24 November 2008

I've Learnt

I’ve learnt that God will not give me what I want but what he wants for me.
I’ve learnt that God will not open doors for me, but will give me keys to open them.
I’ve learnt that God will not force me to do his will but will bring situations that will cause me to.
I’ve learnt that God will not remove obstacles from my way, but will give me the wisdom to remove them.

I’ve learnt that even though I don’t understand God and his ways, he understands my ways.
I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter how much I know, but without the knowledge of God
What I know is useless.
I’ve learnt to live in plenty and in the absence of much.
I’ve learnt to give when it’s painful and to receive joyfully, painful situations God has allowed my way.

I’ve learnt that while I pray for God to change the world, I have to be the change I want to see.
I’ve learnt that when I ask God to provide for someone, to look within my capabilities and see if I may be the vessel through which the blessings should flow.
I’ve learnt that God brings people into my life for a reason and when they leave their assignment in my life is over.
I’ve learnt that to be content is not to be satisfied with underachievement, but to work joyfully at my current task on the way to my future assignment.

I’ve learnt that worry does not solve any problem but rather it leaves the door open for despair, sorrow and pain.
I’ve learnt that sometimes our best efforts may not produce the returns we desire.
I’ve learnt to always be thankful in spite of everything I go through, to find the rose within the thorns. For there is someone out there whose issues are 100 times worse than mine.

What have you learnt as you journey through life?

© Deboo November 2008

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