31 October 2013

Moving time

Every year, in October the British time moves backwards by one hour, and moves forward in spring by one hour.

Each year We are reminded to move our clocks back by one hour, it was as if something major was going to happen if we fail to do so.

Moving the clocks back enables us to gain an extra hour of day light during the winter months. We gain an extra time on the day the clocks move, but no more. Although if like me with little girls you wouldn't noticed the extra time gained.

Thankfully, most of the appliances in my house changes authomatically so we didn't need to physically move the time. 

This got me thinking, 

Imagine it was possible for us to turn back time for real, to go back and change things in our past, to make amends, to right wrongs, to fix regrets, to go back not just by one hour, but by 2 or more years, say 5,10,15, or 20 years. 

What would you change? What are you happy to leave the same?

Will you marry the same person?
Will you have the same career?
Will you incur the debt you have now? 
Live in the city you are in now?
Have the same friends? 
Will you still remain enstrange from your love ones?
Will you still hold on to that grudge or forgive?
Will you actually change anything or use the years gained to lie in bed, do nothing and just remain you?
What will you change? 

I thought of a few things I would do differently, value my relationships more, 
Live less for myself and more for others, be more loving, be ready to serve, willing to give, be kinder, more forgiving, more hopeful, less fearful, move adventurous and more thankful.

You know what. 

I can be those things now! I don't need to go back 10 years, I can be now what I would have been if I were to go back 10 years. So can you too.

You can be today, what you wished you would have been, if you were to go back. 

So start from today, mend fences, build bridges, forgive readily, make excuses for people, love generously, laugh out loud. Live fully today. Be thankful. 

For today is an hour, a day, a month or even 10 years backwards.. 

Your Friend 
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