4 November 2014

Broken Chains

A chains is designed to restrict movement, hence it is used on criminals. Imagine being in chains for the right reasons, unable to defend yourself and knowing that you may possibly be condemned to dead. 

This is what Paul and Silas faced while spreading the good news of the cross. Acts 16:16-40. They where put in chains and thrown in jail. 
Although we were not told, I imagined that they may have been frightened at some point during the night. It is a natural human response to be afraid when faced with the unknown. So it is safe to assumed Paul and Silas did feel fear.
However at some point during the night they began to sing, as they lifted their voice to God, their fear disappeared, they where liberated in their spirit and continued to praise God.

As they praised God, their chains where broken, they where free spiritually and physically. Wow!!! 

You too may be facing a jail like situation or be physically in jail, and feel fear because of the unknown. 
As you go about your daily business today, sing praises to God, in your heart and with your voice acknowledge him in the mist of your circumstances. 

God who inhabit the praises of his people, will come down and set you free from both physical and spiritual chains which has held you bound. 

He will set you free and cause all around you to know him because of your broken chains

Praise him in your spirit
Praise him with your voice
Praise with your instrument and all that's within you
Praise ye The Lord. 
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