2 December 2016

Christmas Lights

Lights, lights, lights, it's the time of the year where every where is dressed up in lights. 

My house is transformed into a light House at this time of the year. We, (for the most part hubby) deck the front lawn in lights… Santa sleigh, gift boxes, tree light,,, twinkle lights all combine to give a bright glow….

I love lights which makes this my most favourite season of the year… as everywhere is lit up… 
Why light?  what's so special about lights especially  at this time of the year? 

Here in UK we have shorter days in winter which means that the day is already dark by 4.00pm!! And daylight doesn't show till 7.00am and sometimes 7.30am...so for the most part we are In darkness… 

It is commonly known that some people are affected by the change from summer when we experience longer days to winter when we are plunged into darkness from 4.00pm… 

People suffer from seasonal affective disorder a form of mental illness, many hospital struggle
To cope with the increase in patients needing treatment during the winter season due to SAD. 
It is not uncommon to see people bright, happy and with a spring to their steps at the appearance of light...

Some people can and are able to go about their daily activities thanks to street lights. 

Here are 5 main reason lights are significant...

1. Lights Gives Joy: imagine your light goes out temporarily and returns suddenly Everyone screams with joy… elated that lights is back, we rush about to do the things we were unable to do in the dark. 

2. Light Makes Us Feel Safe: I usually start work early which means living the house at the crack of dawn and in winter that means while it's still dark. To feel safe I avoid dark alley ways and paths and stay on the main roads which is lit up. Walking in the light is comforting and reassuring. I feel safe that nothing is lurking in the corner. 

3. Light Exposes. Nothing can be hidden where there is light.:. Which makes it is quite difficult to commit evil in the presence of light. This is why crime is high at night simply because criminals don’t want to be exposed. Light gives illumination which makes others aware of previously hidden truths.

4. Light Displaces Darkness: this is obvious. Light and darkness cannot coexist. When one comes the other is displays, he is the Christmas promise to all.

5. Light Makes Thing Possible: we are able to accomplish so much during the day. Working at night and other times is the exception not the norm.. the night is made for rest and day to work.

Christmas lights holds a significant spot in the advert Calendar as not only does it beautify our streets, it reminds us of Christ who is the light of the World. 
Christ who represents everything that light is.
Christ as light brings us joy, in his presence there is fullness of joy. 
Christ as light makes us feel safe, in his presence is safety. 
Christ as light exposes the darkness of this world and leads all to repentance

His presence displays darkness, when we come into the knowledge of him we are transformed from darkness into the kingdom of his dear son. 
Christ is light and in him is no darkness at all. Anyone who believes in him will experience constant light of his glory joy and grace. 
Christ as light makes all things possible, stop doubting him and start believing him to bring the impossible to pass in your life.

Get to know him and he will bring the lights of his glory into your everyday life… his joy will become your source of strength… 

So this Christmas as you light up your house, walk down the street, let the light of Christ shine into you.. for he is the light of the World. 

10 October 2016

In His Arms

As I made my way towards the open heaven’s team, I saw it lying helplessly on the ground. I picked it up as I sat down and lay it on me.

This was my daughter’s doll, they bring their dolls to church and on seeing their friends abandon them and run off to play.

This ministered to me and to the team, this doll couldn't get up by itself, it was helpless, but it has use, it brings joy and fun to my kids. I cradled it in my hands as the team encouraged me with God's love for me and that just liked I picked up the doll God will cradle me in his arms.

He wants me to rest in him and he wants to cuddle me and let me know that everything will be fine.

Too often we want to figure out our path, our next move and we rush into projects and take up well thought out ideas only to run into obstacles and difficulties. We find ourselves lost wanting to turn back. We come to a point where we're we become too tired to get up, this is when our father comes in.

When we are weak, then are we made strong. He comes in, picks us up and fathers us.

What we think we need to get by may actually not bring us rest, joy and contentment. It may be a good cause, but if it takes away your joy and leaves you in misery, ask the father to show you his perfect will for your life.

One minute the doll was lying helplessly on the floor the next it was resting in my arms. The father wants to pick us up, let him, come to him rest in his Bosom and find peace.

Are you weary from the toil of life? Do you seek help in the things you do, in financial wealthy, material things? Release all control to the father and let him cradle you in his arms and father you, this is where you will find rest.

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3 October 2016

Scary Future

We leave in unsettling times. No one is sure of what the future will bring. People are worried about their safety and that of their family all due to the recent referendum.
Political parties and Leaders are fighting for positions, the pound is at an all-time low, prices of goods are beginning to go up
Terrorist attack are on the increase nobody feels safe. In times like these what should we as Christians do?

I am reminded of the when the disciples too, faced an unsettling future. They had first hand knowledge of being with Jesus and knew what he can do, but now they are not so sure.
Jesus the promise one was taken violently in front of them and he did nothing, they were staggered at his response. Their future s didn't look so bright now.

What about Hannah, what future did she have of bearing her husband a child? Night and day she had cried to God to answer her plea for a child, yet nothing seem to be happening, what future did she have without kids? She wondered.

Joseph did not see his bright future when his wife to be became pregnant with a child who wasn't his. What future does he have, and who would believe this tale of an angel visiting them? Surely he should have done the honourable thing and left her privately, saving his family this disgrace.

David faced an uncertain future, time and time again. Everyone was after his life, Saul, his son and other kings. How can a King be living in caves and in hiding?

Of a truth man born of man, his days are filled with troubles. Though at present, it appears nothing good will come out of the future we can be assured that as we walk with our Lord he will turn around every bleak future for our good.

Presently the future certainly doesn’t seem good, what good is there to look forward to?
It’s either there is too many bad news or too much reporting of it.
I have resolved not to look at the future with trepidation, but to God, because:
He who looks at the future and fret is not one who looks to God.
Jesus did not stay dead, his life brought back hope to the disciples and the world.

Hanna later sang a song of victory because the God who works all things for the good of those who feared him, showed up with her request.

Joseph saw the demonstration of God’s power when the baby born by Mary became the resurrected king.

And David became the greatest king in Israel when God conquered all his enemies before him.

Uncertain times are times to be certain about the power of God to turn things around for our good. Trust in him at all times, for he owns your future.

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