31 January 2008

New Year

This is the end of January, not long ago we all said Happy New Year to each other? Some people are already making plans for this year’s Christmas celebration, (believe it or not), some are thinking the year is already too old to make resolutions…. Others have slipped back to old ways and care less how the rest of the year pans out…. but the reality is every day, is a new day, every week a new week, every month, a new month, which makes the year very new!
So the year remains new regardless of what month it is….. Here’s me saying HAPPY NEW YEAR again! And with it comes this…… straight from my heart…..

Look to this year with hope
Look to this year with zeal,
Anticipate success, work hard at it.

Look to each day with expectation,
Look to each day with hope,
Determine to perform your very best, at each given task.

Fill each moment with thoughts of love
Let your mind no ill deed ponder,
Rather let flow from your heart genuine intentions,
Of deeds you’d looked back on with pride.

Let no trepidation fill your heart,
Look to this year with faith,
For amidst the celebration,
Lays your wishes and desires.

Look to the master for help
Let him your guide be,
Through every success and failure stream,
For his compass does safely direct.

Stem each tidal wave with passion,
Deciding to walk free of pride
But rather guide your heart each day
Till the end of another year you see.

©Deboo Janurary 2008
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