10 December 2008

A Busy Year

Have you suddenly realised this is one of the most busy year ever?
Have you noticed you were rushed off your feet every single time?
Did you at one point wish you had more time?
Indeed, this has been of the busiest year for me, from work to family life, to friends to everything! At one point I muttered Gosh! I just can't wait for the year to end.

But you see amidst the busyness we still found time for the things that were important to us, to call our dearest friends, to hang out with our families, to sleep - who is too busy to sleep! To go to work! Yea, try telling your boss I was so busy with other things I couldn't come to work.
So despite our busy schedule we still found time for those things that means a lot to us.

So what have you left undone because you were too busy?
How has this year turned out for you?
Who have you lost touch with as a result of your tight schedule; perhaps the relationship wasn't that important to you?

Which resolutions have you to fulfil?
Are you celebrating and partying because the year turned out exactly as you wanted? Bravo!
Or are you eagerly waiting for the year to end so you can begin a New One?

As this year rapidly draws to a close, take a look back and take stock of your actions: You've still got time to remedy those areas you've fallen short.
Don't wait till 31st December 2008 to take stock, start now. Evaluate your relationships with family, friends, God and society, where did you fall short how can you improve next year.

Each moment was supposed to be lived to the fullest,
Working at each task as desired,
But as moment turned into minutes,
Minutes into hours,
Hours into days, and days into months
Resolutions remain unmet
As we dither and tizzy at our task,
We whimper and simmer at the though of completing chores
We wait as vultures waiting on a carcass
Time passes and we wonder where it went.
When all the while we had it
But choose to think we will always have it to do as we please.

Say, pause, rewind and play back the clock of your life, seek to improve on this years performance and as you do ask the father to ferry you safely into the shores of 2009 with zeal, vigour and strength for the journey ahead.

© Deboo December 2008

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