23 January 2009


My yesterday,
A shadow of my past

looms steadily over my future

yesterday a present and constant reminder of

all that might have been

of failures and under achievements.

Of regrets,
And wishes bore on the wings of despair.

Though failures abound in my yesterday

so too does success and pleasures.

But blinded by helplessness

I fail to see through the mist of despair

to the beauty that abounds in yesterday.

Then hope was reborn

in the warmth of my lover's arms
He secures me from the mistakes of yesterday
From the hurt, pain and regrets of a blighted past

He becomes my rear guard

a guide through shrubs of difficulties

As he leads me into the future

not with haste

but with delightsome springs of assurance

though my yesterday may hold broken dreams

and irreversible blunders

one thing is sure

with his gentle guidance

I am assured of a certain future
Not tarnished by the dread of yesterday.

© Deboo January 2009.
Pictures by "photobucket"
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