20 March 2009

In Praise of Mother.

She gladly toils for her own
Protectively shielding
Tenderly loving
Intensely giving
Sacrificing time
Pleasures, wealth or fame
For the role she so joyfully fills
She is persistent in service
Resourceful in career
Patient in waiting
Full of praise for her own
She is a mother

Her worth is priceless
She asks not for wages
Nor for praise
But she seeks only the good in her own
Earnestly working to provide
She believes the best
Endures the bad and
Hope for the good.
Say, mother’s love is a mirror image
Of God’s love


If we could start out without her we would
If we could grasp the first time without her we would
If we could make our first sound without her we would
If we could take our first step without her we would
We couldn’t hence she was place here for every first of our lives
Even God needed her for these first of his earthly life.


Plates & pans
Chores and noises
Hair in disarray
Worn out looks
But at the squeak of one of her own
She springs to action
Because she’s always on call!


© Deboo March 2009
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