22 December 2008

We have less than 3 days before Christmas and it is true that the excitement is not as it was this time last year. I know this is due to the doom and gloom we hear and see around us. Lets face it 2008 hasn't exactly been rosy and smooth as we would have loved it to.

I personally didn't expect 2008 to turn out the way it did for me, but I am glad I lived through it and am here to celebrate and testify of his goodness. If like me you've had an unbelievable year packed with eventful details some good and some bad, you have every reason to celebrate. Yes we may not have ticked off everything off our wish list, but one thing we have is our hope.

The hope of a better day, the hope that we are still here to attempt those tasks we didn't succeed at. The hope of having a saviour who is rooting for us, urging us not to give up. For me, I am celebrating the hope that the birth of Christ brought to me. I am reminded of his love for me.

That he is indeed my
My Counsellor,
My Strength,
My Wonderful saviour
And my Prince of Peace
He has indeed been Immanuel to me. "God with us"
He has been with me every step of the way,
Through the steepest hill and the lowest valley
He carried me through safely beneath his wings.
This is what I celebrate.

Straight from my heart is this Christmas wish to encourage you to hope in his birth, that he came to be

A light in darkness,
A way in the thickest forest
A lamp to light the path
A shield in time of war
A help in time of need
A saviour is he
His birth brought peace
His resurrection brought victory
His ascension brought hope
A saviour he is.

Merry Christmas

© Deboo December 2008

Pictures by "photobucket"
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