14 July 2008

True Friends

Do you look at your friends with pity because of what they are going through, or do you look at them with love because of what they are going through?

Do you ignore someone because of the way they are dressed, or are you concern enough to start a conversation, in the hope of getting to know more about them?.
Do you choose your
friends based on their social, economical/financial status, educational qualifications, family background, standing in the society or do you make friends for one reason to impact someone’s live, to be a true friend regardless of their background.
Do you regard yourself more
highly than others, simply because you are "shaped right" “(in yours or the media’s opinion) or because, "you talk right", "you walk right", "you have the right kind of job/profession"? Shop in the “right” storesHarrods, Macys, Nightingales, Harvey Nicholas, Selfridges…..? "Mix with the rigth crowd"? Or do you feel humble enough to be in the presence of others, regardless of their rightness?
Do you trust unreservedly, give unselfishlyI know most give to their churches, charities, good causes, etc. what about the woman next door? Do you know how she’s faring? Do you love unconditionally?
Do you go out of your way to help others with out really wanting anything in return?

Do you wait to be greeted before you respond or do you walk up to someone you know had seen you and walked away, pretending they haven’t?
What would you do in the above

The glow of a candle light
The comforting sight of a rainbow
The calm on a clear blue sea
Is the appearance of a true friend
Its worth is priceless
Its departing leaves the heart cold
Its arrival eagerly anticipated
Its presence always reassuring
A safety felt in its embrace
Like fresh springs, its smile refreshing
No appearance of hate
No pretence of another
When I am with you “my friend”.

© Deboo July 2008

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