26 May 2016

Beat The Worry Habit

A few years ago, I use to worry about every little thing, my worries were so irrational, I knew something had to change. I had to change.

We all have things to think about, we have health, financial, career and family issues. We also need to makes plans about the future but there is a difference between planning and worrying.

Worry eats us up bit by bit and if left unchecked it leads to various diseases, headaches, palpitations, anxiety, depression.
Here are a few indicators that you are a worrier.
  • You analyse every possible outcome of any issue.
  • You stay awake thinking and when you do fall asleep you have an unsettled rest
  • You are not at peace
  • Constantly seeking out information from various sources.  For example, googling an illness to see if the symptoms you are having matches.
How do we get out of this habit and dwell in a peaceful and restful place? Below are 5 helpful tips to deal with anxious thoughts.

  1. Stop Being Anxious: Philippians 4:6-7 tells us not to be anxious about ANYTHING. Anything means anything. I used to be scare if I was at peace and have nothing to worry about. All I have to do is look around and find something.  This passage was a revelation to me. “Be anxious for nothing” absolutely nothing, But, in everything with prayer make your request known.
  2. Pray: In prayer we tell God our problems. Tell him your needs and leave it in his hands trusting that he knows what's best for you and will bring it to pass.
  3. Let go. The secret to enjoying life is to let go of every worry and release them to the all-seeing and knowing care of God. He cares for you and knows your future better than you. It is not enough to pray; you have to cede control to him. Do not retain ownership of the problem after praying.  Rather let go of your precious cargo… “The issues of life”. After praying make a conscious and deliberate choice not to think of the very thing you just prayed about. Dwell on the nature and goodness of God.
  4. Place your trust in God: Being anxious indicates lack of trust. If you are anxious about your husband cheating it means you don’t trust him. If you trust him, you will not be anxious, no matter the time he gets home. Same with God. Trust in God frees us from worry because we trust him to fulfil his promises concerning us. We take no anxious thoughts for tomorrow, our next pay cheque, kids, economy or health because we trust him and know he cares for us.
  5. Protect Your Heart: Close the door on negativity, people may be talking about you, trouble at work, set back in health and finances, stay in the secret place. Where you're protected from the cares of life's and the worries that comes with it.
  6. Dwell On Good Things: Worry springs primarily from what we think about. To control your thoughts feed your mind on things which encourages and build you up. (take no thought of yourself)? Why are we told to take no thought? Because persistent thinking leads to worry. Our daily thoughts affect our peace, it's easy to guard your heart if you do not read negative stuff.  

You can take control of your anxiety, you can begin today to modify your heart and be in peace. Decide to let go and trust God to take care of you.

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