15 May 2009

Common Place Blessings.

Not common place, your loving grace that keeps me through lives busy pace
Protecting, shielding, caring and loving me

Not taken for granted, the rain you give in due season, to give life, causing herbs and grains to sprout.
Not common place, the daily reward of labour that feeds and nourishes us so, for many a soul does hunger and taste but find non to replenish.

Nay my Lord, not common place, the many trials we face, that makes us strong, refining us for your glory, polishing and preserving us for your use.

Not common place, the peace I find in your presence, beholding your awesomeness, for many a soul this privilege sort not.
Not common place, when you calm my soul, ravaged with fear and replaced it with the assurance of your love, a calming balm of healing released when in stillness I remain. Not common place Lord, not common place.

This is just a reminder for us not to take for granted the many blessings God has so graciously loaded us with. Given the current wave of uncertainty pervading our world, it is easy to look to the future with despair rather than with hope.
Let’s remind ourselves of the little “unnoticed” things we have been blessed with. Sunlight, breeze, our senses, our love ones, the joy of laughter, the melody of music, the stillness of the morning, the sight of the moonlight, the glory of winter!
We should not only give thanks in the big things that happen to us, but in the little daily details of our lives, because they are not common place.

Pictures by "Photobucket"
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