3 June 2010

Rest In God

I’ve been thinking a lot about this sentence and what it means. Given the current state of the world’s economic, natural and man made disasters, personal turmoil, terminal illness, and difficult situations. Men’s heart fail because of the uncertainty they are faced with, we no longer know what it is like to rest in God. We’ve allowed circumstances within and without to upset our rest in God.

I’ve come to realise that rest in God is not something we achieve overnight. Mastering the habit of resting is a daily, minute by minute task as we are faced with life’s perplexing issues. Once mastered, we can become unshakeable in the face of difficult circumstances.

The rest of God releases us into God’s possibilities. It is only in resting that we are revived, restored and renewed.
How do we rest in God? You may ask, well start by immersing yourself in God’s word, rather than let your heart be troubled by what you read in the media, hear on the radio or see on TV or around you, let your heart be saturated by the truth in God’s word.

God’s word says let not your heart be troubled:
are you troubled by the recession, the possibility of loosing your job, your home or your livelihood or your health? If this is the case, it means your reality is bigger than God’s possibility. When we are troubled by our reality, God’s word looses it hold and becomes insignificant if not applied to your reality: Resting means trusting in God regardless of the present and future outcome of whatever we are faced with, trust releases us into a place of calmness, it is in this place we can say like David, though I walk through the valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil. Only a heart of trust and rest can be in the valley of shadow of death and not fear.

God’s word says we are more than conquerors: Do you act that way? Do you see yourself as a conqueror in the face of your present circumstance? I do not know of anyone who is not currently facing some tough time right now, if you are not you may have at some point, if not, one is around the corner. It’s not a cause it’s just the simple fact of life. As one who has conquered, we should walk as victors even when we don’t see it in the physical. It is a done deal.

God’s word is full of wonderful promises, holding on to them releases us into His rest: we will still have trials and tribulations, there will still be cares which unsettles us, but being seated in Christ in Heavenly places means that we can ride through life’s storms anchored to Him:
Christ in us is our Hope of Glory, no matter what is happening right now, we may not be certain of the outcome of our situation, but we can be certain of a God who glorifies His Name in every circumstance we are faced with and works it out for our good.

So I say, enter into his rest, a place of quiet attest, where fear fails and cares are vanquished.
Strive brings discontent which comes with anxious thought of tomorrow’s toil,
Rest in his love, for it assures and releases us to trust
Let the quietness of being with him still your heart and release you to rest.
Enter into his rest, for it is only in resting we can truly abound unto every good works
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