10 March 2013

Mother's song

A source of encouragement,
A constant stream of wisdom.
The rhythms of you are sweet
The sight of you is calming.
You personify grace,
In adversity, you grow in strength
Charming and stern, all are elements of you.
First, you are a woman then became a mother.
You perform both roles so well.
Which makes you special.
You are truly unique
I celebrate you today and every day
Happy Mother's Day


Her role constantly changes,
but one of constant joy
She cooks, cleans and provides care
a nurturer she's become,
She's schooled in the art of law
but ney, her role is all in one,
teacher, nurse, doctor, singer, dancer, account and all things she's become
when meadow falls on flowers and as evening rolls to night
She smile as she gaze through her kitchen window
and prepare For another day.
Though she may sometimes becomes overwhelm by it all,
one look at her most precious possession soon fills her with joy and warmth.
At life's closing, may it be said that her school was the best there was.
Happy Mother's Day....
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