11 April 2009

Happy Easter


Mercy looks beyond man’s fault
Mercy made him came as a servant
Left the splendour of his throne
To walk earths rugged road
It was mercy that caused him to
Exchange the praise and honour of angels
For the scorn and hate of men
For mercy he came and bought my pardon,
Redeeming me with his blood



Never was a deed so vile
Never was a task so hard
Never was a plan so falsely harsh
Never was an act so divine
For a man to die in false accuse
But never was it so needful
That he should die for sins so grave
That only his blood would cleanse
Never was the victory so sweet
When he rose again!


I’ll do the same

I’ll bear my cross
In pain or despair
I’ll stay close to him
In every season
I’ll work for him no matter the task
Not for gain or praise
Spending myself till my last breath
I’ll follow his lead
Though the path be rugged.
And when my work here is done,
I’ll gladly wait to hear him say well done.


Yes he lives we can sing,
Yes he lives we can laugh,
Yes he lives we have a hope
Yes he lives we can dance
Yes he live we can live also

© Deboo April 2009
Pictures by "photobucket"
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