10 February 2016

Hide and seek

I love it when kids play hide and seek, thinking, they are actually hiding, even when we know where they are. The funny part is that they hide in the most obvious places. Hide and seek is really a child's play.

My girls get so excited when dad comes home, they often run and hide behind the curtains, doors, under the stairs. Same old places we know they will be, but places they believe or think they can't be found... I like the fun of hide and seek, the thrill when we find them and the let’s do it again.

We also play hide and seek as adults, often when we've done something we aren't proud of, we go away and refuse to communicate with whoever it is we have wronged. Or when we are wronged, we may hide from those who have wronged us.  

 Hide and seek is no fun when a wrongful act is involved, there's no thrill when the one you've wronged is looking for you. Maybe it's a friend you've wronged or a friend who has wronged you, either way someone hides and does not want to be found. 

Hide and seek started in the garden of Eden, when man did wrong and the Lord of the garden came calling. They heard His voice and ran away, they knew they had done wrong and did not want to be found. 

They hid because they were ashamed, they couldn’t stand and defend themselves since they no reason for their action, they wanted to be left alone. To sulk and deal with the consequences later. They did not want to be found; I think they knew he would find them but went hiding anyway. 

He knew what they had done, he also knew where they were hiding. Unlike the hide and seek kids play, this was no fun, there was no thrill or delightful squeals at being found. They wanted to be left alone to hide in shame. 

 It was no thrill to the Lord of the garden either, how would you feel if you found out that your kids had done something you told them not to do, and are now in hiding from you as a result. As a human being, I would be annoyed, not only did they disobeyed me, but couldn't even face up to me. 
I think God was grieved at their disobedience as well. 
He knew sin had driven them into hiding and he came looking and wanted to restore them to himself, despite their sin. 
Since that day at the garden, the Lord has tried every way possible to restore man to fellowship and sweet communion with himself. 

He tried the bloods of bulls and cows, priests acted as mediators, sacrifices were offered and burnt offerings were brought, nothing was enough, until he came and gave himself. He came to where man was
hiding and brought him out. 

He took us by the hand and led us to safety 
He made him better, he was not angry at man but wanted to restore fellowship 
His birth was his entry 
His death was the death of man's sin
His resurrection was man's rebirth. 

Love was the reason, relationship and restoration the result. Assurance of forgiveness guarantee. 

Are you still hiding from him? Look to his birth and beyond to his death, then to his resurrection 
You are free. 
He's already found you

He calls out to you, not angry, but with love, for him, there's no thrill in the sin which drove man to hide, the thrill was the restoration his resurrection brought, man was His again. 
This is Love, true unexplainable love... 

Happy Valentine's Day

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