21 January 2010

Still, I hope

At the dawn of the year, we said our prayers with expectations, hopes and wishes as to how we want the year to turn out. It is the same story year after year, some of our dreams do come true, others stall for time and eventually become a reality. Still others tarries as years roll by.

The people of Haiti had hopes and expectations for 2010, they celebrated the New Year and welcomed it just like we did, they couldn’t see the 12th January when the earthquake struck. On that fateful day all hopes/expectations were shattered. Lives and livelihood lost, dreams dashed. Watching the devastating effect of the earthquake has caused me great sadness, at the same time watching survivors being pulled out days after the disaster fills me with hope.

This got me thinking, with our best hope and expectation, anything can go wrong, we don’t know what the future holds, it sounds like a cliché, but it is true.
Be that as it may, what should our attitude be towards the year? Should we live a “whatever will be, will be, existence?” or should we continue to hope and expect something good for our lives? People are scared, fear has taken hold, and no one knows what this year, decade holds. All of a sudden we have become too afraid to hope.

Being a Christian I choose to hope and live by faith, the “just shall live by faith”, I choose to hope; for I know hope in the God for the future gives us joy in the present. I choose Joy in the present, only brought about by faith in God!

I know a lot of you have given to the cause of the Haitians so this not a call to make a donation, but rather to choose to live regardless of fear, choose hope and keep your dreams alive, do not let fear stop you from discovering the beauty of each day and the joy faith gives: As for me

I choose to live with heavenly perspective, in the mist of earth uncertainties.
Tomorrow is a million miles away, but I choose to hope and believe that it will come,

I have today to be my best in the service of mankind.
I choose today to set aside, malice, strive, anger, hatred, grudge, evil conversation
And embrace, peace, forgiveness, love, faith, purity.
I choose to see the beauty in each day, regardless of the weather
I strive for perfection only in what will be for the benefit of others.
Sometimes I may succeed, sometimes I may fail,
But that’s ok, because as long as I take one day at a time,
I may achieve the ultimate goal, hope blossoming into reality.
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