected with families and friends, and more importantly to God the heavenly father who feels our pain and is working something out for our good. While the reason for our pain may not be clear now in time we will come to see why and look back with a smile…. So straight from my heart is this piece to encourage anyone who feels that it is over and can’t find the strength to go on…. Just hang in there…. Maybe just maybe, good is lurking in the shadows.


Then came a cry, the sound of life from the depths of pain
A life birthed in the mist of disaster but
Signifying hope

A life that has brought consolation to many a soul
A life seen as good, for it came out of the evil there was
Out of the chaos,
A life….. Signifying there is newness in every state of despair and
Hope renewed in the knowledge of this newness of life

© Deboo May 2008.
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20 May 2008

Tear drop in the rain.


Swirling winds, blowing around,
Thunderous sounds rings through the air
Beneath the shadows,
A figure lay
Rugged clothes hung on his back
His head droop to his chest,
His doom loom
His future blown away, it seems with the wind
From his face drops a tear,
It goes unnoticed in the rain
His muffled sound mingled with the thunderous sounds
Not heard by frail men
As time passes
The rain ceases,
His gaze clears now,
But his tear remain
Only now in the dept of his soul
Seen only by one who is touched by his pain!

PhotobucketI’ve heard this words time and time again “we’ve all go issues”, “everyone has problem”. Even the bible says it all; man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. But there are some people whose issues when told…. Leaves us speechless, speechless because of the severity, we feel helpless and sad because we cannot begin to understand how a being like us is able to go through such pain and still find the strength to go on.

You may not be faced with terminal illness, or natural disaster, but to you, your issue is as severe as that of the man face with the grim news that his wife will pass any time soon, with a terminal illness, or the guy in china who has lost all in the earthquake. Put things in perspective, and don’t be too engrossed by your pain, be thankful for your pain, yes, be thankful, because if you were asked to exchange your trouble for someone else’s, chances are that you’ll say no, why?

Because you don’t know what you’ll be exchanging it for and you’ll rather deal with what you’ve always dealt with than to be faced with totally new sets of troubles. So be thankful and spare a thought for those whose pains are so burdensome they’ll rather cry in their heart than share their pain……

All rights reserves© Deboo May 2008

Relevant bible references:
proverbs 17:5
Job 14:1

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8 May 2008

"The Still Small Voice"


A daily scurry of task
Like flights on a busy air strip
Each important, can’t wait
A voice speaks
Not resounding loudly,
It’s ignored, albeit not intentional.

Many times in life we are faced with choices, and have to make a decision as to which one to choose, often we are torn between two ‘important’ decisions and if care is not taken can make the wrong choice. Making a decision involves careful planning and consideration. Weighting both pros and cons of the choices we are faced with. Often time the outcome of one may seem more attractive making it easier to settle for it, but we have to be careful and look beyond what we can see. I believe that many of lives problems and regrets will be avoided if we had waited a little bit longer, hesitated a little bit and research a little about past actions and choices. Some decisions are made from pressure, societal pressure, family pressure and even pressure we placed on ourselves, again consider the facts, weight each decision carefully and prayerfully ask God for guidance.
He is always speaking to us in different ways, some can hear him audibly, he speaks through people, but sometimes his voice goes unheard because it is still, quiet, gently, not forceful but persistent. To hear the “still small voice” we have to sieve our minds of things that cloud our thought so that the still small voice can be audible amidst the chaos of life. Photobucket

It does linger on,
Many times till life’s passing,
Yet it goes unheeded.

It’s the “Still Small Voice”
Always present, prodding, luring, whispering
To the ears of our heart
Sometimes pleading….. In the most dire circumstances!

It persist, not forcefully but steadily,
Not of intensity, but subtly, persuasively,
Yet it’s downed in the hectic schedule of activities, that
Strives for attention.
Dulling our senses of hearing.
It’s’ “the still small voice.”

And as time is spent in important chores,
And errors litter the slopes of man’s path,
It may become clearer “amidst the haze of chaos”
Only then heard loudly what for long
Was a whisper “The Still Small Voice”.

I find my solace in refreshing streams of quiet sounds
As I wait to hear from the wisdom that flows from your heart
Fill my ears with truths enough for each day
And when at even tide I lay to rest,
Do speak lord for your servant hears.

© Deboo May 2007
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29 April 2008

What's your life worth?

I am not a preacher but I just feel the need to write this:

In Acts 20:22-25 we see Paul going to Jerusalem.
The Holy Spirit had warned him that he faces prison and hardship: but still he was not moved, you see a greater force was pulling him,
that of reaching the unsaved for Christ!
How daring, he considered his life of no worth, imagine the audacity of the man, his worth to him was doing what he has been called to do.
This passage
struck me, although the Holy Spirit knew what Paul will face on his trip, God did not avert the danger, but rather he allowed Paul to continue.
God who has all power to do anything, didn’t stop the danger, he only warned Paul! I would have expected the Holy Spirit to go ahead of Paul,
made every crooked way straight and pave the way for the gospel to be preached after all he is going on his father’s mission to win more souls for the kingdom!
This got me thinking: God will allow things to take their natural cause, perhaps God wanted the rest of the people to see what selfless service is, he wanted a lesson to be sent out to the congregation that even though he can save us and deliver us from the evil that abounds, he also wants to bring something more out of us, what true worship is.
Perhaps, he wanted to see what Paul would do having warned him, would he back off given the threat? Or would he continue
. Thank God Paul continued!

What’s your life worth for him? What would you do for him if you knew you’ll be killed in the process? Will you draw back or would the urgency of kingdom duty be a greater lure….. Would you go regardless or would you pray and ask for a thousand angels to be dispatched to protect you? Would you still go if after praying the answer is “danger still abounds”. What would you do! Would you think itwas made known so you won’t go or would you say I’ll go regardless? Would you walk the same, talk the same and act the same? What’s your life worth? What have you done for him lately that reflects selfless service?

A fire that burns, deep within,
Consuming my bones,
It leaves me restless.
It’s a desire for souls,
A passion for the loss,
To share the story of love that embraces all,
Both sinners and saints.

© Deboo April 2008.

22 April 2008

Earth's Day

PhotobucketToday is earth's day and this got me thinking about the wonders of God’s creation:

We see it in the trees.
In the leaves, that blooms at spring
We see it in the glory of his creature,
Great and small
Too numerous to count
In the vastness of the sea,
Wherein contained his works
Awesome in beauty

We behold it in the wind
Of power, showcasing the maker’s might
The earth abounds with the signature of a
Master builder:

The earth, man’s domain
To tender and keep…..
To discover and use
Of resources deposited
To meet every need

O how wonderful is the work
Of the creator,
Both seen and unseen
The greatness of the waves
The towering might of the mountains
The splendour of grass spread out in the field…..
The comforting sight of the rainbow
The indescribable beauty of love
These and more declares the
Glory of the maker!

All rights reserve....
© Deboo April 2008.

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21 April 2008

A Pound Here, A Pound There

PhotobucketGosh! I am too fat, I’ve gained a pound over the weekend. I’m on a diet, which means that I can't eat certain food….. My desire is to gym thrice a week, but I’m too tired after work it’s just so hard…… sounds familiar? have you heard this saying "where two or three women are gathered, all they talk about is their weight". Most people I know have tried to loose weight, but to no avail, instead the pounds keep piling on. We all want to loose something, don’t we? Unless you are a perfect size zero! I know my desired ideal weight, just to be a little bit thinner than I am now! but O! It’s so hard. Not with a little bit of pop corn and chocolates along the way! But I am not giving up the fight, it’s a daily struggle to watch what I eat, yes not to abstain for abstinence leads to binge eating, so a decision I’ve made? Every little helps!

PhotobucketAn endless quest for perfection
My desired weight to achieve

Just to be a little bit thinner
Then content I would be

O! To lose "a pound here, a pound there"
What Joy then I’ll have,

To reach my perceive idea weight
Will be a dream fulfilled

Little wonder then, my dream at last I see
But only to think! "Alas I’m still too fat"….
What good then is my quest?
If am still not content?

A pound here a pound there
Surely, an obsessed desire.

And if truth be told
I need a little bit of help
Not of pain
But of life’s "sweet delights"!

© Deboo April 2008

13 April 2008

On This Day in History!

PhotobucketSomeone ask why do you celebrate?
I reply Why not?
I am reminded of that song…… I sing because I’m happy. I celebrate because I’m happy, and happy people make other people happy. Right?
I also celebrate because I will never pass this way again! Think about that. I will never be this age again! So why not milk the situation. Have a reason to just have fun.
We have 365 days in a year and in one of those days I was born! It was about ME a long time ago.
You where birthed, chances are people celebrated your arrival, congratulated your parents, and gave gifts, people where happy to see you born. Hmm! now, if you can’t be happy to know you where born and loved? I hope. Who will? I celebrate regardless of who join in or who remembers, or what gifts I receive. I do something for MEE. I enjoy the day. I don’t work. I just pamper myself because that day is about me! The only day I am allowed to be selfish! Hmm.... Some people panic, some are sad as getting older reminds them of all they’ve failed to achieve, some just don’t see the point, for me there is every point. I am alive and well, have wonderful friends and family. Just being alive to see this day is a Joy!.... so straight from my heart is this piece hoping you too will celebrate your birthday in whatever way you choose, knowing that in one day in history you were born.

I was birthed, wrapped up in pure wool,
In a hot, breezy day,
An announcement was made,
A child is born,
A girl it was told!

Then the celebration began
Of guest bearing gifts
Coming to see… the little child she was
To celebrate another arrival of many
But on this day an arrival of one! To one family

In the house of birth there was Joy!
Of families rejoicing in the hope
That a little girl will grow and become a woman!
She was showered and drizzled with
Dazzling gifts of all sizes and shapes
Arrayed in the finest of fabric
For she was a child born
On this day in history!

© Deboo April 2008.

11 April 2008


As my birthday approaches, I am tempted to look back and see unaccomplished goals or unfulfilled dreams. Some people are at a place in their lives where they don’t want to be, either because they imagined they should have gone past where they are right now, or haven’t yet arrived at their desired location.

Others have arrived, but are still dissatisfied. Having attained, they now have a new drive and zeal to reach for more.

So where do you fine yourself? Are you one of those who have arrived? Or one who looks at his/her current position and become sad, weary and disappointed.

It is natural to have dreams and desires and become despondent when those are not being met. But regardless of your current location, look within and around, you’ve moved up a notch? Just look. No one who stays long in a place remain the same, regardless of how small, you may have unknowingly made a change. Just look around, within and without and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve achieved. So as I celebrate my birthday, I got thinking and I can’t help but applaud myself because I have move up a notch, there were somethings I attempted regardless of the fears I had, and look I am here…. enjoying another year …. Goals attained?
Certainly, so straight from my heart….. enjoy.

As wheels on a theme park,

Thoughts played out on a merry go round

As a circus show on display

Desires laid bare for all to see

they remain unmet,

as imaginary scenes played out

In the heart recesses of accomplishment.

But with each scene, there is a movement

A change of position, though small

But yet defined and needed for

An attainment of purpose envisioned,

Which soon

Will bulb and bring forth

Hopes birthed in the dark

But flourished in the day

Unmasked, in goals attained.

© Deboo April 2008.

6 April 2008

The End?

Very recently it was reported by the National Audit office that marriage is in decline. The Sunday Times reported that the proportion of adults in England and Wales who choose to marry has fallen to the lowest rate since figures were first recorded in 1862.

Just fewer than 23 in every 1,000 unmarried men got married last year, the figure for women is fewer than 21. The figure also shows that 44% of babies are born out of marriage. UK as a whole is in marked decline, from a peak in 1972. As for staying married, the divorce rate for new couples is now about 45%. This is gloomy news! And it got me think..... Has the death been pronounced? Will a time come when cohabiting couples will outnumber married couples? I fear that this is already so........ what do you think? Do you think that generations to come will no longer see marriage as necessary? Please leave your thoughts at the end of this piece, by clicking comments..... let me know what you think.... straight from my heart I can't help thinking......

the death is pronounced on a cold hearted land
Society- for fear of reprieve have gone its own way
society torn apart by politicians at war
seeking to leave their name in sands....

O what death is this that I speak of?

a death of oneness in mind
of families leaving truly as one
of man and woman united in body and soul
Photobucketproclaiming through marriage their oneness in heart for ever!

It is a death of love...... or is it really?
For love too is now defined
By want of gain,
It is self seeking,
Exposing its lust in endless courts of law!

O! That children would know again the truth......
that love really seeks not its own
but labours on for the good in others
O! That there would be a resurrection
of cords of love, that truly binds,
that will survive the fights and struggles
in the house of marriage!

© Deboo April 2008

27 March 2008

Where Art Thou O Spring!

If you have looked, hope and waited for spring and wondered when will spring, spring on us? You are not alone. I have waited, with eager anticipation for spring, for the long days and long nights. For light streaming through my windows at the dawn of day!
But spring is determined to make us wait. A white Easter? Yes, that’s what waiting for spring does…… it leaves us white as we shiver and await its arrival. As I left the house today, the weather was light, the sun was out and the air still. I couldn’t help thinking…..
Spring where art thou? With this comes this piece straight from my heart…… Enjoy!

Splash of drizzle
Drip of rain
The spread of haze on a dull grey sky
Mist of cold, as hue of wind wasps over the air
As the wait continues

Sun waits in the shadow as the
Search of spring lingers
Where art thou o spring?

Bring again the days of bright yellow daffodils
Of leaves sprouting from the branches
Of unhurried steps in the way.

Spring! Much anticipated,
As shops hope for the surge of happy shoppers
And shoppers wait for the spring of sales
Spring where art thou?
Wait no more
Spring forth speedily
For we eagerly anticipate your arrival!

© Deboo March 2008.

24 March 2008

A Symbol

Christ was lifted up at the cross
a symbol of hope and restoration.

The death he died, a transition to life-
Paving the way for life eternal

Christ arose from the dead
A symbol of possibilities and realities

His ascension an assurance to faithful followers
A symbol of burdens lifted up at Calvary.

All Rights Reserved © Deboo March 2008.

A love that surpasses the ocean
greater than the eyes can see
and mind can conceived
A love pure and true
deeper than the deepest seas
A love that does not wane or fade
not build on your merit
but on his mercy
given when not sort
freely available and bequeathed to all
A love that lifts up not put down
this is the love show on Calvary
this is truly an everlasting love.
All Rights Reserved © Deboo March 2008