29 January 2008

My Beau

It started on a whim
Then became a dream
That became a reality
Now I am in awe

As I view my beautiful home.
Set in serene surroundings,
Secluded in quite planes
I stand speechless!

Passive was my enthusiasm
As I await this finished work
For I dreaded the worse
Though I know, its mine
Worried thoughts besieged me about the unknown
My mind playing tricks on my senses.

I panicked, like a wet duck
Desperately seeking help
I feared, at the prospect of loosing such find
Peace eluded me

As my heart gave way to unfounded worries.

But now the fear is over, worries vanished
As I take on look at my home,
The finished work, more beautiful than I envisage,
A masterpiece, beautifully designed
And of perfect finish

Its lure beckoning
Its sight breathtaking,
It’s interior
Of splendid grace

This is my home,
My Beau
My place of rest,
My place of solace.
My place of love and
My place of new beginnings!

© Deboo January 2008
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