10 October 2016

In His Arms

As I made my way towards the open heaven’s team, I saw it lying helplessly on the ground. I picked it up as I sat down and lay it on me.

This was my daughter’s doll, they bring their dolls to church and on seeing their friends abandon them and run off to play.

This ministered to me and to the team, this doll couldn't get up by itself, it was helpless, but it has use, it brings joy and fun to my kids. I cradled it in my hands as the team encouraged me with God's love for me and that just liked I picked up the doll God will cradle me in his arms.

He wants me to rest in him and he wants to cuddle me and let me know that everything will be fine.

Too often we want to figure out our path, our next move and we rush into projects and take up well thought out ideas only to run into obstacles and difficulties. We find ourselves lost wanting to turn back. We come to a point where we're we become too tired to get up, this is when our father comes in.

When we are weak, then are we made strong. He comes in, picks us up and fathers us.

What we think we need to get by may actually not bring us rest, joy and contentment. It may be a good cause, but if it takes away your joy and leaves you in misery, ask the father to show you his perfect will for your life.

One minute the doll was lying helplessly on the floor the next it was resting in my arms. The father wants to pick us up, let him, come to him rest in his Bosom and find peace.

Are you weary from the toil of life? Do you seek help in the things you do, in financial wealthy, material things? Release all control to the father and let him cradle you in his arms and father you, this is where you will find rest.

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