26 October 2009

Right Now.

Sometimes we temporarily forget the goodness that surrounds us, because we become so engrossed with what’s not going well in our lives and loose sight of the good things we have going for us right now. We’ve been so programmed to plan and prepare that the very act of planning for the future stops us from living live “Now” and taking a break to just enjoy the time we have right now. If you are waiting for a job, to buy a car, a house, start a family, get married.
I urge you to:
Enjoy the “Nows” of your life, take a look outside your issues, go for a walk in the park, wonder at the changing times, and marvel at the beauty of nature, changes in the colour of the leaves from vibrant green to enticing orange. Let the beauty of Now feel you with awe, be invigorated again, forget about the onset of the bitter grip of winter and drink in the glow of autumn.

I am here:

I'm here living in this moment, basking in glory, assured of a flourishing finish.
I am here with head held up high, I walk tall a smile etched on my face.
I am here not in a maze of empty thought. I fully grasp the reality of my being.
I envisioned my future, an oasis of peace, love and joy

Sometimes I wonder what the outcome of my quest will be,
My soul quieten within is reminded to live in today’s reality,
The certainty of being here, right now in this moment
Enjoying the warmth and love of good friends and cherished family.

Today I am here, trying to show love regardless of its outcome, because this is my ultimate quest.
Now, in this moment,
I decide to be at peace, with myself,
I lay aside turmoil and strife,
I embrace the abundance of serenity, for right now, in this moment,

I am here in full breath, given to me for today.
I am here, right now enjoying the reality of a life filled with Love and Joy on my way to a flourishing finish.
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