30 December 2010

Better The End

As we count down to the end of the year, some will heave a sign of relief...... if like me you've followed closely affairs around the world you will agree that this has not been a particularly smooth sailing, fun filled, fantastic year for a lot of people, for governments, families and individuals alike.

Some have faced serious set backs, relational, financial, physical..... better the end.
Some have lost their livelihood and can't wait for the year to end ------ better the end.
Some faced terrible challenges, once which threatened their very existence and all they believed in ...... better the end.
Some suffered the loss of good health, a sibling, a child, a spouse, a parent and can't wait for the year to end ..... better the end.
Some were on the verge of losing their minds for the weight of the issue they were faced with ...... better the end.
Relationships broke down, sending shock waves down ones entire world ...... better the end.

The list is endless........ I personally know of close friends who faced some dire and serious issues, illness', challenges, loss of businesses, job, relationships, true, 2010 has had its fair share of misfortune.

If you fall in any of the above category and are waiting with birthed breath for 2010 to roll over to 2011 so that you can start afresh, you are not alone. While we wait to usher in another New Year, we can't just wish 2010 away and hope that 2011 will bring us good fortune. Sure I want 2011 to bring me good fortune, but I am also determined not to live things to fate. As bad as we may have had it in 2010, we cannot just wish it away, there are lessons to be learnt from our trials and circumstances.
Don't wish these away, pick your way through the dirt and see if you can come away with some positives which can act as a spring board for 2011.

Where there people who stood by you through it all? those you least expected to? Did you make some new friends along the way? What valuable life lesson did you learn? think, pick your way through, make a list and see if you can at least pick out one good thing which occurred in your life this year.

Regardless of how bad it may have been, we can't just wish it away and wait for it to end. Yes, I echo with you, better the end, but is that all? How would you begin the next. End the year as you mean to start the next one, with purpose, vision, determination, hope, love, tenacity, audacious faith in God.

Dare to hope again in 2011, you may not feel like it given where 2010 took you, like I said above some terrible things may have occurred during the year, sad and hard as they have may been, and the temptation to want to cling to saddnessfor the comfort they bring or the vulnerability they make us feel. Regardless, we are still here.

So I urge you straight from my heart, be resolute do not allow the pain of the past year to hinder you from envisioning what 2011 could bring. Dream again, dare to believe that the best is yet to come and 2011 can be the year where things begin to turn around.

Lay the ghost of the past to rest,
embrace with awe the future as you would an infant child,
See afar, endless possibilities waiting to be realised,
Reframe from negative thoughts as you would a hot coal.
But rather Lay hold on all that is good,
of a future packed with endless beauties of what we can achieve if we believe.
Let hope wrapped it's hand of peace around your heart as you relinquish your hold on grieve and dare to believe that visions can become reality and years of toil become pale as joy replaces the dread of waitings.

Happy New Year.
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