6 January 2009

Start Strong

Another year has begun. Most of us have plans for this year. Things we would love to see happen in our lives, communities, families, jobs etc.
As meticulous and prepared as we may be for the days and months ahead, the unexpected will still happen. So what will you do when it does? How will you handle disappointments? The winds of life will blow, storms will come, but the only way to handle them is to know that God’s got you covered and just like he walked on water to save the disciples from a
stormy ride he will do the same for you when you find yourself in one of those stormy life threatening situations.

All you have to do is make sure that you are anchored to him from the beginning of the year, not just when the storms come. He promised never to leave you nor forsake you and though you may feel alone, be assured he will be with you. According to a recent publication in the times. The writer reiterates that how we start the year sets the template for the rest of the year!

True, we have to determine how we want our end to turn out by deciding from the beginning the tune we will sing when adversity strikes, because they will come. Decide to work with God from the beginning in every way and you will come out strong every time you face the storms of life.

Over the hilly slops and curvy path I wander
As the chilly winds of fear assail
My gaze upward fixed
For am anchored to the rock of ages.
Though sometimes wearied from toil
And stifled by delays
This hope keeps me steady
That he who calms a stormy sea
Has me crafted in the palms of his hand
And as I travel along this road
My song of victory will remain
Till at last I am on the other side.

© Deboo January 2009.

Picture by "photobucket"

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