4 February 2012


Weeks and months before the royal wedding of 2011, the media bombarded us with their analysis of both families. I got tired of it and wondered how the D day would be. It came and went, the bit I saw was lovely I must say.

This got me thinking about another royalty, as a child of God we are royalty, we are a royal pristhood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, joint heirs with Christ. This entitles us to heaven's best. Just like our earthly royals.

Have you noticed that the royals act in a certain way?
Their talk, walk, and associations are closely scrutinized. One step out of turn and they are summoned by Buckingham palace and crucify by the public.
Being a representative of the royal family, certain behaviours and attitudes are expected of them. Same is true of a child of God.

We are expected to act in a certain way,
Speak in a certain way
Carry ourselves with grace and humble pride.
Be compassionate, charitable, be ambassadors of the family we represent. (our heavenly home).
Only visit certain places
Court the friendship of certain people.
Dress in a certain way.
The list is endless.

Sometimes I think life as a royal is pretty tough, history is littered with fallen, disgraced royals who dare try to act like a "commoner". It cost some the throne, others their lives......

It is a shame that for most professed Christians, none of these traits can be associated with us, we talk like one, look like one, but act the opposite.

Those who professed to be Christians, the world is watching and they can smell fake a millimetre away, and are ready to plunge their knives at the first opportunity just to prove we aren't all we say we are.

So, are you born or adopted into it, .

It is a life of beauty one decorated with wealth,
an existence which demands standards, one which sets me apart.....
I strive not to be one
I am one.
Not from spoken words, though they count,
But in my looks, my hand shake, eye contact
My poise -and carriage.
Places I go
My associations,,,,,,,
I may fall short from time to time
But being mindful of who I am
Helps me live my life as a "Royal".

Are you one?

Think on these things.
What sets you apart as a Christian?
Is it what you say? Or do? or both?
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