9 November 2008

You Can!

On the 5th of November 2008, Americans woke up to a new dawn, a new day, a renewed belief in the hope that anything is possible.
Collectively with their votes they spoke as one, because they dare to believe that they can.
They left the past that had held them bound for so long
They woke up and sang a new song.
Men, women, boys and girls, young and old, danced and cheered not for a person, but to a new assurance that Yes, they Can achieve anything if they can believe.

So straight from my heart is this piece to encourage anyone who feel they can’t go on, that their time is past, that it’s too late in the day to dream again. This is to encourage you to hope again, arise with vigour and believe that you too can.

Though skies turn grey and clouds gather over your dream
When you measure the drapes of your life and nothing seems to add up
When you peep through the curtains of despair and see the pain that carpets the pathway that leads to success.
Though the scourging heat of the sun’s ray melt away your dreams and you see the obstacles stacked against you.
When the obvious seems remotely possible and dreams appears to be just that, dreams!
When failures become the norm rather than the exception and dread a familiar foe.
Ignite your dreams again and believe you can achieve.
Let the vision of the future propel you into the promise of a better day
Believe that the past is in the dungeon of history
Let loose the ropes of dread around your loins
Step into the future with your sight set on paths littered with the colours of hope
That in deed you can.
Step into the future with renewed faith
Step into the future with renewed strength
Turn your wishes into actions
Dare to believe that anything is possible
That impossible is nothing
Dare to believe that you can.

© Deboo November 2008

Pictures by "photobucket"
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